Places I Would Like to Live #3

This is Chase Cohl's (of Weepaw) house. I actually hadn't heard of her before I saw these pictures of her house, but how awesome is her decorating? I love it! I've been wondering whether to post these for a while but I kept coming back to them so I decided to put them up. I can't help it, I love looking inside people's houses! (Not in a creepy way or anything!)


What I Wore 30.9.08

Today I went into uni in the morning (on my week off! Booo!) to work on a presentation with some people from my Media Studies class. I didn't really mind too much because the girls in my group are pretty cool. Then I went into the city, resisted buying things (including earrings at Diva and a rather adorable wallet by Coo Ca Choo) and bought my train ticket for Bunbury, where I will be for the week visiting my mum and sister. But never fear, I will still be posting!
I lightened today's photos so a) you could see the colours in the top better and b) because I am pretending it is summer and actually light outside. Oh and my face is replaced by Curious George's because I couldn't really take a good photo today.

Top: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Skirt: Supre//Tights: ?//Shoes: Emporium//Bangle: Birthday present from my Grandma

I really liked this top when I bought it, but I barely ever wear it now. I think it's because I have to wear a singlet underneath to protect my dignity and that gets annoying! The only reason I own this singlet is because one night I was wearing it in the city on my way to meet Boy and the wind was blowing it into some rather awkward places, so I ran into the nearest Cotton On and bought this singlet for $3.82 or some ridiculous price like that.
And today I also had my Jay Jays cardigan on because it is freakin' cold, man! What happened to Spring? It was looking promising there for awhile.



What I Wore 28 & 29.9.08

This is what I wore last night to the Sugar Blue Burlesque show... the theme was Fantasia/Sci-Fi so I thought, what better time to break out the holographic leggings? The show was pretty fantastic, except for about three acts there was a grumpy lady in front of me who kept pushing me out the way. I did not appreciate taking pushes from, frankly, an ELDERLY WOMAN. After the show finished Boy & I hung around for a while and talked to some of the performers (who were all really nice) and met the lady who hand-makes the pasties for the performers, which was interesting! (Also while Boy was off getting us drinks I was hit on by a man who asked if I had performed in the show. Uhh... no.)

Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Leggings: American Apparel//Shoes: Isabella Brown
The shoes were pretty comfortable, considering that we were standing up for about three hours waiting in line and watching the show. But, when Boy & I were at the Moon Cafe I slipped on the heel and fell over right in front of all the people that had performed at the burlesque show. I was a little bit embarrassed and so my shoes & I had our first lover's quarrel. And from then on they were extremely painful and we went home soon after.

And this is what I wore today to go and have a lovely breakfast of croissants, coffee and Rolling Stone:
Singlet: Target//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Skirt: Bluejuice//Shoes: Target//Sunglasses: A jewellery store in Bunbury
And last night at the burlesque show I bought this ring (plus an emerald one):

My eyes are covered in all of today's pictures because they have big black circles under them!


Hello, Lover!

Yes, I have finally gotten a pair of Dior Gladiator knock-offs! I have wanted a pair ever since the Sex and the City movie came out (so maybe I AM shamelessly manipulated by advertising, but I feel alright with that. In this case). I thought there would have been more cheap styles available since the movie came out, but these are the first ones I've seen actually in stores in Australia and not online. The shop assistant at Shoe Show said that the style was just coming in from America now and that soon they would be everywhere. I thought this was a bit weird, wouldn't they have gotten the style in right after the movie when it would have sold heaps and heaps?
They are really comfortable, a bit higher than I expected but nothing wrong with giving a short gal like me a few extra inches! I tried on a few outfits with it to see how they go with everything and I was very happy that they go with quite a range of outfits.
Picture 1 - Dress: Dotti
Picture 2 - Dress: Bauhaus//Cardigan: Jay Jays (also new!)
Picture 3 - Sweatshirt: American Apparel//Skirt: Target
Picture 4 - Shirt: Cotton On (I call this my Blade Runner shirt because I think it looks a bit replicant-ish)//Jeans: Cotton On
All pictures - Shoes: Isabella Brown

Hopefully they don't pop up on the feet of everyone in summer... even if they do I will love them unconditionally! I am taking them out to a burlesque show on Sunday and I feel that it will be the start of a beautiful friendship. ♥


What I Wore 26.9.08

Today again was freeeeezing but thankfully not raining like yesterday. I went into uni for my journalism lecture and was meant to meet up with a friend of mine but he decided to sleep in instead >:( but the day was rescued by some excellent new purchases!
This is my attempt to "dress up" my AA sweatshirt:

Sweatshirt: American Apparel//Skirt: Supre//Tights: ?//Shoes: Zu

Also, I have to confess that I have become a Gossip Girl convert. I tried to resist, but the allure of all these shiny-haired, fashionable people was too strong. I read the books ages ago and they are even trashier than the TV show! Here is one of my favourite Blair & Serena photos:



What I Wore 25.9.08

WHY IS THE WEATHER REFUSING TO CONFORM TO THE ACTUAL SEASON??? It has been dreary and rainy all day today. I really wanted to just stay in bed but instead I dragged myself to a sociology lecture & tutorial, and then a journalism tutorial where one of my articles was brutally TORN APART by my tutor. But the day is not lost, soon Boy & I will be sitting down to a lovely Italian meal (made by me!) and I will spend the evening happily typing away at more articles. Here is what I threw on in mourning of the Spring that is yet to come (by the way, I look so much like my sister in the first picture that it really scares me!):

Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Target//Cardigan: Cotton On//Scarf: Equip//Tights: Equip//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Glasses: Vogue
I got my glasses awhile ago but I don't think I have posted an outfit with them yet. They are reading glasses, in case you were wondering, which is why I don't usually have them on in photos. And speaking of new things I have recently acquired:

How cute are these shoes? They are by Zoom, I got them for $30 (down from $70). I was pretty happy, I actually need more black shoes (NEED, mind you) but whenever I go out shoe shopping I am always drawn to the brightly coloured, garishly inappropriate shoes instead. I know these are a bit Minnie Mouse-like but I like them that way.

I am in a bit of a ranty mood but I will stop for the sake of you lovely readers.


Places I would like to live #2

I haven't really talked about it on my blog yet, but I am a huge book nerd. Book nerd doesn't even cover how much I devour books and am always looking for something new to read. So I thought it would be interesting to see what the inside of Tom Wolfe's house looked like and I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting a minimalist place (I hate minimalist, I LOVE STUFF) and instead it was this wonderful kitschy place!
Pictures from theselby.com.


Hmm: Agyness Deyn for POP

I don't think there's anything wrong with the quality of these photos, and I am a huuuge Aggy fan. However, something about this shoot is a little unsettling, possibly because of the sad story of Ruslana Korshunova. Here are some of the photos, tell me what you think...



What I Wore 22.9.08

My American Apparel sweatshirt arrived (at Amanda's!) on Friday and I have been wearing it all weekend! I love it so much, it's sooo comfortable.
Sweatshirt: American Apparel//Jeans: Cotton On
I don't really like dressing so casually, so styling this shirt is a bit of a challenge! I've just been wearing it with jeans because it has been a laaaaazy weekend. Many fights have been had with Boy already about this sweatshirt, only because he has a gray American Apparel hoodie and I think it would look a bit weird if we both went out in gray American Apparel jumpers & jeans. It's only a step away from this...
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I went out to breakfast on Saturday morning, spent Saturday record-shopping (well, watching Boy buy records while I cried over not being able to afford any), watched WALL-E on Saturday night (which was fantastic!) and then watched Rosemary's Baby on Sunday. I love Mia Farrow now!

Will Sanders photography

Just some pretty pictures I found on foto_decadent that hopefully will brighten your Monday morning!