Style Icons: Ms Frizzle

I used to love the Magic School Bus books when I was younger, and I remember having a computer version of the story when they go inside the human body. I watched it so much that when, in year one, we were asked to name body parts and other kids were going "eye, "arm", "ear" etc, my precocious six year old self yelled out "OESOPHAGUS!" My teacher was a bit surprised I knew what it was, although I don't think she found out that it was because of the teachings of Ms Frizzle! What about her outfits, you say? Well in the words of the lady herself...

I am digging any dress which features the solar system. I know that there is a Tina Kalivas dress that has some kind of planetary theme, but I'm pretty sure that this dress probably was in conjunction with a story about space exploration.

I could totally see some avant-garde designer sending this down the runway (forget the matching kid's version, I don't think I ever liked the blonde character anyway!). Never mind that Supre (sigh) has already put out singlets with a ribcage on it, have they ever tried a whole DRESS?

If I was ever a science teacher, this dress is all I would ever wear. Really. Did you notice that even her shoes have stars? I hope they're meant to be star buckles or something and not just meant to represent how shiny her shoes are. Anyway. Who am I kidding? I want to wear this all the time and I am definitely NOT a science teacher (I barely passed human biology).

I am not sure what type of lizard-thing her pet is. And how about her dress? I thought that block of cheese was a slice of pizza at first, when I saw it was cheese I was disappointed. She makes up for it by having a hamburger (I think?) near her armpit.
And, finally, a dress featuring volcanos. Judging by the cascading lava on the wall, I would hazard a guess that they are...in a volcano. And possibly the Tardis... I don't remember the School Bus having all that electronic equipment.
The Magic School Bus must have been around since the 80's, because I found something about her in BSC #40, Claudia and the Middle School Mystery. Enjoy this VISUAL FEAST.
"I decided to do a Miss Frizzle. Do you know who Miss Frizzle is? She's a character in this great kids' series - the Magic School Bus books. Miss Frizzle is a wacky teacher who takes her class on amazing class trips - like, would you believe, inside the human body!
Anyway, you must be wondering what this has to do with what I was going to wear. Well, here's the thing. Ms. Frizzle is the wildest dresser I have ever seen! She always wears these coordinated outfits. In Inside the Human Body, she wears a dress with eyes and ears and noses all over it. And her shoes have - you guessed it - tongues!
I decided that my theme for the day would be The Sea. I put on a blue skirt with brightly coloured tropical fish printed all over it. Then I put on a green blouse. I figured that could represent seaweed or something. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, over to one side, and I pinned it with a sand-dollar barrette I made last summer".


What I Wore 28.10.08

Sorry for a looong absence but it's the end of uni so very busy unfortuantly! Last night I had a little break though, and went to see THE DANDY WARHOLS! They're one of my favourite bands so it was so good to see them live. They were FANTASTIC and of course Courtney Taylor Taylor is mighty fine so that's always a plus! I was pretty surprised that they played for nearly three hours, and a great range of songs - I was a bit worried that they would only play their new album but they played all the way back to their first album.

Here's what I wore (photos tinted in keeping with the psychedelic theme):

Dress: Coo Ca Choo//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Tights: Equip (I can always tell the Equip ones because they go up really high and are therefore super comfy!)//Shoes: I ♥ Billy (WHAT A SURPRISE)

I like the second one, it looks like I am floating underwater!

Is it wrong to wear a Brian Jonestown Massacre shirt to a Dandy Warhols gig? I would say it was at least a bit cheeky to say the least. I saw some people wearing them and while I love BJM... HAVE YOU NOT SEEN DiG!.

To make up for this little blogger's absence, here's a picture of aforementioned Dandy Warhols lead singer extraordinaire.



What I Wore 24.10.08

Today was a not-so-great day. A major assignment that I thought was due next Monday was actually due TODAY... I thought "Oh well, it will only take me about an hour to type up these notes!" Well, it took FIVE (we had to write at least two pages on each tutorial we had attended that semester - phew!). From 11 to 4 today all I did was type type type and make sure my assignment looked all professional. NOT FUN. Oh well, I only have two more big assignments to go and I am finished for the year!

Dress (underneath): Bluejuice//Pinafore: Cotton On//Belt: Valleygirl//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Glasses: Vogue

But then Boy, lovely person that he is, took me out for dinner. I think he was just in a good mood because he had found so much Rory Gallagher DVD's and video games (Dead Space...looking forward to playing that one) at JB Hifi. We just went to the local pub but it has gone all fancy with its food so I had Morrocan spiced chicken with pineapple and mint couscous and pistachio yoghurt... quite fancy for a pub, in my opinion! Particularly a pub that was punctuated every few minutes by people yelling things at the cricket (or it could have been the International Rules...) Now we are watching Die Hard. Anyway it was a lovely end to an average day so ♥

Dress (worn as top): Bluejuice//Skirt: Cotton On//Tights: ?//Shoes: Zu

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Oh, I have been meaning to post to this all week and what better time than the weekend? The lovely and very talented Gem at Half Accidental is publishing a chapter a week from her book, Suicide Butterflies. I am already so addicted to it and I think you would be too! You can find it here.



Style Icons: Betty and Veronica

When I was younger I never really got into video games and comics - except for Archie comics! I used to love the Betty and Veronica Digest (or if I was lucky, the double digest!). I still have quite a few lurking around my bookshelf (next to the likes of A Confederancy of Dunces and The Rules of Attraction...it looks a bit odd). Although now that I think about it, it was probably unhealthy to teach a young girl that two girls could, in fact, date the same boy with no broken hearts but instead hilariously cute mishaps occuring!
But as well as their Big Love view on relationships, one of the best parts was the clothes. I still can't really make up my mind as to which girl I like better!

As I'm sure you remember if you read the comics, Veronica is the spoiled, rich princessy type. I actually think that she was the one Archie preferred, to be honest!
One of my favourite Veronica stories was when she had an argument with Cheryl Blossom about who was richer, and said such gems like "You can't possibly have a car that doesn't match your nail polish!"
I think that her style is influenced by the ever-so-decadent 70's and 80's - lots of bright colours, always dripping with jewelery, and a wardrobe that could compete with Cher from Clueless.
I think that if she were a real person she would probably wear the likes of YSL, Roberto Cavalli, Zimmerman, and vintage Chanel jewellery.

Betty, on the other hand, is everything that Veronica isn't - kind, sweet, considerate, very housewifey. No coincidence that she shares her name with Betty Crocker. Although she's the one who really loves Archie, she usually can only lure him back from Veronica with home-baked cookies (!) or by knitting him sweaters (!!). So, clearly, you can win back the boy of your dreams by performing traditional housewife duties!
Obviously, then, much of the inspiration for her style comes from the early 50's.
One of the other big contrasts between the two was that while Veronica was rich, Betty was not, so I think that if she was a real person she would probably go for vintage clothes and possibly a smattering of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Alannah Hill.

This one outlines the differences in their style and the 70's/50's inspiration pretty clearly, in my opinion. I do like Veronica's speech bubble - "This dress is too tight to move in!" Been there, my friend.
Love Veronica's little mod outfit here. I do wish that I could see what Betty was yelling to give them such a shocked look on their face.
If you remember, Archie, Betty and Veronica were in a band imaginatively titled The Archies - which turned into a real-life band, remember "Sugar... oh honey, honey"? I have to say that I do love both the outfits here and I think that there is a Karen Walker dress kind of similar to the one Betty is wearing out at the moment. And did you see Betty's adorable little shoes?
This is actually the cover of one of the comics I have, hehe! I'm not going to lie, I would wear that Marc Jacobs-inspired dress that Veronica has on in a heartbeat. Betty's outfit, not so much, but only because it reminds me of some fashion spreads in Girlfriend magazine circa 2002.



What I Wore 20.10.08

As I mentioned in the previous post, this past weekend I was in Bunbury. I thought I would have plenty of time for blogging and such but unfortuantly 17 people staying in the one house does not allow much time for taking photos! Because two of these people were under five (and whom I usually see twice a week when I look after them), I am also quite sleep deprived!

Boy & I were there to see my family in a play. I've seen my sister in lots of stuff (and she is excellent!) but it was a bit weird seeing my parents (yes, both of them) up there too! They were all very good though so lots of love to the Lloyd family ♥

I was kind of grumpy when I got to uni, not least because this morning I had one of those horribly girly moments where I decided I hated everything in my wardrobe and now it is all on a heap in the floor. This is what I deemed worthy enough to leave the house in:

Shirt: American Apparel//Skirt: op-shop//Shoes: Isabella Brown//Necklace: Diva

I spent this afternoon lazing around listening to Cat Power and eating baked ricotta cheese, so it has been nice and relaxing. Deceptively so, as I have about a trillion assignments due... the end of the uni year is week after next!
I hope your weekend was good, if you are in Perth I will be amazed if you haven't been reduced to a big puddle of sweat.


What I Wore 17.10.08

Sorry for no post yesterday, but I was working on the mother of all sociology essays. Sociology can ROT IN HELL. And I couldn't take a photo I was happy with and what I was wearing wasn't really that spectacular. Plus it got a lot hotter during the day than it was when I got dressed so when I got home I just wanted to get changed.

But, today I am in a much more cheery mood! Probably because:
a) the weather is beautiful and it's making me excited about summer
b) I had a very good iPod shuffle playlist on the way home
c) I got two wedges joined at the tip (like a conjoined twin wedge!) in my chips at lunch at uni. I considered taking a photo... but ate it instead.
d) I am now listening to my Bruce Springsteen $6 record! I have a soft spot for Bruce and his undeniably cheesy 80's rock.
e) I am also drinking a gin and tonic. Yum yum.
f) And this morning Amanda dropped off a whole stack of Babysitter's Club books for me to read! Yaaay I love you Amanda! ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway... this is what I had on today (minus the ears, they're just for fun):

Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Jacket: Rebirth//Tights: ?//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Cat ears: A gift shop in Perth

Also, my right wrist looks freakily thin in the first picture. WHY? I am perplexed.

My best friend and I bought these cat ears before we went to the Cure concert last year (Lovecats, geddit?) and they DIDN'T EVEN PLAY LOVECATS. So we looked like fools. Until one guy yelled out "Hey, lovecats!" when we were walking back to the car afterwards.

Here we are with matching ears, shirts and... haircuts (although that was unintentional and I just noticed it then!). Man my hair used to be long, I wish it would grow!

Well I will be in Bunbury for tomorrow night, watching various family members perform in a play (NO WE ARE NOT THE VON TRAPPS) so next fun-filled post will be on Sunday night!



Look at them! Look at them shine!

So I ended up buying the glittery, sequiny, unabashedly-flashy mini-dress!
It's by Cooper St and was $34.95 down from $129!! AND I had a gift card so it was technically free... kind of...
The blue glittery shoes are by Zu and the white boots are by Switch.
These are my DiscHo pictures, don't worry, the dress and the shoes will never be paired unless I am dressing up as a mirrorball (or disco trash) for whatever reason.



What came first, the misery or the music?

Here's my haul from the record collector's fair!

Top, l-r:
Queen - A Night at the Opera
"I've been with you such a long time, you're my sunshine/And I want you to know that my feelings are true, I really love you/You're my best friend..." - You're My Best Friend
Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A
"Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight/And I'm going to drink till I get my fill/And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it/But I probably will..." - Glory Days
Pink Floyd - The Wall
"All in all it's just another brick in the wall/All in all you're just another brick in the wall..." - Another Brick in the Wall Part II
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
"Crack, baby, crack, show me you're real/Smack, baby, smack is all that you feel/Suck, baby, suck, give me your head/Before you start professing that you're making me dead..." - Cracked Actor

Middle, l-r:
B-52s - B-52s
"We were at the beach, everybody had matching towels/Somebody went under a dock, and there they saw a rock/But it wasn't a rock... It was a ROCK LOBSTER!" - Rock Lobster
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
"Your face, your race, the way that you talk/I kiss you, you're beautiful, I want you to walk..." - Five Years
Rolling Stones - Goat's Head Soup
"Oh Angie don't you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet/I hate that sadness in your eyes..." - Angie
Soundtrack - A Clockwork Orange

Bottom, l-r:
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
"It was twenty years ago today/Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play/They've been going in and out of style/But they're guaranteed to raise a smile..." - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Lou Reed - Transformer
"Holly came from Miami FLA/Hitchhiked her way across the USA/Plucked her eyebrows on the way/Shaved her legs and then he was a she/She said 'Hey baby, take a walk on the wild side'..." - Walk on the Wild Side
John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band - Shaved Fish
"A very merry Christmas, and a happy new year/Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear" - Happy Xmas (War is Over)
The Kinks - A Well Respected Man
"And he's oh, so good/And he's oh, so fine/And he's oh, so healthy in his body and his mind/He's a well respected man about town/Doing the best things so conservatively..." - A Well Respected Man

What are your favourite albums?


What I Wore 13.10.08

I've worn some variation of this outfit all weekend, so you haven't really been cheated by no outfit photos for the last two days!

Shirt: American Apparel//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Shorts: French Kitty//Tights: ?//Shoes: I ♥ Billy

This weekend was fairly busy... on Saturday my mum came to see me on her way back to Bunbury from Sydney, and then Boy and I went to his sister's birthday dinner at the Rose & Crown in Guildford. It was a pretty nice restuarant (except I had a mosquito baked into my shepard's pie!), but I didn't really know any of her friends so I was quite shy.

Then on Sunday was the long-awaited record fair! Boy and I got there about half an hour after it started and I was worried that all the good records would have been snapped up by eagle-eyed collectors but I bought SO MUCH. My dad got me a vinyl player last Christmas and I've been building up my record collection ever since. I didn't have time to upload the photos today but I promise I will put them up soon!
Hope your weekend was also filled with delightful people and musical treats!



Four little words just to get me along

(I don't have any photos from this weekend yet, so here is an old one! This is from a school social in year 11 or 12 I believe [so aged about 15 or 16], the theme was "My Generation" so I went as the '60s! I love this dress, maybe it will make an appearance on the blog soon!)

I was tagged by the gorgeous AUS Style to do this '4 Things' post, so in lieu of actual blogging content here goes!

4 things I did today:
1. Went to a record fair and bought ten new (well, second-hand, but new to me) records
2. Saw a guy at said record fair wearing a shirt with a picture of a record on it and the words "Chicks dig my 12-inch". I wanted to leap on him for such witty vinyl-based puns.
3. Ate Chicken Treat for lunch, after falling down in front of it after attempting to jump up from the kerb and subsequently dislocating my knee.
4. I am now watching Iron Man and drinking gin and tonic while reading the book 1000 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

4 things on my to-do list:
1. Buy the sparkly minidress from David Jones
2. Do my sociology essay (booring)
3. Update my blog with photographic evidence of my ten new records & outfits I wore on the weekend (I brought my camera up to Boy's but not the USB cable - silly Tara!)
4. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with Boy, who has not yet seen it. It's one of my favourite movies!

4 guiltiest pleasures:
1. Baked Ricotta cheese. I have only just discovered this and it is pretty much the yummiest thing ever. Yum yum.
2. Buying almost every magazine available every month - I am a magazine junkie and NOT ASHAMED. Anything from Dazed and Confused to Cosmopolitan, my magazine love knows no bounds.
3. English comedy, in particular Spaced, The Mighty Boosh and Peep Show. These are hilarious so please check them out!
4. Making a cup of tea and spending a while checking out everyone's blogs. It is usually the most relaxing part of my day!

4 random facts about me:
1. I was painfully shy when I was younger and I still am, a bit - I HATE ringing people up for interviews when I have to for journalism!
2. I find the words "moist" and "nibble" completely disgusting! It grosses me out to even type them. Moist. Moist. Ugh! That word is THE WORST.
3. I am a reading nerd. Well, reading nerd doesn't really begin to cover it. I always HAVE TO HAVE something to read, anywhere I am. Sometimes (not often, as Boy protests) I have even read books while in line to get into a club. What? It passes the time!
4. I can't STAND touching cotton wool. I don't know why but it totally freaks me out!

Oh and I believe (in the spirit of four) I am meant to tag four people for this. So... I tag:
Amanda from These Teenage Hopes
Gem from Half Accidental
Emily from Be a Tiger, and...
Annie from Annie Spandex!

Regular posting resumes TOMORROW! Be excited!



What I Wore 10.10.08

Today I am handing in ANOTHER journalism article (my last one for the year!). This one is about clothes swap parties being promoted as a part of National Recycling Week. I had no idea that writing about National Recycling Week would lead me to writing about swap parties instead, so I was pretty happy! I interviewed one of the lovely ladies from the Clothing Exchange, and it was all really interesting to see it from an environmental point of view as opposed to just a fashion one.

I may also be purchasing a certain sparkly dress, usually when I hand in an assignment on time I buy myself something... it's a sort of incentive because last year I handed in assignments really really late all the time. Naughty!

Top: Jay Jays//Skirt: Supre//Shoes: Zoom//Sunglasses: Sportsgirl

I wear this skirt much too often, I know! I bought it last year, I had seen it for about $30 but didn't want to spend that much on something from Supre. Then I went back one day and it was $7! You would think that would teach me that the turnaround in chain stores is incredibly fast and to wait, but no. I usually buy something on the spot.

I am so in love with these sunglasses. I really wanted round ones, I actually wanted John Lennon shaped ones but when I saw these ones I fell in love! You can't really tell in the photos but the lenses are tinted a bit pink. They are my new favourite thing in the whole wide world ♥

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday night, I will probably be at home writing essays! Boo!



What I Wore (and bought) 9.8.08

Yesterday was Boy's birthday! Hooray! I bought him a subscription to Rolling Stone and the DVD of Iron Man. Because Iron Man is awesome. I remember thinking "This movie's going to be laaame," but obviously it was not. So it was good to spend his birthday with him (and his twin sister & rest of the family) but not so great getting up at 5.30 today so he could get to work on time. Grr!

So for the rest of today I wrote up one of my journalism articles and dropped it in at uni, then did a little bit of retail therapy at Garden City. I felt a bit like Ms Frazzle from the Magic School Bus in this outfit, I think it was the cardigan + the dress! This dress is one of my favourites, I got it ages ago for $14.95 and it's such a gorgeous shape! It reminds me of the dress Marilyn Monroe wears in The Seven Year Itch (but a touch less classic, what with the navy blue and the star print!).
Cardigan:Cotton On//Dress: Valleygirl//Corsage: Equip//Shoes: Emporium
For my journalism unit this year we have to write articles for the Western Independent, which is a paper that the uni produces. Today I was looking in it to see which articles from my class had gotten published and to my utter surprise and delight mine was in there! I was so excited!
It was about homeopathic stalls getting more popular at music festivals. Unfortuantly they didn't use my AWESOME headline ("More herbs at music festivals") but still pretty exciting to see my name in print!

So after that exciting incident I went to Garden City and bought a bit. I had a voucher for David Jones from my lovely mama, and I had a 20% off voucher for Forever New which I didn't even use because I didn't really LOVE any of the stuff.

I got a shirt from American Apparel, a scarf from Country Road (on sale), sunglasses from Sportsgirl and a belt from Forever New (on sale). I was thisclose to buying a sequinned mini shift but here is how the conversation in my head went:
Sensible side: But a sequinned minidress?
Me: Think of how cool it will be when I go out to parties and out clubbing!
Sensible side: I honestly don't think you've been out to an actual club since about a year ago.
Me: But it will make me look like Edie Sedgwick!
Sensible side: Edie Sedgwick didn't have hips or boobs or a butt. You will never look like Edie Sedgwick unless you develop her heroin addiction.
Me: ... SHINY
... and so on. Now the more I talk about it THE MORE I WANT IT DAMMIT!

Hopefully I will wear some of this stuff over the weekend, it is set to be quite busy!


(Also I got some sad news this morning that a family friend of ours had passed away. Lots of love to her family ♥)


I Love: Pocketto

A while ago I wrote an article for Pocketto zine, which is edited by the lovely AUS Style. I had a lot of fun writing the article (beats the hell out of writing about sports & agriculture, which are my two journalism assignments at the moment) and I have had a peek at the new issue, it looks fantastic!

Sorry it has been a bit quiet on the blogging front but I have SO MANY uni assignments due in at the moment, plus work & lots of people's birthdays (including Boy's, which is TOMORROW! I know he reads this sometimes so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥) & other things keeping me busy, so soon things will calm down and I will babble on to my heart's content!



What I Wore 5.10.08

My eye has stopped randomly getting itchy and puffy - a combination of hayfever and SPIDER ATTACK 2008. Unfortuantly I did not wake up like this:
Only like this:
Cardigan: Jay Jays//Dress: Jay Jays//Scarf: Chip Chop for Sportsgirl//Shoes: Zu//Ring: Burlesque show
Today Boy & I went into the city to try and find a birthday present for his sister but instead bought... lots of other stuff. He did much better than I did, I only bought this Ben Sherman top from David Jones:
So I admit I did not wear these shoes all day. I don't think they have been on the blog before, and they should be because they are my biggest bargain ever! They were $25 down from $100 from Zu and although they are a teeeeeny bit too big I wear them pretty much every time I go out.
Anyway that (and working on a presentation, but no one wants to hear about that) was my weekend! Thank you to everyone who left makeup recommendations, it was very much appreciated!


Take your ChapStick, put it on your lips

I need help, dear readers! I am pretty clueless when it comes to makeup, in fact it's only this year that I have started wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner on an almost daily basis (instead of just for special occasions). At the moment I have some excellent eyeliner and eyeshadow quads from Sportsgirl (although I know they're obviously not the best quality), but I need some serious help when it comes to the basics - foundation, concealer, blush & mascara. Could you oblige me and tell me what you use?

Thank you and much love!



What I Wore 2.10.08

Sorry for the poor quality pictures but my sister went off to her exam before I could ask her to take any pictures for me! I am not sure how I feel about these tights. Mainly I am hoping they are not tights that are from my old school uniform, although my primary school outfit was blue, so I doubt I would still fit into stockings from that era. But still. Also my high school uniform was green so this shirt is one of the few times I have voluntarily worn green in the past... seven years (five years plus the two years I've been out of school, I wasn't kept back twice!). Does anyone else subconciously avoid the colour of their old school uniform?

Cardigan: Jay Jays//Badges: From a stall at Splendour in the Grass which I can't remember the name of but wish I could because it was so cute!//Shirt: Target (it's my sister's)//Skirt: I said it was Bluejuice in the last post it was in but it is actually Quirky Circus! Whoops!//Tights: Myer//Shoes: I ♥ Billy

This afternoon I am off to get my hair cut (!! I haven't decided how yet, it will either be this long but layered or really short) and to do some shopping. Hopefully I will get some new jeans because my Cotton On ones are literally ripping apart at the seams and also give me a bad case of carrot legs.

Also is anyone else quite underwhelmed by this year's Big Day Out lineup? I will probably still go because I want to see Neil Young, The Ting Tings and TV on the Radio. Then again last year I didn't think the lineup was spectacular and loved all the bands I went to see anyway.


Italian Vogue

Sorry for lack of posting actual photos today, but a) I am exhausted! and b) a spider bit me under the eye (!!) and it has gone all red and swollen... quite unattractive :(
So instead, here are some gorgeous photos from Italian Vogue that I found on my regular source for beautiful photos. I think that the darkness in them makes these photos absolutely stunning.

p.s I am eating a Cherry Ripe chocolate for the first time in ages. How good are they? Om nom nom.