What I Wore 28.11.08

Today I had a job interview, it was for an accounts assistant but, since it was a recruitment agency, there's a chance I could end up in a totally different position. Anyway, the interview went really well except when I got out my second button had popped! D: I don't know at what point it decided to pop open, woops! When I texted (a rather unsympathetic) Boy to tell him he said "Whatever it takes to get the job ;) :)". Boys are so helpful.

Other than that it went really well, the woman interviewing me was very cool! We talked about shopping and Southbound! And she said she liked my shoes :)
(Evil button popping) Top: Ben Sherman//Skirt: Basque//Tights: Razzamatazz (doesn't saying it just make you want to do jazz hands? I know I do. RAZZAMATAZZ)//Shoes: Zoom//Necklace: Family heirloom//Earrings: Diva
Let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to find a skirt! All the high-waisted pencil ones I tried on were way too big in the waist, but made my thighs look like mating sea-lions. The only one that fit (apart from the Basque one, which was on sale) was a Country Road one which was $189. Skirt-makers, get on it!
Luckily, I felt a lot more comfortable in this outfit than I did last time I interviewed at a corporate place, where I wore a suit jacket & skirt. In that outfit I kind of felt like a kid playing dress-ups, not very "me" at all! Needless to say I did not get that job, maybe because the interview was pretty horrendous!
Then I went shopping and bought this Little Lady From top, which was made even better by the fact Myer were having a 25% of "youth clothing" day.
Last night Boy & I watched My Neighbour Totoro (or Tonari no Totoro), by the brilliant Hayao Miyazaki, and it was fantastic & adorable & whimsical & gleeful!
Is it too late to wish a happy Thanksgiving? Well, happy Thanksgiving anyway!
p.s I accidentally deleted my post from yesterday, sorry!


Style Icons: Twiggy

Twiggy was born Lesley Hornby on September 16, 1949. She was asked by Nigel Davies to model, but gave it up after four years, saying "You can't be a clothes hanger your whole life!". As well as modelling, Twiggy starred in a production of Pygmalion, appeared on The Muppet Show (I have the episode! i.e I am lame), and is now a judge against Crazy Tyra on America's Next Top Model. Twiggy is probably a style icon for most girls, she's one of the definitive 60's girls, after all! I love that her playfulness and goofy side shows through in her photos, and obviously I still love being able to see her on ANTM!

I love. Love. LOVE her eyelashes. If only I was not so inept not only with mascara but with fake eyelashes as well! I think these photos are gorgeous, very reminiscent of the 1920's film stars. Also - I love that style of hat.

I think these are some of the cutest Twiggy photos ever! I especially love the first one, of course Twiggy could look adorable in a man's suit! Like I said before, I think that she is adorable and that the models that aren't afraid to be a bit goofy are a LOT more interesting than the models who just try to look alluring and sultry all the time.

I kind of am in love with this outfit. I almost bought a pair of fringed boots today just because they reminded me of this picture. I think that (with a little less fringing) it would be a perfect summer music festival outfit. If only I could arrive at music festivals (or anywhere, really) looking so glamourous and getting off my own private jet!

And these two photos show some awesome 60's fashions. The last one is my favourite not only because of the cute dress but also because of those earrings! They are fabulous!

What do you think of Twiggy?



What I Wore 21.11.08

On Friday night I caught up with one of my friends from high school and we went for dinner at the Moon Cafe. I had heard good things about the vegie burgers, and now I am in love. I want to eat them all the time. Then we went to see Boy & his friends and ended up at Carnegies (for the first and probably last time, I didn't much care for it) where Boy sprained his ankle and we had to go home. So, not a spectacular night.

I think I just didn't like Carnegies because of a) all the drunk hen's night bachelorettes, and b) the fact that every song they played was the kind of song that elicited that "OHH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG I HAVEN'T HEARD IT IN SOOOO LONG!" response. I don't mind a couple of those a night, but a playlist full of those songs? I kind of just wanted them to play some new music after a while. Phew, listen to me, all old and cynical at the grand old age of 19.

I did like my outfit though (although these were the only two photos I took of it and NO I hadn't already started drinking when I took these):

Jacket: General Pants Co.//Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Tights: ?//Shoes: Zu//Headband: Diva//Necklace: Diva

How was everyone's weekend?


(p.s don't forget to do the "six things that make me happy" meme, as I did!)


Sunday posts make me happy!

I was tagged by the incredibly cute Monster Girl to write a list of six things that make me happy. So, here they are!

♥ I love buying a stack of new magazines and sitting on my balcony, reading them and drinking a cup of tea (white, with one sugar). This also applies to reading new books - I just finished When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris and I loved it! I very highly recommend it.

Photo by alicemariedesign

♥ Rain. This might be against the whole Australian image that everyone loves sun and summer (which I do) but I also love being all cozy and drinking a nice hot drink inside while rain is pouring down outside. It's especially nice at Boy's house because he lives in the hills in Perth, so there is a lot of bushland around outside.

Photo by Tapio Hurme

♥ I love watching a stupid teen movies while eating pizza and painting my nails. I think this happiness is borne from reading about "slumber parties" in one too many Babysitter's Club books! While there will always be a place in my heart for A Clockwork Orange, American Beauty and the like, there's nothing like switching your brain off for a couple of hours and just revelling in the vapidness.

Photo by sheruinsyou

♥ Wandering around the city by myself makes me happy - I only moved to Perth last year and while it's not THE most exciting place to live, I still like discovering great little places. One of my favourites is Empire Toys, which is where I get all my little anime figurines! This one is my favourite (and was actually a present from my sister):

♥ At the moment, the lead-up to Christmas makes me happy. It's my favourite holiday, I get so sucked in by all the Christmas displays and continous blaring of carols and all the Christmas movies on TV. And I love buying presents for people, so this allows me to do it in bulk!

Photo by arkworld

♥ I don't really like eating just toast and cereal for breakfast, but give me a full cooked breakfast and I am all over that thing. I love staying in hotels just for the buffet breakfast! Yum. Now I am hungry for bacon and hashbrowns.

Photo by Arjun

If you haven't done this, please feel free!


Pretty models, Dansk magazine, and fantastic clothes

I found these incredibly gorgeous photos on foto_decadent (where else?). They appeared in Dansk magazine and were photographed by Hasse Nielson. Not only do I love the photos, but the clothes! They are delicious.

I think that the first photo is my favourite, the model (Heather Marks, if you're interested) looks so striking. As for the clothes, I really can't go past the dress in the sixth photo! Wow!
Which is your favourite? You can find the rest of the photos here, if you want more!


What I Wore 18.11.08

Today the plan was to re-enrol in uni, which this year I could supposedly do myself online. But it was hard! I haven't been so confused since my maths T.E.E exam (which I failed. Dismally). RE-ENROLLING MAKES MY BRAIN HURT :<

But I digress. Here is what I wore to suffer at the hands of IT guys with a God complex who enjoy inflicting pain on innocent students such as myself...

Dress: Cotton On//Wedges: Fetish//Bracelet: Necklace made by me!

I love these shoes, I got them once when I was looking in a random shoe shop (next to a Supre store, which should give some indication of how long ago I bought them!) and I hardly ever wear them because I'm afraid of getting them dirty! Which you can probably tell, they are so white they are practically glowing!

But they are so groovy! They look like normal white wedges... on acid.

That is all for now!

Oh actually, I lie. I have a question hopefully someone can answer for me...

1) what does one wear to an engagement party?

2) do you give gifts at an engagement party or just at a wedding?

Please help me, etiquette-savvy readers!



What I Wore 14.11.08

My first official day of having no uni/study to do! (The exam went fine, in case you were wondering, and thank you all for your good luck wishes! :D). Today I have celebrated by being a slob watching Sex and the City (season two) between sporadic bouts of cleaning the house (my mum & sister are coming up to Perth tomorrow, we are going to Ikea! This is a celebration in itself, I love Ikea).
A few weeks ago, I was all for hatin' on harem pants and thought they were pretty much the ugliest invention ever. Well, last weekend at Target I found a pair for $20 and they are sooo comfortable. I wore them pretty much exclusively for that whole weekend. I thought that they would be one of those universally boy-hated items of clothing, but Boy likes them because (quote) "You look like a ninja". O_o Ah well, you take what you get.
Pants: Free Fusion at Target//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Singlet: Target//Shoes: Witchery//Necklace: Birthday present from Boy's parents
I bought these shoes to wear to Boy's ball when he was at his old job. I love them but I never ever wear them because a) they were marked down from $150, making me wary to wear shoes that were once that expensive and b) I don't wear a lot of gold. Same with the necklace.
(l-r)The necklace, what I wore to the aforementioned ball, shoes.
Tonight I have the haus to myself (unusual for a Friday night) and so I hired out Mamma Mia! Hooray! I remember seeing the ads and thinking "This is pretty much the cheesiest thing I have ever seen" but of course when I saw it I loved it. So I am pretty excited.
Well, I hope everyone has a good weekend while I am dancing around lip-synching (OK, belting out) ABBA tunes (goodbye, cred!) and furniture shopping!


What I Wore 12.11.08

Today I studied pretty much exclusively, and only had a teensy break to meet Boy in the city for lunch. We went to the David Jones foodhall and got served by incredibly rude people. Fun.

Cardigan: Jay Jays//Corsage: Equip//"Mod vs. Rocker" Top: Ben Sherman//Singlet (underneath): Target//Skirt: Dotti//Tights: Equip//Shoes: Target//Glasses: Vogue

I will be soooooo relieved by 5.30 tomorrow when this stupid exam is over! I look like DEATH. The circles under my eyes are monstrous. I'm surprised I haven't been pursued by any amourous pandas, such is the resemblence!
How is everyone doing?


I am a Twit.

I have finally joined the world of Twitter and I must say it's pretty darn addictive! It remains to be seen how successful I am at updating it, I am rather lazy even with Facebook updates. If you want to "follow" me, then do so here. Please let me know if you have one, I am pretty voyeuristic in that way.
(So that probably doesn't warrant a post all of its own, but not much else has been happening with my sociology-studying self - it is exam time for me! I hope you are having a more interesting week!)


"Love yourself, cutie!"

I found this exercise from Flowers on Fire on Gem's blog and decided to do it! I never really wrote an introductory post on myself so maybe you will find out something new!

“Write a little post about yourself. The amazing, beautiful things about you. The individual things about you. The real you. The one you sometimes hide to avoid embarrassment. The one who is in love with everything and doesn’t compare themselves to others. The one who laughs and lets go, who cries and holds on. Write a piece about yourself to make yourself and others fall in love with you all over again.”

My middle name is Louise. I am really, really, really messy. I love buying flowers but always forget to put water in them. I would probably spend my last $10 on a magazine and an ice coffee. I used to live in Bunbury, which is a little country town about 2 hours south of Perth. I now live in an apartment in Como by myself, and I love it. Most people say they would hate living by themselves, but I like having my own space to unwind at the end of the day and the thought of living with other people kind of doesn't appeal to me!

I love comedy, and have so many stand-up comedy DVDs that I've lost count. It doesn't interest me as a career though (as people assume - only based on the number of DVDs, not because I'm hilariously witty or anything), I want to be a journalist for Rolling Stone. I am very proud of my book and music collections. My favourite author is Oscar Wilde and my favourite music group are the Cure. I put on The B52's to cheer myself up and dance around my living room. I would rather be too cold than too hot.

I would love to dye my hair a bright purple but I can't work up the nerve. I never want to have a 9-5 office job. I don't really like clubbing, and rarely go out for anything other than music gigs. I like meeting new people but I'm not very good at making friends (which I want to do, because I am in that awkward state where you've left school and haven't had to make new friends for the past six or seven years so it's a new and terrifying thing!). I hate the smell of hospitals. I would love to be able to a) be naturally good at drawing and other arty things, b) be able to speak fluent French and c) be a forensic psychologist. It's my dream job (other than journalist, of course!).
Well, I could go on (and on and on and on - waffling is one of my skills), but I would much rather hear about you!
Love yourself, cutie!


What I Wore 7.11.08

Another sporadic blogging week, I have been having a little bit of writer's block (blogger's block?). So, here is what I've been up to:

♥ Yesterday I caught up with one of my favourite people and we went to see Rock n Rolla (the new Guy Ritchie film, it is great, I highly recommend it, not only for the shameless Gerard Butler perving) and eat greasy pizza and icecream.
♥ studying like a madwoman for my upcoming sociology exam :<
♥ having two more articles published in the uni newspaper!
♥ was planning on going out tonight for my friend's birthday... until she cancelled her own party! Boo! Now I am considering whether to go out anyway, but the couch is calling out to me and resistance is futile. Plus, I am broke.
♥ planning my holiday to Busselton (for Southbound) & then on to Margaret River, which is wine and cheese town, for those who don't live in Australia! I haven't been there since I was about 7, so I am very excited!
♥ also planning on making over my apartment, this is my big project for the uni break.
♥ and I am currently eating spinach, feta, and pumpkin pasta salad. YUM :)

And here is some old dress I dug out and have been wearing pretty much exclusively. I think I've only kept it for so long because once in the bathroom at the airport a fancily-dressed woman casually waved a manicured hand at the dress and enquired, "Wayne Cooper?" when it is only JUST JEANS! HA!

Dress: Just Jeans//Cardigan: Cotton On//Brooch: Equip//Shoes: Zu

A close-up of the earrings (P.S HELLO, my face):

My calendar this month:




And also (in honour of my new Converse shoes, and I mean this with no mockery):

I am gleeful, and I'm not even in America! They must be going MENTAL over there!