What I Wore 27.02.09

This is what I wore to go and see Coldplay!

♥ Vest: Op-shop

♥ Singlet: Cotton On

♥ Shoes: Rubi

♥ Bangles - Diva

Coldplay were SO AMAZING, one of the best live bands I've ever seen! I know people either love them or hate them, but I think they're incredible. Also Chris Martin seemed really cool so I want to be friends with him. When they sang Yellow I had a massive grin on my face for the whole time! I thought it was a really good crowd too, which is pretty rare now!


What I Wore 20 & 21.02.09

This is the first time I've been out two nights in a week for ages! And by 'out' I mean home by about 12.30. I will stop before I sound too much like a nanna. Although this week I will be doing it again! Eep! Will I turn into the next Cory Kennedy or some such character?

Friday night was Boy and my friend's (and Em's brother! WOAH SMALL WORLD) birthday at Tiger Lil's. Usually I hate going there because a) it is super crowded and b) I always go on a Friday when people are dressed from work and I am wearing something ridiculous like a prom dress and tiara. But this time the party was in a private booth and of course I had the wonderful Em & Reece to keep me company!
Dress (new!): Mooloola (from City Beach outlet)
Earrings (hidden): Diva
Shoes: Zu
Purse (I call him Batty): Genki
I gotta be honest, this outfit really doesn't feel like 'me'! I only really wore it so I wouldn't feel too casual when people around me are so dressed up. I did envision wearing this dress with stockings and a cute little cardigan but considering it was about fifty million degrees I had to reconsider. I do love the shoes though, they are some of my favourites to wear out when I have to stand up for a while.
Saturday night was the 20th birthday of one of my best friends. I started off going to her house in Joondalup and ended up in Fremantle, after a TWO HOUR trip. And I am sorry to say that by the time I got into Freo and saw the line for the club she wanted to go to, I instead got my Hungry Jacks from the 24hr place across the road and headed off home.
Dress: Secondhand
Shoes: Zoom
Earrings: Diva
I never know what to wear out to clubs and stuff because I rarely go! I didn't feel like wearing a short tight dress that seems to be favoured by many Perth ladies I saw out and about, so hopefully a vintage bridesmaid's dress was OK?

Can I ask you sartorially blessed ladies (and men!) - what do YOU wear when you go out dancing? I find it hard to get the quirky look I love when I know I will be sweated on and sulking at waiting in line and most likely spilling drinks on myself.



What I Wore 19.02.09

Ahoy there! I decided to do the nautical thing today, while it is still nice and summery outside.

♥ Shirt - Mooloola

♥ Skirt - Supre

♥ Shoes - Harlan (from Planet Video)

♥ Silver, white and cream bangles - Diva 3 for $15 sale

♥ Pearl bracelet - Present from Boy's parents

♥ Sailor hat - from Splendour in the Grass hat stall

I have been tagged for two lovely awards. The first is from AUSStyle and is the Lemonade Award, for sites that show attitude or gratitude. I love it! Thank you!

In return, I tag these lovely ladies, whose blogs I read religiously and are some of my favourites:

Be A Tiger

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Sparkle and Glitter


True Love and High Adventure

A Cat of Impossible Colour

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and Miss Corrine!

Each of you should tag 10 people... if there's any bloggers left!

I also received this award from Amanda, which requires me to tell 10 facts about myself! Here goes... Sorry if some of them are repeated, there have been a few fact-telling memes I have done!

1. I am really, really messy. Seriously. You would not want to live with me.

2. I really hate Sour Cream & Chives flavoured chips. They make me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

3. I prefer tea over coffee. I don't really like the taste of coffee, but drink it anyway!

4. I love winter, especially rain.

5. I take belly-dancing lessons!

6. I can play the piano and guitar. (But don't).

7. Most of my money goes on concert tickets. So far this year I've been to Southbound and Jeff Beck, with Coldplay, Of Montreal, Tim Minchin and Dylan Moran in the next couple of months! I'm so excited!

8. I've recently learnt how to cook and I love it! Although I do have to get over feeling a bit housewifey every time I make my boyfriend a meal :P

9. I don't drive.

10. I read really fast. To the point where I can finish a whole book in a couple of hours. It is kind of useful but annoying if I want to make a book last longer than, say, a day.

Aaand again with the tagging, I tag A Beautiful Dream, Monster Girl Writes, Skylark and Son and Lick My Cupcakes!

Phew! OK, now I am off to get ready for belly-dancing!



Click your heels together and say, "There's no place like home!"

So, my apartment's lease is up in May and then I will be moving! The next place I live in will actually NOT be a rental, how exciting! Well, technically I will be renting an apartment that my parents own, but basically I still have free reign to decorate it how I wish. I'm so excited, the apartment I'm living in now hasn't really felt like "mine", and I haven't done about three-quarters of the things I want to do, design-wise, because of renting restraints. So I have been a little gleeful about this new place, and started looking up things that will be very comfortable in my new house!

First of all, this gorgeous wall decal from JustMyLuckDesigns. OH MY GOD. I love it so much and can just imagine where it would go (above the sofa in the living room). I want to buy it now but OF COURSE that would mean it sits around until May. Boo.

I am looking at wall decals now, and if I had my way I bet there would be one in every room. They are fantastic! Pity I didn't title this article "Wall Decals I Would Love To Have In My Future Home". On Etsy, they seem to be especially cheap. Awesome! How cute are these little birds (from FreckledHound):

I think these would have to be my favourite teacups ever (perfect to serve gin out of, for that authenticity :P):

I can't decide between these sets of salt and pepper shakers. The chemistry set appeals to my inner nerd, but the penguins! So cute:

Although Boy & I don't live together, one thing that we both want in a dream house is a music room for record players, CD's, guitars and stuff. Hopefully in this apartment I can beat him to it and claim the idea as my own. Ideally, these would be in there (damn you and your US-only shipping, Urban Outfitters!!):

These are just beautiful.

And a gorgeous, musically-inclined chandelier for my bedroom (I want to say boudoir, but I remember a Will & Grace episode where Will and Karen mock Grace mercilessly for using the word boudoir without any sense of irony). Seriously, is this the most awesome thing you've ever seen or what? Courtesy of BePicky:

I could go on and on and on, but hopefully you've gained some interior inspiration already!



Bits & Pieces

Hello again! I have returned from a lovely, relaxing holiday on Rottnest, and apologies for not posting when I was over there. It was just such nice weather that it would have been a shame to sit inside in front of a computer all day, particularly as there was only one public use computer on the whole island! Anyway, I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day, I spent the night here (lucky me!) and watched Ghost Town, which I very highly recommend. I am a massive Ricky Gervais fan and the whole movie is just so sweet and funny.

But enough updating from me! Here is the much belated second edition of Bits & Pieces...

This gorgeously weird photoshoot from West End magazine is stunning.

♥ As a massive fan of Fafi, I was so happy to see Doe Deere's tutorial on how to transform into a Fafinette! Isn't she beautiful?

Nubby Twiglet's article, The Cultivation of Online Personas, was something I thought about quite a bit when I was on holiday and felt guilty about not updating my blog. It's definitely one of the most interesting articles I've read recently!

♥ I didn't get to finish my contribution in time, but the new issue of Pocketto is out and, as always, is incredibly fabulous!

♥ I mentioned before that I stayed in a hotel for Valentine's Day - I found it through wotif.com.au, which is a good idea if you leave booking a hotel to the very last minute! Although I do have an issue with people spelling 'what' as 'wot' (grr), I will forgive them.

David Standish might be my favourite photographer of the moment...

♥ Some Flight of the Conchords...

And, finally and most importantly, PLEASE give anything you can to the Red Cross bushfire appeals. An online donation form can be found here. My heart goes out to everyone affected. ♥



What I Wore 05.02.09

Today I did some last minute shopping before I started to tackle my MASSIVE to-do list of things that need to happen before I go away! Argh! Stress! Eek! But apart from that I have been working my way through seasons 2 & 3 of Scrubs. I love that show.
Yesterday I did some second-to-last minute shopping for Rottnest and picked up this fantastic skirt from David Jones! I love it so much. This is perhaps the world's most simple outfit but I kind of just wanted an outfit that showed off the skirt. Unfortunately it started to ride up when I was on the bus, and when I was pulling it down I fell off my seat. It was kind of embarrassing.

♥ Skirt - Something
♥ Singlet - Cotton On
♥ Shoes - I ♥ Billy

Also, on my travels today I picked up this fabulous hat from Cotton On:

I've been looking for a big hat for ages, but because I am extremely picky they were always too floppy, too big, not the right colour, sat in the wrong place on my forehead... but this one was just perfect! The girl at the counter told me that they only came in yesterday, so if you want to get one for yourself they're only $14.95! Not too shabby (well, it probably is, but hopefully the hat lasts the week without falling apart). Also, they have these really cute sequinned vests which I am kind of mad about because I picked up my own really cute sequinned vest at an op-shop about two months ago and now they are everywhere. Grr! Now I am afraid to wear it in case I look like a die-hard trend follower.

So, lovelies, this is the last (unscheduled) post before I go away! I have some scheduled posts planned and I will be trying to check the comments while I'm away (I could just take them off moderated comments... but I don't want to). Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week and I will be back on the day before Valentine's Day! Aww! Lots of love to all of you.



What I Wore 03.02.09

This weekend was pretty pleasantly spent, Boy & I went to Mount Lawley on Saturday and I picked up a very cool pair of shoes and ring from Planet Video (of all places) and also bought the What I Wore Today book - which I got discounted just because a corner of the cover was folded! Whee! Then on Sunday we went to Boy's parent's house with some friends and swam in the pool and it was all lovely and relaxing.

So now I'm planning for my trip to Rottnest! I think I will have to follow Doe Deere's packing advice so I don't go crazy and end up taking a ball gown and a sequinned vest or something. Today I went looking for dresses but only ended up with a pair of $5 (new!) jeans. I did feel a bit shoddy paying for The Beautiful and Damned (& Sportsgirl) jeans with leftover change though.
♥ Dress - Op-shop
♥ Wedges - Fetish
♥ Ring - Planet Video
♥ Pink safety pin earrings - present from Amanda
Oh, and last Friday I got to use my birthday tickets from Boy to go to Cirque de Soleil! It was so amazing, I'd never been before and was squealing and jumping around like a little kid. I watched the whole thing with either my mouth hanging open or peeking through my fingers! I also bought an AWESOME dragon mask which will surely be making an appearance soon.

And here is a close up of the ring I got, because I LOVE IT:

Knuckledusters, yo! I am tuff!
I hope you've had a good start to the week!