The Stylish Wanderer

I may not exactly be an "International Playgirl", but having a family that lives a couple of hours away means that I need to have outfits that are comfortable, easy to lounge around in and still look good after snoozing/making iPod playlists/drinking chocolate milk on the train.

Usually I wear my Witchery maxi dress - it's knitted, so it's nice and cool; it's really soft, so in technical terms, it's like wearing a blanket; and it's still stylish enough so that I can wander out the airport (or, in my case, Bunbury train station) looking relatively put-together.

I put together some outfits on Polyvore that I think would be awesome from anything from a two hour train ride to a twenty hour flight to Paris:

With a coat that already looks like a dressing gown, this outfit is pretty much built for a long flight to a fabulous destination. Wedges won't be too uncomfortable to walk around the airport in, and the cute tank can smile at people even when you feel like growling at anyone who looks you in the eye. Flash some red fingernails while you grip an oversized coffee.
Why not delight the other passengers on a train ride? Jitterbug down the aisles in a rockabilly-inspired outfit that makes you look like an extra from Cry Baby. Accessorise with a bow tie on your wrist, cat's eye glasses and a cute clutch.

Do these pants look like the most comfy things ever or what? Wearing an outfit of muted tones would be very soothing for a red-eye flight, I think. I absolutely adore this T-shirt. This outfit makes me think of a girl on a plane scribbling furiously in her notebook and reading book after book after book.
So some of my tips would be:
♥ Always take a cardigan or jacket. Even in the middle of summer, air-conditioning on most transport is turned up so high that you NEED something to drape around you.
♥ It's really not worth wearing a ton of jewelry to the airport when you'll have to just take it all off. Common sense really but when I went to Melbourne I was surprised at all the people who had to take off stacks of bracelets AND a ring AND three necklaces. OK that was me. But still. Look into plastic jewelry, headscarves, and basically anything that doesn't make clinking noises.
♥ Wear some cute nail polish. I don't know why but even if I look like a total slob I feel a bit better if I have well-manicured nails. Don't forget to take your nail polish out of your carry-on bag before you go through customs!
♥ Bring an extra book. This might just be me because I devour books but I always finish my book in the first hour of the journey and spend the rest of the time poking Boy in the ribs/sighing loudly in a bored manner/resorting to reading the on-flight magazine. NO.
♥ Always make sure that everything is fully charged. There is nothing worse than spending all your time making awesome "Flight to London" playlist and then running out of battery halfway through rockin' out to The Kinks. Also, for some reason I always forget to bring my iPod headphones. It makes me very sad to think of all the music trapped on my iPod when that happens.
♥ Nothing is more stylish than someone who is polite & charming to the staff. You're going on a holiday that you're presumably excited about, so why be rude to people? Why not start being fabulous right there in the airport?
I'm going to Bunbury tomorrow to watch my sister in a play, so I will try and take some of my own advice. I know a lot of fabulous people going on amazing trips soon - hopefully this will be of some help... although one of the people is one of my best friends and I wish she wasn't leaving!


Useless information supposed to fire my imagination

So, what have I been up to in my absence from the interwebs? Obviously if I don't document it, it didn't happen. So, I've...
♥ had a nasty cold, courtesy of the Boy :(
♥ found THE MOST AWESOME Halloween-themed cardigan at an op-shop, unfortunantely it is at Boy's but believe me, photos will come
♥ been to a Myths & Legends themed party - I went as quite an obscure Greek myth, about a statue (Galatea) that was brought to life. It was quite the awesome party though. I didn't want to use pictures with other people, here is one of me looking quite the fool:

I wore a dress that my grandma made in the 70's, which looked suitably Grecian. In this particular photo I was standing in between Sinbad and Plato; also at the party were Monkey Magic (Boy :D), Jesus, the guy from Mythbusters, Medusa, Thor, Moses, a mermaid, a phoenix, and a minotaur!
♥ moved into my new house
♥ searched high & low for good dance or yoga classes in Perth
♥ found out that I could be eligible for the government tax bonus when I thought that I wasn't :)
♥ celebrated the 18th birthday my favourite person ever, my little sister...happy birthday beautiful!

♥ been on the lookout for the perfect (fake) fur coat...any suggestions?
♥ been on a job interview for Bardot (I didn't get it) where I had to do a presentation... has anyone else had to do this at an interview before? Just curious!
♥ seen Dylan Moran live! I was a bit disappointed actually, he was of course charmingly hilarious but the crowd was really awful. They weren't exactly heckling but they were continually yelling out stuff & taking photos & you could see him getting more and more pissed off. I hope he comes back to Perth, he's one of my favourite comedians!

♥ been on a never-ending search for a new blog layout

What have you been up to?




This is just a quick hello-I-have-my-Internet-back-so-please-forgive-me post, regular posting will resume tomorrow! I am SO GLAD to have the Internet back, thank you to my lovely mum for buying me a wireless modem (someone cut the phone line that goes into my apartment! Booo!). Anyway, here are some lovely Lula pictures to pass the time while I get some posts organised.

Thanks for continuing to read even though the site has been severely lacking in content! I can buy you all a cupcake and you will forgive me. Yes?


p.s This post by Poppy Gallico is SO INCREDIBLE. It pretty much blew my mind that someone could be so honest and still have a coherent argument! I heart you Poppy!


Jerry Hall for Chanel

I hope when I'm Jerry Hall's age I look as good as she does... or at least have access to Photoshop & a male model. And lots of Chanel, of course.

Photos from here.
The shoes in the third picture are just divine. This campaign makes me want to lounge around in expensive hotels in decadent lingerie. Imagine being paid to shoot this campaign! I would do it for free.


What I Wore 14.04.09

This is what I wore to see... um... 17 Again with Evilspawn from High School Musicals. He appears shirtless in a scene and there was literally screaming from girls in the audience. UM WHAT? NO.

♥ Dress - Witchery

♥ Bracelets - same mix as yesterday, with tiger head bracelet from Diva

♥ Shoes - I put on my Rubi shoes before I left

I am convinced that the maxi dress - and in particular, the knitted maxi dress - is the perfect piece of clothing. It is comfy for two hour train rides, perfect for hot weather, and doesn't get too cold in a movie theater. It is lovely.

Tonight I am off to a Tarantino & board games night at my lovely friend Emma's house.



What I Wore 13.04.09

Hello! I am looking forward to doing some more outfit posts while I am in Bunbury and NOT in Perth looking frantically through boxes of things to find my camera connector cord - to no avail, might I add.

I am having a lovely time with my family in their newly painted house. Today I made everyone come and see The Boat That Rocked (which I had already seen with Boy, but I knew it was a movie my music-loving papa would adore). This is what I wore to The Boat That Rocked, viewing deux:

♥ Pink Floyd tee: Boy's

♥ Shorts: Big W (they were part of my Amy Winehouse costume!)

♥ Shoes - out of shot, oops: Rubi

♥ Bangles: A mix of Diva & unidentifyable

♥ Peacock earrings: ICE Accessories

I had to add a cardigan because Bunbury is COLD! I am used to it being at least 30 degress+ in Perth (even though I love colder weather...). And tomorrow I am off to the movies AGAIN to meet up with one of my favourite people EVER (I'm so excited!!).

If you haven't seen the movie yet, then go! It is fantastic and has an awesome soundtrack, and an even better cast. Or you could just go for these two reasons:



Happy Easter!

Chocolate shoes! Surely the dream of any Easter-celebrating fashionista?

As I had predicted, Telstra did NOT connect my Internet when they were meant to, so sorry for the lack of updates! I'm in Bunbury for a couple of days, so I will have Internet for a while, at least.

In the meantime, eat as many eggs as you can! Don't feel guilty, it's Easter, they don't count.

Love Tara xx


Moving Day!

That's right lovelies, today I am moving to my new house (literally 10 minutes away from my old apartment). I'm not sure whether my internet account has been transferred there yet, so in my (possible) absence I leave you with the talented James Galea. I think I may have to marry a magician so he is obligated to entertain me every day (to any magicians out there.... how YOU doin'?).

I have been trying to do that hand trick since I saw this on the Melbourne Comedy Gala thing and I CANNOT! Maybe that will entertain you until I get back?




Monday lovin'

I saw a post on blackcigarette about most romantic real-life couples. Even though I think that people picking "favourite" celebrity couples is a bit weird... some of the pictures were just too cute not to share! Photos are credited to the LJ user who posted them, all others are from my computer!

Michelle & Barack Obama

Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson (I know they've broken up, but what a cute picture)

Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

David Bowie & Iman

Noel Fielding & Dee Plume

George Harrison & Patti Boyd

Any you want to add? :)



Shoe Lust

OK, so when I'm not wistfully thinking of cute gumboots, I daydream about owning these pieces of fantasticness... it's Easter soon... is that an excuse to buy all of them? Note: Other excuses include: "I just handed in a presentation, I should buy shoes"; "It's a Wednesday, maybe I should pick up some shoes?"; "I haven't bought any new shoes for a while, maybe I should buy some RIGHT NOW"; "I'm helping the economy - you're welcome, K. Rudd!"

Anyway, at the moment I am very much into the structured, heavy, crazy-architectural-design shoes. Have a look:
Wittner 'Asset' heels, $179.95

Wittner 'Soultry' wedges, $199.95 (IF YOU BUY THESE FOR ME I WILL KISS YOU. ON THE LIPS)
Peeptoe Shoes 'Miss Buckingham' heels, $249.00

Peeptoe Shoes 'Miss Aqua' heels, $249.00
Siren 'Geisha' wedges, $169.95
Siren 'Rasta' (? But anyway) boots, $279.95


I Love... Plueys!

Hello kittens!

For the past few days I've been in contact with the lovely Audrey of Plueys, who make some excellent and very cute gumboots (and we all know I am a fan)! Exciting news - she very generously offered readers of Gin in a Teacup 15% off all gumboots available from their website! Hooray! Here are my favourites...

The 'Catstooth' print is simply adorable. I can see them being worn by a quirky librarian to work on a rainy day, as she sits in the corner reading Nabokov, drinking tea and eating ginger snaps.

The 'Go Fish' boot would be worn by a girl who works in a pet-store, with turquoise hair and purple fingernails. Her favourite pets are - what else? - the fish, and she owns two Japanese fighting fish called Sid and Nancy.

The 'Oooh La Lace' would be worn by a stylish party girl, who doesn't want to trade in her fishnets once winter hits. She'll keep her feet nice and dry while waiting outside of her favourite club.

The 'Catstooth' print is definitely my favourite, don't be surprised to see it adorning my feet once it starts raining!

If you want to buy any of Pluey's delightful boots for yourself, enter the code "havesometea" when you get to the checkout! This offer lasts until the 30th of September, so there is enough time for people on both sides of the globe to put their feet into something pretty! A note - there is ONE USE PER CUSTOMER ONLY.


p.s This probably goes without saying, but I wouldn't feature a product on my blog that I wouldn't wear/use myself! I don't get any sort of payment from Plueys by featuring them on my blog, but I think you'll enjoy the discount (& the product!) if you choose to use it! Also, I would have put this up yesterday but I didn't want y'all to think it was some April Fool's joke :P


Bits & Pieces

50 years of popular songs condensed into single sentences. This made me laugh! Send it to all the music nerds you know!

♥ What do you think of the new ad campaign for Agent Provocateur?

A model goes from 10 to 60, using makeup and lighting. I think this is interesting.

♥ Check out Gem's Etsy store, it is fantastique! But please don't buy the Fawngirls print... I want it to be a housewarming gift to myself! I've already picked out where it is going to go!

♥ Sorry to be Perth-specific, but kittentails has posted a list of all the op- and secondhand shops in Perth! I have BIG op-shopping plans for my weeks off. Thanks kittentails!

♥ I loved Nubby Twiglet's post on Style Signatures. Do you have any? Want any?

♥ I also loved Shannon's post on "What's Your Sexy Style?", or as she says, "outfits that make you want to wank yourself into a coma". Hee!

♥ This has been blogged quite a few places recently, but I LOVE the 1000 Awesome Things site. My favourites: here, here, here, here and here! (I could go on all day... this site is AWESOME!)

Amanda posted this shoot featuring Emma Watson. I like the idea of the shoot but I think she is MUCH prettier without so much makeup shovelled onto her face. My favourite photo:

Phew! Quite a lot of links to get through... enjoy!