Some housekeeping...

Sorry to have to do this, but I am SWAMPED with uni work & regular work & a cold to top it all off, so blogging will have to take a back seat as I get everything else sorted!

Expect regular posting to resume in about a week. Sorry lovelies!

Lots of love & apologies,




Crazy Horse

I read an interview with Dita von Teese in this month's In Style (the one with Cate Blanchett on the cover) about her amazing costumes created by Elie Saab, Mr Pearl and Christian Loubitoun for her show at the Crazy Horse. It inspired me to hunt down as many of the photos as I could, so be warned, this is not exactly a dial-up friendly post! However, it is worth it because all the photos are truly gorgeous.
"With each item that comes off, it must [reveal] another beautiful outfit in itself. It’s all carefully calculated in every way."
"I am sure Elie Saab would kill me if I asked for two of everything!! These [costumes] are SO expensive — with all the embroidery and Swarovski crystals and so on – that it would be impossible! We just guard them with everything we can, and there is always security solely for my costumes. They are kept in a room while I’m onstage."
"I found a look I like a long time ago, and I have no desire for change!"
Interview, from here
Photo 1 & 5, from here
Photo 2, 4, 6 & 8 from here
Photo 3 & 9, from here
Photo 7, from here
More, s’il vous plaĆ®t?
♥ One of my new favourite websites, 21st Century Pinups, reviews the show.
Fantastic article, if only for the quote "I once met with a stylist. He took my 1940s shoes and told me: 'These would look cute with jeans'. I told myself "You've no business here".

Au revoir!


What I Wore 21.05.09

I decided to brave the wild weather outside to do some grocery shopping & banking! It is much too fierce a day to be TOO worried about looking fashionable!
♥ Trench coat (see, I follow my own advice!): Target about three years ago
♥ Jeans: Cotton On
♥ Shoes: Steve Madden (new!)
♥ Hat: Coo Ca Choo from Myer
♥ Scarf: Cotton On
♥ Lipstick: Rimmel, in Temptation
♥ Not shown - singlet from Cotton On [underneath]

Here is what the weather was like when I left! Now it is pitch black outside!

You might remember that I said I had a job trial this week... I got the job! I'm so excited, I will be working at a boutique about 10 minutes away from my house. My boss is so great & the other girl working there seems really nice as well... in case you can't tell I am rather excited! :D

Anyway that is the reason things have been a bit slow this week, I haven't worked in retail for almost a year so I forgot how exhausted you get after standing up for eight hours! I slept in until 11:30 today - but to be fair, I had to get up at 5:30, since that is when Boy leaves for work!

The plans for the rest of the day are to finish some uni assignments (next week is the last week of semester! It's so crazy at the moment), watch season three of Project Runway, and make Indian butter chicken for dinner. Yum!


p.s I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to Andrea from a cat of impossible colour for signing her book deal! Lots of love!


Cover up!

I am a winter girl. While summer is all well and good, I swoon over coats & berets & tights & scarves... I look forward to it all year (even though living in Australia it is NOWHERE NEAR as cold as anywhere else in the world!). Here are six winter cover-ups which should be staples in any woman's (or man's!) wardrobe.

A classic trench
Warning: trench coats may cause spontaneous kissing in the rain. A trench coat is pretty much the best investment you can make. Wikipedia says that in popular culture, trench coats are usually worn by "gun-toting heroes, mainly for their ability to conceal large amounts of guns without drawing suspicion"... but I am a pacifist, so I prefer to think of them on the likes of Audrey Hepburn! Burberry is the go-to for exceptionally well-made and recognisable trench coats, but they're such a stylish addition to any wardrobe that you can buy them pretty much anywhere. I got a great cropped one from Target a few years ago that comes out every winter, and then another one from Dotti which isn't quite as warm but still very stylish!

A statement coat
As much as I love winter, I will concede that it can be pretty boring with all the black coats around. So, get a statement coat! This one is fantastic because it's both a bright colour and an amazing shape, but you might want to do one or the other because this look would be hard to pull off! However, as you can see from the picture, it's worth it. This outfit - stockings, lace up shoes, and a long t-shirt - would be nondescript if it wasn't for the gorgeous pink coat spicing it up. Some more of my favourite statement jackets are seen on the likes of Super Kawaii Mama.

The tuxedo jacket
There are a lot more modern ways to wear the tuxedo jacket but, for me, the iconic image of it is Helmut Newton's 1975 photograph of the Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking suit. Now, a tuxedo jacket can be worn with anything from jeans to an evening dress to a tutu! I love the look of a tuxedo jacket with a short skirt, ripped leggings and Doc Martens; I love the formality of a tuxedo jacket - something traditionally worn by men - worn with something so feminine and dressed down, I think the contrast is very sexy.

I'm not a huge fan of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, but I will say that the paparazzi pictures of them are often amazing. I think that their off-duty style is better than their red carpet style, to be honest! Cardigans are a great layering piece, especially for the weird transitional autumn period Perth is going through right now. I don't see it too often here, but cardigans look FANTASTIC on men, especially the always stylish & wonderful Dapper Kid. Anyway, I like them the best when they're long and layered for kind of a grungy look - I respond more to those pictures than to ones where they're cropped and preppy (even though I rocked the hell out of a cardigan exactly like that last winter!).

A leather jacket
Like the tuxedo jacket, I love a leather jacket dressed down. I think a leather jacket sends an entirely different message, though - a tuxedo jacket brings elegance to any outfit, while a leather jacket sends a message of toughness, grunge, sexiness, and rock'n'roll. In this outfit in particular, the leather jacket does something that I think most people do with leather jackets - use it to toughen up an otherwise very pretty outfit. My lovely friend Bambola demonstrates the transformative powers of a good leather jacket.

Something that is comfort over style
Let's face it. When you come home from uni/work/being generally fabulous, you want to put on the sartorial equivalent of mashed potatoes - something comfortable, warm and that puts a grin on your face. My personal favourite for this situation is my school leavers jumper - it's toasty warm and extremely comfortable, but I would NEVER wear it outside the house. On me, it's really unflattering, and it has numerous tea & coffee stains all over it! However, when I get home, there is nothing I would rather wear! (Also, the photo is from here :P!)

So, do you own these jackets? Have any you like to add? What do you think? I would especially love to hear the opinions of people who actually have a cold winter, I don't think that 23 degree weather really qualifies as freezing!


What I Wore 15.05.09

Tonight I am off to YET ANOTHER play involving family members. It hasn't been a super fabulous week so I would much rather stay home in pajamas and watching Black Books. But oh well. I know it won't be bad, because all the other plays I've seen by their school have been good. But, you know.

Also, I spent about half an hour looking for my camera connector cable. Why did I NOT think to look for it in a jewellery box that was under my table *cries*.

♥ Dress: Leona Edminston

♥ Cardigan: Cotton On

♥ Belt: Valleygirl

♥ Tights: Razzamatazz

♥ Boots: Target

♥ Beanie: Sportsgirl

♥ Earrings: Present from Boy's parents

♥ Ring: Burlesque show

♥ Bag: Temt

Even though I had a pretty rough week, I do have some pieces of good news! I have a trial for a job next week, so fingers crossed for me would be much appreciated! I also have more news which isn't exactly ready yet, so keep your eyes on this post, because I will add it soon? AM I NOT INFURIATING?

And I just wanted to say happy birthday to lovely Amanda! Love you pretty lady!

Tomorrow night should I go out for Italian food or go and see Let The Right One In? These things are important, you see.


p.s Is anyone going to this? If so, see you there!

Rock N Roll Collectors Club
Hard to find rare records, CDs, DVDs and books on music
Venue: Leisure Life Centre, Victoria Park
17 May
9am - 3pm
Cost: $3 Adults

p.p.s Does anyone want to come to this with me next weekend?


I love... CuteAbility!

I was reading through Em's blog the other day (creepy? Discuss), and she mentioned a necklace from Etsy shop CuteAbility. It was an adorable necklace, so I thought I would go and have a look. This stuff is pretty much MADE for me. It has teacups! And features food as jewellery a lot of the time! Eeee!
SAUSAGE & EGG MCMUFFIN EARRINGS ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS. These are so adorable. Instead of wearing them on what is basically a hangover breakfast at Maccas, wear them with a cute blue pinafore frock on a classy brunch date with your lover. Speaking of Maccas hangover breakfasts, when I was a young 'un two of my best friends and I hideously misjudged the "seedy next morning" breakfast window and turned up to Maccas looking like something pulled out of a drain, just as lots of wholesome families were arriving after church and whatnot. Just a word to the wise...
Last Saturday, I was up absurdly early for some reason, and Alice in Wonderland (the original Disney cartoon version) happened to be on. Since then, I have heard SO MUCH stuff about Alice in Wonderland, this adorable necklace being no exception. The outfit I imagine it with is one that is already cute to begin with - say, a black cropped trench coat, jeans, cute flats and a beret - and yet when you look more closely there's an adorable necklace peeking out at you.
From the product description: Toast is securely glued in and even though the pop up Lever will work, please don't pop the Toast up or you might lose your Toast! IS THAT NOT THE MOST ADORABLE THING. I can see one of those ever-bubbly girls wearing one of these with a pink poodle skirt and a black-and-white gingham shirt, with her hair in victory rolls and glittery eyeliner.
One of my (aforementioned in Sausage & Egg McMuffin anecdote) best friends got me two fish for Christmas last year. I called them Sid and Nancy and (somewhat prophetically) Nancy died first, and Sid died about a month ago. Anyway, I like this necklace. I could see it on a quirky sociology student, worn with a black and white striped t-shirt, black jeans that are ripped at the knees and a pair of floral Doc Martens.
And of course I would have to feature a teacup; it is, after all, in the blog's name. I can see this on a vintage-loving lass, worn with a cream lace dress and battered tan boots, with cobweb tights. I think it should be worn on an op-shopping expedition to all the remote country op-shops, and it would bring enough luck for the girl wearing it to unearth a vintage Dior clutch underneath all the Roxy/Billabong backpacks.
Gorgeous, right? Very sweet & intricate & whimsical & all the good stuff. I like it very much. I will be ordering some when (if?) I get my government bonus!


What I Wore... sometime last week

This is an outfit that I wore to dinner at Boy's parent's last week. Sorry for the delay in photos & posts in general, it is an INSANE time at uni at the moment (two presentations last week, argh!) and about a billion things have gone wrong in my new house.

I bought these glittery stockings ages ago because they reminded me of Cassie from Skins (who I wrote my very first post about!). Because they're over-the-knee they keep slipping down, so I just stuck some Hollywood tape on the inside and hoped for the best! It worked though!
♥ Dress: op-shop
♥ Tights: Jonathon Aston (from Sportsgirl)
♥ Shoes: Zu
♥ Ring: Sportsgirl
♥ Nail polish: Titania by Australis
Oh, and remember a while ago I said I had bought THE most awesome cardigan at an op-shop? Well...
Even if I do only get to wear it one day a year, it's the best $8 I've spent at an op-shop. Oh yes. How cute are the little ghosties? They're even waving sticks around, awww.
What's your favourite op-shop find?


Pearls & Tea

How could you not love a LJ community with a title like this? I found Pearls & Tea via Wish Wish Wish (another beautiful blog), and have spent all night looking at the lovely, pretty pictures. I think it might be my new happy place.

Beautiful! I wish I could host a tea party & wear petticoats & eat macaroons all day.


Style Icons: Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette

One of my favourite musicals is the wonderfully weird, incredibly kitsch Little Shop of Horrors (the movie based on a play based on a movie!). The three chorus girls are called Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette and have gorgeous cotumes to match the du-wop soundtrack of the film. Director of the 1986 film Frank Oz said that these were his favourite characters in the film, and they're mine too!
Love the matching blue polka dots! The bust line is very cool indeed!
The girls were called Ronnette, Crystal and Chiffon after the girl groups of the same names in the 60's.
The girls act like the "Greek chorus" for the film, meaning that they speak (often in unison) to help explain the plot to the audience. This is why the girls appear in almost every scene.
Steve Martin is my favourite character from the movie - maybe I think it's so because my parents are dentists, so I've never had the fear of dentists that most people have! (Also, my mum & dad are not sadistic dentists like this guy. Just thought I should point that out.)
My favourite outfits from the movie... but they're in the creepiest song!
It's a bit hard to tell in this shot but they're wearing amazing red fringed dresses. With matching gloves, of course.
Have you seen the movie? Like it? Loathe it?


What I Wore 02.05.09

This weekend was full of family, my lovely boy & pirates! Arrrr! I went to see my sister in Blackbeard and it was deliciously pirate-y. It was especially cute to see the youngish couple in front of us having a sneaky cuddle in all the romantic songs. Aww.

This is the dress that I bought for my Bardot interview. I didn't know if it was a faux pas to wear clothes by the brand you're interviewing for... I didn't get the job so maybe it was? Intriguing! At least I got a nice dress out of it. Also, this is what I look like when someone else is taking photos of me and trying to give me "directions". Argh!

♥ Dress: Bardot

♥ Jacket: Alice in the Eve from General Pants

♥ Tights: Coles

♥ Boots: Hand-me-downs from my Grandma

♥ Earrings & ring: Diva

Yarr I be a pirate!