Oh say can you see my eyes, if you can then my hair's too short

I've always had quite nice hair without having to do much to it, apart from trimming my fringe every couple of months & washing it every day so it doesn't look greasy. But, now I feel like I want a more complete look when I dress up, and that involves more than just putting my hair back into a ponytail or a messy bun. I've been inspired by a few heads I've seen around...

Kirrilly Johnston's "hair necklace", at Australian Fashion Week

Michelle from Kingdom of Style, in a Le Tour de Force headpiece

Marc Jacobs, from Style.com (every model had a different hairstyle! Cuuute)

Dusty Springfield

Raquel Reed

Super Kawaii Mama

Freelancer's Fashion Blog

I've been inspired by hair that looks like it requires some effort. I am sick of seeing girls walking around with ratty, unbrushed hair. It is time for a hairvolution - if you have a great outfit & shabby hair, it will ruin it!

There ain't no words for the beauty, the splendour, the wonder of my hair:
Gala Darling (queen of the fantastically coloured hair) explains Mad Hatter's Day
Super Kawaii Mama gives some excellent hair tutorials
15 Craziest Hairstyles - my favourite would have to be 'The Dude'
Doe Deere demonstrates how to curl hair - who wouldn't want her gorgeous mane?


What I Wore 27.06.09

This is what I wore to my friend's goodbye party! She is going to Canada for a semester abroad & I am simultaneously happy for her & devastated to see her go! She had an 'Around the World' party so I went as a German. There were pretty awesome costumes on display (which hopefully the owners of will not mind me reposting here...).

These are my very best friends whom I all love dearly & will hopefully forgive me for putting up their photos.

Me & Boy, who went as a pilot. I had stolen his jacket here... but you get the idea :P

Me with my beautiful friend who is leaving! I will miss you!


p.s I got my costume from Walk the Plank on Canning Highway, for any Perth people looking for cute costumes! They are very helpful & lovely so I highly recommend going there!


You Rock My World

R.I.P Michael Jackson. I have been a huge fan for as long as I can remember - when I was about 10 I had a cassette that was full of "The Way You Make Me Feel"; I would just tape it whenever it came on the radio. It is very bizarre to witness the passing of a true musical icon in my lifetime. Much love goes out to his family, friends & fans.

With the passing of the beautiful Farrah Fawcett as well, it's a timely reminder to tell everyone close to you that you love them, as often as you can.



Down, down, down the rabbithole

What do you think of the photos from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter
Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts
Anne Hathaway as The White Queen
To be honest I was expecting it to look a bit more creepy. I'm still so excited for it to come out though, I think it will be spectacular! Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors so I am sure I will love it regardless :) Although I wonder how Johnny Depp will be as the Mad Hatter - to be honest, I didn't dig him as Willy Wonka (not as much as Gene Wilder, anyway).


What I Wore 20.06.09

Hooray! An outfit post! This is what I wore to my grandparent's 50th anniversary lunch at Lamonts. It was a very tasty lunch & of course it was good to see all my family again.
♥ Coat: Verge (which I mentioned earlier this week)
♥ Dress: Leona Edminston (I wear this all the time!)
♥ Tights: ?
♥ Shoes: Miss Shop from Myer
♥ Earrings: Diva

The rest of this weekend has pretty much been relaxing & watching DVDs with Boy. We watched Zack & Miri Make a Porno (which was OK), The Birdcage (which I LOVED. "Chewing gum helps me think." "Sweetie, you are wasting your gum.") and the first season of Entourage, which I know is pretty popular but it didn't really grab me. I think the soundtrack annoyed me a bit.

Today I had lunch with Boy's family and then a very rushed shopping trip for stuff for work. This week has left me so exhausted! Tonight I am just settling in with a blanket, Project Runway & spaghetti. Yum.

Hopefully I will have a few more outfit posts coming up, I have the "Around the World" party this weekend so hopefully I will have an awesome costume to photograph! I still haven't decided what to go as! HELP!



Tips For Finding Unexpected Sartorial Glee!

♥ Look in stores that don't aim at your age group. Kid's stores have very cute accessories; boutiques marketed to older women can carry beautiful, timeless pieces and great basics. For example, I picked up a gorgeous coat from a boutique aimed at women 35 plus - I'm not saying I'm surprised that women over 35 have style, but the boutique obviously wasn't aimed at my demographic and I found something amazing! It pays to look around!

♥ Be creative with sizes. Wear a shirt as a long dress with tights and boots, wear a skirt as a dress, wear a larger open cardigan for a grungey look.

♥ Look in the accessories baskets at op-shops. I always forget this once I'm there, and then see other people picking up beautiful vintage necklaces, brooches and earrings. The most I have found is a necklace which literally said "Leonardo Dicaprio". Uh, score?
♥ Similar to the first tip, don't be afraid to look in utility stores. You can pick up good satchels at army skirts, suitably baggy pants at uniform stores, and cute nurses's dresses. Plus, they are usually cheap. And everyone will ask where you got them. Hooray!

♥ Trawl Etsy. A lot of bloggers have Etsy stores, so it's a good way to see what kind of items will be in the shop before you go looking, and you'll be able to see if it will fit in with your personal style. These are from Lady Melbourne's Etsy store:
♥ Look at the accessories wall in men's clothing stores. You can get some good leathery cuffs, hats and scarves that are good quality and usually cheaper than what you would pay at a chain store. On that note, borrow your boyfriend's clothes! Boy has a pair of shorts that are actually excellent three quarter pants on me.

♥ Look up swap meets and one-day vintage sales in your area. In Perth there are actually TWO on this weekend, the Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday sale, which is famous for being, well, excellent, and the Sugar Blue Burlesque Retro Market, which I have been too and can vouch for its awesomeness.

♥ If you're a bit broke (AND WHO ISN'T in these times, economic crisis, IMPENDING DOOM etc), get some accessories. Although I prefer to get accessories from Etsy, because I like having stuff you won't see on every second person, Diva (sorry Americans!) is a good place to go for cheap accessories for an instant mood and outfit lift.
♥ If you don't want to buy any clothes, buy a style book. I have Influence by the Olsen Twins and The Cheap Date Guide to Style, which are both excellent. I also have a book on haute couture in the 40's and 50's, which is so beautiful and which I plan to get a lot of inspiration from!

♥ Get to know all the little boutiques in your area. Trust me, you will be surprised at the range they carry! I had no idea that stores in Perth carried Vivienne Westwood until a girl I worked with told me. Not that I can afford it, but it's still nice to know it is there and I can drool all over it.



I Should Be So Lucky

Like all Australians, I have a soft spot for Kylie Minogue. I think she is as cute as a button, even when she was Charlene on Neighbours, even when she sang a duet with Jason Donovan, and especially when she was wearing costumes designed by John Galliano!

I loved this shoot with her (by Ellen von Unwerth) SO MUCH. It is the exact same aesthetic that I want to live my life. Just a beautiful decadent birthday party, all the time!

What do you think? Is Kylie still the singing budgie to you or are you obsessed? Are you craving cupcakes and teddy bears now or is this a saccharine assault on your eyeballs?



How To: Printed Tees

I am being a bit loose with the term 'printed tee' - I mean it to include slogans and pictures, but not necessarily prints because that could be a whole other blog post! However, I want to give you some ideas on how to wear all those band t-shirts and cute picture tees that you have hanging in your wardrobe, but always just throw on with a pair of jeans and Cons for a day of uni (well, that's what I do!). First of all, make sure that the shirts you're wearing can actually be salvaged. For every awesome vintage David Bowie tour t-shirt you see, there is one like this:

Um, no.
If you want to go for words on a shirt, make it a vague slogan that does not include any underlying sexual innuendo (or obvious innuendo, like the shirt above!). Here's a Tsubi one that I chose:
If you're going to wear jeans with a printed tee, at least add a bit of interest. I think this works because it is a slightly cropped tee and isn't fitted, so you get an interesting silhouette. I also loved the idea of all the quirky accessories with this, even the boots have that fantastic heel so your eyes don't glaze over at another jeans-and-tee combo! I would wear this to the library, to get out all the Kafka books I could find, and then read them in a park while eating mango sorbet and trying not to let my rings tear the pages!
I think that with overly cute shirts like this one, you have to keep the other items luxe or it can look a bit... Hot Topic. Keep the accessories simple because you really want the shirt to be the pop of colour in the outfit. I can see a drama major wearing this to her university classes (hence the versatile backpack!) and tripping over her Chloe wedges into the arms of her leading man.
Let's be honest. You can't make a Motorhead tee too feminine, or you would probably get bashed up by die-hard fans in the street. Apart from the ruffle skirt (which stops the look from becoming too scary!), the other accessories all have kind of tough elements to them (like the cage heels, or the accessories that are kind of parodying what is tough!). I would wear this record-shopping and squealing with glee at finding a vintage Frank Zappa album. Then I would sit in a cafe reading newspaper after newspaper and drinking iced coffees, while listening to Blondie on my iPod.

So there you are lovelies! Obviously there are a billion more tees that could have been featured - what ones do you have hanging in your wardrobe? How do you wear them? I'm partial to the offerings on Threadless, myself; and if you're in Melbourne then Retrostar has an awesome selection. Boy got a Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa one which I love (and steal).
I hope this has given you some ideas!


Please Don't Call Me an Emo!

With my new job, I have recently discovered the trials & tribulations of having to wear all black to work every day. I already owned a few black dresses but they were strictly in the 'evening' category (satin & feathers do not a professional make). So, I feel for all of you who have to wear a uniform to work! I thought black would be an easy colour to dress in because it can look chic & put-together (all of Melbourne can't be wrong!) but... woah. It is a veritable black hole of clothes out there. So, if you have to wear all black to work (or just like the look of it!), here are my favourite pieces so far...

Although I suppose it could be considered a chain store, Witchery clothes are of much better quality and will last longer than your Supre skirts! In the past year or so, I think that Witchery has made a huge effort to appeal to a younger market, and they have some really beautiful pieces. I only have a few of their skirts but I love them! I really could not recommend them enough. Because Witchery is more trend-based than other high-end chain stores, I guess it has more stuff that appeals to me & that is less severe than a regular black pencil skirt.
Onto this particular skirt - I think that the ruffles are so pretty & feminine, and you could still play it down with a regular black t-shirt. I, however, would wear it with black patterned stockings, high black pumps, and a beehive with lots of eyeliner!
Leona Edminston is another Australian brand that is FANTASTIC, her clothes are incredibly flattering & the dress I own is soooo comfortable. I haven't seen this dress in stores, but I think it is amazing! The shoulders are detailed without being too over-the-top (let's be honest, we may love the Balmain jackets, but how many people can wear them day-to-day?), and the length of the dress means you could wear it to work and not look overdressed, and then wear it straight out without looking to corporate.
These Forever 21 dress is pretty, simple, and less than $30! It would be perfect worn with a cute pair of heels and a flower in your hair for a date to a cute, tucked-away Italian restuarant... black hides all manner of pasta stains. I haven't actually got any Forever 21 pieces so perhaps someone can vouch for the quality of the dresses? For $30 I wouldn't expect it to be too spectacular but when the dress is this cute, just keep replacing them!

I looove these Topshop pants. Perfect for the stylish waitress, perhaps? I think that these are easy to dress up or down - up with a pair of black pumps, a black cardigan and a stack of gold bracelets, down with a striped three-quarter-sleeve shirt & wedges. I think that the tapered pant leg adds a bit more interest than just a regular, full length black pant, and they would be perfect for all you lucky people going into summer! Love the little gold buttons too. I think that Carrie from WishWishWish would like these!
These Wittner flats are probably pushing the limit a bit if you have to wear all black, but so cute! Look at the sparkles! And the little bow! I also think that, for all the girls who have school formals/balls/proms coming up, these would make such a cute alternative to high heels. Imagine them with a flirty 50's frock! I love them so much & will be marching down to sparklefy my feet as soon as I get my next pay check! (OK, the website claims they are black... is it just me or do they look navy?)

These fifties-style shoes are my favourites so far. I think that these shoes would look fantastic with a straight black pencil skirt, a collared black shirt, and red nail polish. Very Super Kawaii Mama! Maybe not the best choice if you're working in a shop and have to stand up all day, but very cute for the corporate lovelies! Although, if it were me, they would warrant a lot of trips to the water cooler just to show them off!...
So, what do you think? Do any of you have to wear a uniform to work? What do you wear?


Ain't no party like my nanna's tea party

My mini-break from the internet has left me feeling a lot better. I've been working on some new posts that I hope you guys will really enjoy! I'm very excited for what's coming up on the site, it will be AMAZING and it will ROCK your SOCKS.
Here's what else I've been up to:
♥ Working at my new job! It's so much fun, I love it. I don't know if I gushed enough about it last time I mentioned it, but it's pretty much a perfect job for me & I love it. When I was sick last week I actually couldn't wait to get back to work! Weird. But in a good way.
♥ Getting my ass whupped by uni... It was so tough during the last couple of weeks (hence the break from the blog), which was a combination of them being quite difficult & me leaving them until the last minute! I only have one exam left and then I'm on holidays until July 17th.

♥ ...And when uni got too hard, laughing until I cried at Cake Wrecks. Oh my God! One of my new favourite blogs. It is SO FUNNY.
Obviously not a wreck, but awesome nonetheless. Also, it is a WEDDING CAKE! WHAAAT? If my husband-to-be presented me with this cake, I would... well I'd already be marrying him, so I don't know what else I could do to prove my UNDYING LOVE. Maybe marry the cake instead?
♥ Becoming a contributor for Word on the Street, a new fashion/arts/lifestyle webzine about W.A. They put this article up on the site & I am so thrilled to be involved! This is the news that I mentioned way back in this post, but I didn't want to say anything until it was officially up. Which it is, so yay!

♥ Overdosing on Project Runway. In part just because I LOVE IT (I'm on Season 4 at the moment, not loving any of the designers yet), and also to keep up with the girls at my new job who actually do Fashion & Textiles courses (and some are actually established designers!). Eep! I really want to learn how to make clothes now...

♥ Decorating The Teacup (my new apartment... my last one was called Gin HQ. Hello, I am a nerd!). Awhile ago, pretty much everything that could go wrong, did - hot water broke, my telephone line was coming out of a hole in the ceiling, and my sofa bed was delivered broken... that's all fixed now, thank God! Now I can get onto the fun decorating stuff!

♥ Been grooving around to the records I bought at the Record Collector's fair - I didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked, but I still picked up some cool stuff...
L-R: Parallel Lines - Blondie, 20 Golden Hits - Diana Ross & the Supremes, "Jukebox Hits" (is SO awesome, when I play it I feel like I am at the school dance in Grease!!), With the Beatles - The Beatles, Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
♥ Spending some of my first paychecks for the year (yes, I had been out of work since December!) at Planet Video & Planet Books in Mt Lawley - some of my favourite places in Perth.
♥ Watching cheesy action movies - think Lethal Weapon, True Lies - and drinking lemon-flavoured beer with Boy ♥ He also bought me Volume One by She & Him and the The Boat That Rocked soundtrack! ♥ ♥ I kind of like him.

♥ Reading Influence and being inspired - by the Olsen twins! Who'da thunk? Very beautiful pictures & amazing interviews - I was impressed! And yes, I know I am about a billion years behind with this observation.

♥ Spending A LOT of time at the video store near my house, Galaxy Entertainment. If you live in Perth it is well worth seeking one out, they have the BEST selection of videos I've seen (I got the Project Runway series there... don't judge me plz) & are not outrageous with their late fees! At my old video store, my mum went to pay my late fees and they were almost $150 :

♥ Been in touch with Michael, of Whooga fame (see here, here and here for reviews by some of my favourite bloggers) who has very generoulsy offered Gin in a Teacup readers a $30 discount to use in the online store! Thank you, Michael!
Ugg Boots

♥ Thinking of a costume for the goodbye party of one of my dearest friends! The theme is 'Around the World'. Any ideas?

OK! Phew! I missed you, internet. Let's be apart again.


p.s I missed YOU, too!