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Proper post coming later, but for now just enjoying my birthday :)



What I Wore 26.08.09

It's my week off uni this week, this is what I wore to go op-shopping in Fremantle. I went by myself because, in my experience, people get annoyed when you spend hours in EVERY op shop looking at EVERY piece of clothing and trying on one dress, then another dress, then the first dress again, then leaving them both, then deciding to come back to the first dress, then trying the second dress on again too... you get the idea. ANYWAY. I think that was the best option because I waltzed away with five (FIVE! Hooray!) new dresses, the new Frankie magazine and a purse made out of fabric printed with cupcakes.

This is what I wore for vintage extravaganza shopping...
♥ Blazer from Target (new!)
♥ Jeans from Cotton On (REALLY need some new ones, it is beyond a joke now)
♥ Skull Indian tee from Kookai
♥ New Steve Madden shoes, bought for $30 at their closing down sale. I had no idea Steve Madden was going out of business, I am not that happy about it! I didn't wear these shopping because the heel is quite monstrous but I am wearing them out to dinner so it still counts.
IT IS MY BIRTHDAY REALLY SOON! YAY! I decided today that I really want Gossip Girl on DVD. I don't know why all of a sudden, but I feel my life will not be complete until I have it.
Some sneak peeks at my new op shop finds...

Hope your week is going swell!


What I Wore 19.08.09

First outfit post in a loooong time! I have to apologise for that, I have been busy with work & no one wants to see those outfits! Also, basically 70% of my outfits are work outfits and they aren't that exciting to post. I joined Chictopia the other day to motivate me (you can join too, with the referral code gininateacup555).

I've been stuck with the flu for the past couple of days, I have basically been stuck at home watching movies & cleaning. I went shopping with my sister on the weekend and bought the Siren wedges I was lusting over way back in this post, along with some other bits & pieces that I am excited to show you!

♥ Cotton On cardigan
♥ 'Mod vs Rocker' singlet from Ben Sherman
♥ Target harem pants (I bought these last year but they have a bunch of them in store now)
♥ Siren 'geisha' wedges (on sale!)
♥ Bracelet tie thing by Sportsgirl (ages ago)

Since I've been off sick, I've been watching a lot of movies. I watched Almost Famous today for the first time in ages & I forgot how much I loved it. It may have a place in my top five movies of all time...


Not your average boots

I just thought I would remind you lovelies about the two offers I have on the side of my blog!

Perth is supposed to be nearing the end of winter but all this rain is kind of making that hard to believe! So I thought I would show you the ultra cute gumboots (or wellingtons, or whatever you call them) from Plueys!


"Argyle Crush"

"Origami Me"

...Or, if you're more the staying in type, then perhaps some of the Whooga ugg boots would be more your fancy? (Note: Gin in a Teacup does not endorse wearing ugg boots outside the house. Seriously).

"Pewter Tall Ugg Boot"

"Pink Short Ugg Boots"

"Mini Violet Ugg Boots"

So please check them out if you still want a discount & want to warm you feet this winter!



From the Vault: Blond Ambition Tour

I don't talk about music much on my blog (and when I do, it gets taken down - whoops!) but it's one of the things that I love most in this world & what I hope I get to write about when I'm a journalist. Since this is more of a fashion blog, I thought I would do some articles on my favourite stage wardrobes. And who better to start with than the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna?

The tour that I most know her for is her Blonde Ambition Tour. That hair! That cone shaped bustier! That... is pretty much all I know it for (since I wasn't actually alive when it was on). Jean Paul Gaultier was the man responsible for the edgy & provocative costumes. Gaultier called designing for Madonna "one of the best times of my career".

Gaultier also said "Madonna is fabulous. She is a fashion freak, un monstre de mode. I remember the first time I saw her on TV singing Holiday, and I was thinking she was English. I couldn't think she was American to dress like that. And when I met her in the flesh I was not disappointed".
The cone bra may just be one of the things Madonna is most associated with. Scandalous when it first came out, it was in fact modelled on a piece Gaultier had designed in the eighties. Gaultier said that the piece was inspired by a corset he had seen as a child, at an exhibition with his grandmother. He said that the conical version was simply "an extension of that idea".

The Like a Virgin song sequence on the tour was the most controversial, with Madonna lying down on a bed - with two (allegedly) hermaphrodite dancers behind her - and simulating masturbation. In Toronro & Canada, police received several complaints about the "lewd and obscene" behavior in this scene and demanded she changed it. In the end, no changes were made and the bed was later donated by Madonna to UNICEF (obviously this entitled her to FREE BABIEZ 4 LYFE!!).
Parts of the show were inspired by Madonna's recent role as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracey.
This review from the New York Times read: Madonna clearly wants to make a major statement with “Blond Ambition,” about the malleability of gender conventions and about a woman taking control. But in the past, she has brought a sense of fun to her purposefulness – a light touch that made her a welcome relief from the ponderousness of earnest 1980’s rockers. It’s fascinating to watch her perfectionism and her iron will at work, but there’s not much pleasure in it.
A lot of her fans were divided on what they thought of this tour - some thought it was the highlight of Madonna's tour, while some thought it was overly (and needlessly) sexy, especially considering that her Sex book was on the way. Personally, I much prefer 80's Madonna - who was a bit cheeky, fun, wore more than a leotard and actually had something covering her scary biceps. The costumes on this tour were some of my favourites & so I hoped you liked the first installment of "From the Vault"!
Information & pictures from here, here, here and here.


I wish...

...for all these things on my birthday in a couple of weeks (the 31st, to be precise!).

(clockwise, roughly): Party Planner dress, sunglasses from Girl Props, Rodarte-inspired shoes, a leopard skin laptop case, The Boat That Rocked on DVD, cigarette earrings from Girl Props, labbit rings from Tarina Tarantino, Famous ring from Girl Props, lots of birthay kisses!, Planet Blossom Ring from Tokyomade, Melissa x Vivienne Westwood "Dragon Lady" shoes, a new camera, & vanilla icecream with wafers!



Australia's September Issue

I loved this month's issue of Vogue, not only for the four beautiful covers but because there's so many great articles and beautiful photography. I had been thinking that Vogue in general had become a bit stale but this totally reaffirmed my faith.

One editorial in particular I loved was this one with Abbey Lee Kershaw & Catherine McNeil. They're both Australian models (Abbey Lee is in the Gucci ad, which I'm not a HUGE fan of, but whatever) and I think this shoot is abosultely stunning (even if it is a little NSFW, depending on your workplace's boob tolerance!).



Bam! Pow! Bang!: Capturing the Essence of Cartoon Characters

While I write a lot of posts about style icons, I would have to say that my very first one was either Rainbow Brite or Jasmine from Aladdin. And why should they stop providing amazing sartorial choices just because we get older? I decided to do some Polyvore sets of some of my favourite cartoon characters & how they might dress in "the real world". Because let's face it, capes and latex are not the most comfortable or suitable outfit elements a lot of the time!

So, here is my little love letter to my favourite cartoon style inspirations.
From princessofpower.co.uk: "The story of the show is that She-Ra, whose secret identity is Adora, and here friends called ‘The Rebellion’ strive to free Etheria from the evil Horde and there leader Hordak, who rules Etheria, much to every one dislike. Like He-Man’s sword of power, She-Ra’s sword of protection transforms her from Adora to She-Ra, and her horse Spirit in to the flying unicorn Swift Wind, When She holds it aloft and says, “For the Honor of Grayskull….I am She-Ra!” He-Man and She-Ra’s swords are identical except She-Ra’s has a crystal in it and can transform in to other objects such as a shield or Lasso, at She-Ra’s command."
I think that She-Ra girls would wear a lot of gold jewellery, white for the main part of their outfit & a splash of red (unless you want to go the whole hog and wear a cape too!). Jewelled sword optional, but the phrase "By the power of Gray Skull!" MUST be uttered at any opportunity. Leave your hair long & freely flowing, and perhaps leave the tiara adornments and use stacks of bangles as your accessories.
From Wikipedia: Jem is the leader of the Holograms and the most popular singer of her day. She is the alter-ego of Jerrica Benton, owner of Starlight Music. Jerrica also runs Starlight House, a home for foster girls. Using the power of Synergy, an incredibly powerful holographic computer with extremely advanced audio/visual synthesizer technology, Jerrica can become Jem by touching her special star-shaped earrings (the "Jemstar earrings") while saying "Showtime, Synergy" (Jem changes back to Jerrica by saying "show's over, Synergy.") A primary storyline of the series involves her hiding her identity from others, especially Rio Pacheco, who loves both Jem and Jerrica.
Obviously for Jem you have to go pink - well, what else are you gonna do? Wear this look proud or not at all! I think that in today's world, Jem would go crazy over the sequinned boyfriend blazers & wouldn't work it back, instead pairing it with an equally loud hot-pink dress & pink stockings to match. As for the headphones - how else is she going to listen to The Holograms? Not on a regular pair of iPod headphones, that's for sure ;)
First off, including a Disney princess in here is proooooobably stretching the cartoon theme a bit, but like I said in the intro, she was one of the first style inspirations I had, so here goes. From the Disney archives: The beautiful Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan, is only a few days short of her 16th birthday; the day on which, by law, she must choose a husband. However, she wants to marry for love, so -- to her father's great dismay -- she keeps turning away her high-born suitors. She then decides to flee the luxuries of the palace for the wild adventure of the marketplace ... where she happens to fall into the company of a young street thief, Aladdin.
Luckily for Jasmine-lovers, harem pants are still going strong - while you may not like the bright turquoise version, black is still a safe & flattering option! Stack on the gold jewellery, the more Arabian-inspired the better, and find a patchwork bag that has a vaguely magic-carpet-like feel. I remember that Jasmine had a huge tiger for a pet, so I found these animal print shoes and little tiger toy that you can put in your bag (because walking a tiger down the street is most likely some sort of hazard). Oh, and if you spot the other Aladdin reference you get five hundred thousand cool points :P

From imdb.com: Laurie is liberal-thinking and a "modern" woman. She is vocal in her feminist and humanitarian concerns and is quite a conditioned fighter, and at the start of the story is shown to have a strained relationship with her mother. Silk Spectre is extremely proficient in the various styles of martial arts, and is among the world's best fighters. She is also an expert motorcycle rider. Laurie is a strong leader and strategic thinker. She also possesses great detective skills.

silk spectre
In the movie, and to some extent in the book, Silk Spectre's style is pretty overtly sexy. In real life, it might be better to leave something to the imagination and pair a great pair of leather boots with some skinny jeans instead of some PVC! I included the owl ring because of Nite Owl II (OBVS), and some 80's inspired earrings (Watchmen was set in 1985, remember?). The only real colour palette you can stick to is yellow & black, but with some imagination you should be able to make it work...
So who were your first style icons? Would you wear their look today?