Where the Wild Things Are

...living in my jewellery box, apparently. These are five of my favourite animal rings!
Snake, lion, blingy owl, blingy cheetah, owl.

I've been sick all this week, I FINALLY got a doctor's appointment today and while they aren't 100% sure what's actually wrong with me, they did put me on antibiotics so hopefully they will work and I will be back to normal soon. I've been inside all this week watching Pushing Daisies, Seinfeld and... um... Rock of Love (please don't judge me, I was not in sound frame of mind!).
Thanks for your comments on the how-to post, I'm glad you liked it! It will definitely be a regular feature now :)


How To Tuesday: Wear Shorts

One of the results from the survey was that you guys would like to see more how-to articles, so I'm going to attempt to do one every Tuesday! How-to Tuesdays are born! If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment or email gininateacup@gmail.com.

Shorts are really tricky for me to wear - either they look really casual and boring, or I think that they're way too short and that I will end up looking like I should be wearing them on a street corner. But, it's one of my summer style resolutions to try and embrace shorts, so here are my golden rules:

♥ Wear them at a length that you will be comfortable with, and not at a length that you will be continually pulling them down because you think they're too short.
♥ Don't skimp on the quality. Yes, Cotton On have $10 shorts around summertime, but the cut is less than great. Make them a wardrobe staple and be prepared to spend a bit more for a cut that REALLY flatters you - if you can find that in shorts then they are basically miracle pants that should never be taken off.
♥ DON'T WEAR HIGH BOOTS WITH SHORTS. It will look a lot more Pretty Woman when the look you're aiming for is just plain pretty. I think that boots should be well below the knee and definitely not with a heel. Also, if you wear cowboy boots, please be aware that you are following something now made trendy by Miley Cyrus kthx.

shorts1 by taralouise89

This is my grandpa-inspired set, haha. I was a bit wary of floral shorts when I saw them around - my first thought was that they looked like giant bloomers - but I think that if you continue with the "quaint and pretty" thing that these shorts are putting out then they should look fresh, rather than looking like you've forgotten to put on trousers. Also, unless you are very savvy to mixing prints, stick with a block colour that complements the shorts for your top. I am not adverse to crazily mismatched prints but it IS very easy to look like you just picked up two random things off your bathroom floor.

shorts2 by taralouise89 featuring Chanel

I wasn't on the "formal shorts" bandwagon (if you visit Go Fug Yourself, you'll know THOSE girls were vehemently against them) but I think these shorts/skort are too cute not to wear any time of day. Dress sparkly shorts down with similar coloured flats, a simple tee and minimal accessories. Also, and this is just MY opinion, but I would save bright coloured sequins for other parts of your outfit, unless you are extraordinarily proud of your bum and thighs. As with lots of other sartorial matters, you can get away with black more often than not.


shorts3 by taralouise89

This is my ideal look for a music festival. Shorts will prevent you from melting while you're dancing around, there's a long top which stops denim shorts from looking too Daisy Duke, and the shoes won't make your legs look stumpy, which is a big fear of mine whenever I wear shorts. Also, did I mention I MUST get a feathered headdress as soon as possible?

Happy leg-baring days!



Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Oh, this poor little blog. Sitting in the corner with a wounded expression like a neglected puppy. More updates to come, I promise!

I only just wrote about my summer essentials, but it got me thinking about summer shoes. I wrote about my detest for all things flippy and floppy, but what IS a good summer shoe to have? Personally, I'm not sold on beaded sandals. I don't know if it is me and my stumpy legs but they just remind me too much of nanna on a cruise ship. Also, I tend to have a bit of a sulk when it is actually hot enough to wear summery shoes, and defiantly wear black flats all year round, resulting in a case of Stinky Feet Syndrome. This year, I've decided, I am actually going to buy more that one pair of summer shoes (GASP!) that are not bought at the last minute before I go on a beach holiday (SHOCK!) and actually flatter my stumps and match most of my summer clothes (*FAINTS*). So, here are my top choices for summer footwear:

I know that these are, technically, beaded, but not in a night-out-at-the-RSL kind of way, more in a sexy-lost-in-Africa way. And we all know that Gin in a Teacup supports the tribal trend. I think that these would look fantastic with a black jumpsuit (by which I mean the kind with long, wide legs), or a button down playsuit (short length legs).
If you can't bear the thought of summer without something wedged between your big and second toe, at least make the thongs leather and pretty. These braided thongs are hardly your average Havianas, but can still be worn with anything and everything. You could probably even wear them down to the pub without getting kicked out for inappropriate footwear (although it is a bit unfair that girls can get away with wearing such thong-like footwear while guys can't even wear sporty-looking shoes. Oh well).

I didn't mind the gladiator shoe. However, I am a bit more reluctant to wear it now that every Short Stack-loving, Supre-wearing tweeny girl has got them on her orange-tanned legs. Enter these! They still look authentically biblical-like, and will go with everything from maxi dresses to lacy white dresses (a summer favourite of mine, but that's another post for another time), with a lovely golden (faux) glow to match. They may give you some interestingly tanned feet, but isn't that what summer's all about? ...No?
I have a feeling these Melissa shoes are a "love them or hate them" shoe, but I am firmly in TEAM LOVE. I think that these would look adorable with a floral summer frock, and even though they are made of rubber, I think that there are definitely enough spaces for air to come in and let your foot breathe. Plus, think of how rad they would look in winter with a pair of coloured tights underneath them?
What kind of shoes do you wear in the summer? If you wear beaded sandals - or, indeed, gladiators - I applaud you, and implore you to send in a photo of what YOU wear them with, for inspiration/shameless ripping off.


Fox Force Five

Things I have been up to...

♥ Reading the results of my little survey - thank you so much to everybody who participated! I was very flattered that lots of you wanted to hear more about my life - it is really not that interesting but I'll try! I was also excited to see that you wanted more 'How-To' posts, so send any fashion-related dilemmas to gininateacup@gmail.com to help get me started!

♥ REALLY exciting news I can't wait to share, hopefully I should have more details on that by Wednesday...

♥ Dressing up as Courtney Love for a 90's party - unfortunately I wasn't feeling to well and fell asleep at about 11:30! I didn't take my camera so I will have to wait and see if anybody puts photos up. Rest assured I looked suitably trashy, as I am sure people at the bottle shop we had to stop at on the way will confirm.

♥ Planning Melbourne Melbourne MELBOURNE MELBOURNE!!

♥ Wishing Boy a very happy 24th birthday <3 href="http://mygirlgwendoline.bigcartel.com/mia">label and blog - go and visit them if you know what's good for you (if what is good for you is pretty clothes and lovely inspiration!)

♥ Uni - blergh, but almost over for the YEAR! Then next year is the final year of my degree, to say I am a tad nervous would be an understatement...

♥ At the moment I am home with a really horrible cold and reading Primped and Keiko Lynn while I am supposed to be writing an ethnography for anthropology.

So! I am going to spend the next couple of weeks refining the blog, HOPEFULLY getting a new layout, and basically attempt to work on the feedback you guys gave me!



Summer Essentials

A girl at work told me yesterday that this summer was going to be one of the hottest on record - I'm not sure how true that is, but it has definitely made me get my butt into gear and start thinking about what I want to wear this summer! Here's my summer wishlist, and I guess the summer essentials for someone who actually prefers winter...

1. A good bikini
All the magazines I read say something along the lines of "If you don't have a great stomach, wear a one-piece. If you don't like your hips, wear a one-piece". And so on. Well, I don't know if any of them have ever actually TRIED a one piece bathing suit, but on me they just make me look more wide and short-bodied than I would prefer. Honestly, I prefer a bikini and cute boardshorts on bottom. Then I found this one and pretty much fell in love.
I love the retro feel, I love that it still covers up your hips and draws attention to your waist, and it's in colours that will be in every summer. Hopefully I can find the equivalent while I'm out shopping, but Australian designers seem to follow the "less is more" philosophy!
2. Comfortable shoes
I really, really detest thongs (flip flops) as everyday wear. Sure, they're fine when you go to the beach and only need to get past the burning sand, but I think for the rest of the time it's not THAT much effort to wear something a little less... rubbery. For example:

Obviously these sandals won't be the most practical idea when the weather is 40 degrees and over, but even leather thongs (again, talking about flip flops here) are a better choice for me than just plain old Havianas. I really like tan for summer because it looks AMAZING against (faux) tanned skin and with white.
3. Good underwear
When it's incredibly hot outside, you don't want to be constantly adjusting everything and feeling uncomfortable. That's why, to me, having a camisole that you can just loll around the house in is a fantastic piece for summer. One that doubles as a top in winter (under a cardigan and with a pencil skirt) is even better.
This set from LouLou Loves You is basically everything I would be looking for. Can you not just imagine sitting around eating icecream and reading magazines in front of the airconditioner in it?
4. Leather accessories
For some reason I always reach for leather accessories in summer. I just think they offset a flirty floral frock so perfectly, and also, they're sturdy enough to withstand all the swimming, music festivals, and other generally summery activities.
I love these cuffs from Sewlutions, because they still look quite feminine for leather. The loopy design is quite nifty too!

5. Maxi dress
Currently I have two maxi dresses and they are my favourite things in the world. They're just so easy to chuck on and go and still look put together (especially if they were put with the sandals above!).

I particularly like this dress because it has a very geometric, almost tribal print (which you know I like), which I haven't seen on a maxi dress before - usually they're either plain or quite girly.
6. A white shirt
I think that a white shirt is a quintessentially summery piece. In summer, it's so easy to just walk around in shorts and a singlet and be done with it, but a white shirt is just as easy but looks SO much better. Like Jane Birkin traipsing around Paris with Serge Gainsbourg.
I featured this Witchery shirt in particular because all the proceeds from the sale of this top go directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. I think it's a great idea - to find out more go to http://www.whiteshirtcampaign.com.au/.
What are your summer essentials?
p.s Obviously these are strictly fashion essentials - sunscreen with SPF 30, a hat and sunglasses are necessities!


Help wanted!

Hello lovelies,

If you have a spare couple of minutes, I would love it if you could take this survey. It is just so I can get an idea of where I'm going with the blog, what things you like, what things you don't.

So please help a blogger out and answer some questions for me! Here is the link:
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Thank you!


(Also - I forgot to mention that the survey is completely anonymous, unless you actually leave a comment telling me you've done it! Also, I will keep it running for a few more days and post the link in the sidebar. Thanks!)


Pushing Daisies

Oh Ned <3
A few weeks ago, I got out the first season of Pushing Daisies and LOVED it! It was quirky, cute, funny and all around lovely. I think one of the main reasons I fell in love with it was because of the stylish ways of the leading lady, Chuck - Andrea from a cat of impossible colour has named her as a style inspiration and I would have to agree with her!
So basically now I am on the lookout for:
♥ dressing in one block of colour
♥ wearing headscarves and sunglasses wherever I go
♥ pale skin, red lips and cat's-eye makeup
♥ vintage-inspired prints
♥ 50's silhouettes
♥ cardigans over full skirts
♥ blunt fringes and soft waves for hair
♥ an optimistic disposition
♥ an exceptionally cute pie-man to call my own

Have you seen the show? Do you like the style? I haven't seen all of the episodes yet, so please, no spoilers!