My 2009 was filled with awesome memories, family, great friends, new friends, new jobs, favourite people, a wonderful boyfriend, moving house, music, new experiences, a new fashion direction, lots of blogging!, learning what it is I want to do, lots of doors being open, lots of times had that I wouldn't change for anything.

I don't really have any resolutions yet, I would like to focus on a few things but I think that resolutions have way too much pressure on me! The number one thing I want to focus on in the new year is looking after myself, in all areas: eating more healthily, cutting negative people from my life, and so on - basically looking after my mind, body and spirit and being nicer to myself!

I plan to put a lot more energy into my little baby (this blog) because it's one of my favourite things to do & I'm glad that it puts me in touch with all of YOU!

Happy New Year to you, your friends and family, and I'll see you in 2010!



My Girl Gwendoline Giveaway!

Hello! I decided to mark my mini-break from the internet with Gin in a Teacup's first giveaway! You may have noticed my My Girl Gwendoline deer brooch in my last post, and now I have one just to give away to one of you!

The Lucy the Swallow brooch is 100% leather, hand cut, and a gorgeous shade of pink! It is 8.5cm in height and 6cm in width. They are sweet vintage-looking pieces and sell out like hotcakes! I can vouch for the quality, they are fantastic.

To enter, simply leave a comment in this post (entries via email or twitter or whatever will not be counted)! It's open to anyone and everyone, and I will be picking the winner on Monday the 4th of January.
Be sure to check out My Girl Gwendoline's blog and say hello!
If you'd like to be involved in a giveaway for Gin in a Teacup just email gininateacup@gmail.com!


What I Wore 20.12.09 + Market Goodies!

This is what I wore the day after the markets. I was so exhausted from being out in the sun all day and no food (too hot to even contemplate eating!) that I missed a Christmas party I was went to go to, oops! Instead I ate pizza (not a good idea after eating nothing all day) and watched season two of 30 Rock, which is my current obsession.

I wore these shoes to the markets and OH MY GOD, my feet are ripped to shreds. Obviously I don't expect much from $30 shoes from Rubi but I can't even contemplate wearing them again. I bandaged up my feet and tried to wear them again today and shrieked in pain. Just a warning!
♥ American Apparel dress
♥ Rubi shoes
♥ Frank the Deer brooch from My Girl Gwendoline
♥ Headband from My Girl Gwendoline

The headband and brooch were made by my friend Renee of My Girl Gwendoline. The brooch was a thank you for helping at the market and the headband was a Kris Kringle present. I feel very lucky! If you are so inclined you can pick up a brooch here.

Anyway onto what happened at the markets - it was INSANELY hot. There was about an hour when I just zoned out and felt like I was going to vomit, it was so hot! But all that aside, it was quite nice to browse and see all these Perth designers putting out such awesome stuff. In my previous post someone commented that they were surprised there weren't many clothing designers showing, which I was surprised about too. Don't get me wrong, the jewellery there was fantastic, but I thought there would be way more people selling original designs, not op-shop gear. Anyway here's some of what I picked up:

Gun brooch by OSIER - check out the rest of her stuff, it's gorgeous!

Mix tape brooch from White Square

...and I can't remember the name of the shop which had the deer pillow!

OK, that's more than enough out of me!



What I Wore 18.12.09

Outfit photos from a different location, goodness gracious! This is what I wore to see Ponyo at the outdoor cinema at Kings Park. It was such an adorable movie and it was rather nice to lie all snuggly-like on a blanket, eating antipasto and watching lovely little anime characters. This was at the playground on a big dinosaur statue.

♥ Romance Was Born for Sportsgirl dress
♥ Black flats
♥ Diva headband
♥ Dangerfield stockings
♥ Black flats
♥ Paraphernalia necklace
♥ Vintage bag from Retrostar
I wear this dress so, so often and yet it has never been featured on the blog, I don't think! Well, here it is. It has a little deer print on the skirt, it is gorgeous. I have the top from the diffusion line as well - I was swayed by the fact that Super Kawaii Mama has the same one. And I got them both on sale (at different times)!
Have a good start to the week, only a few days until Christmas! Be on the lookout for a Gin in the Teacup Christmas giveaway...


Unwrapped Markets

This is just a quick post to tell you to DROP EVERYTHING on Saturday and come down to the Unwrapped markets in Leederville! It is at the Leederville TAFE campus and has a lot of great independent Perth designers. Also, it is fantastic for last-minute Christmas shopping or getting something rather special for your girlfriend (ahem, loosely veiled hint for the Boy). Entry is free and it starts at the rather dignified time of 10 a.m.

I will be there helping my lovely friend of My Girl Gwendoline fame out at her stall, so come and say hello!

For more information check out unwrapped.com.au. Hope to see you there!



Celebrate good times, come on!

I just got an email from 2threads letting me know that my blog is a TOP THREE finalist in the Best Fashion Blog category! Eep! I am shocked! Thank you SO MUCH if you have voted, here's what you can be eligible to win:

· Estile.com · Mino HD Flip Video Cameras!· Diva · Bras n Things · Dressed Up · Cristiana · Mavi · RetroSuperFuture · Converse · Williams · FrockShop

So please give Gin in a Teacup a vote and thank you heaps for your support! It is totally mind-blowing to be a finalist with all these fashion blogs that inspired me to start blogging... wow! I can't really go on without getting a bit mushy about how much I love all my readers so I will stop there.

Vote here! (You can vote as many times as you like!)



How To Tuesday: Surviving Christmas

After a whole 20 years of celebrating Christmas, here are some tips that I have picked up along the way. Hopefully they will keep you from snapping at the Christmas table and throwing mashed potatoes all over your cousin who decides to bring up politics and religion while everyone is sitting down at dinner.

Before Christmas Day:

♥ Clean the house. Obviously not the most cheer-inducing thing that you can do, but you don't want to get home from a week of celebrating with the family and have to do the laundry, wash the dishes and such when you just want to lie on the couch digesting all the food from the past couple of days.

♥ Buy enough wrapping paper so that you don't have to give presents wrapped in a JB HiFi bag. You're probably rolling your eyes and thinking "Well, clearly I always buy paper", but when you've done the Christmas Eve shopping dash, it's pretty devastating when you are missing that extra couple of centimetres of wrapping.

♥ Pick an outfit for Christmas Day. It might sound horribly girly and over-the-top but it kind of sucks when all your favourite outfits are in the wash and you have to wear a singlet, shorts and thongs to your family dinner. Plus, families are extra camera happy at this time - just something to be wary of...

♥ OK, this IS horribly girly and over-the-top, and not a tip so much as a confession, but I always sleep in nice PJ's on Christmas Eve so when I leap up at six a.m to dig into my Christmas stocking I look OK and not like a drooling, rat's-nest-headed bag of crap.

♥ Remember that not everyone can have an awesome Christmas. St Vinnies has their annual Christmas drive and it is a very worthy cause to donate to.

On Christmas Day...

♥ Bring along a range of batteries to go in the toys you buy the younger children in your family. Even if you didn't supply the gifts yourself, you will be the coolest aunty/cousin/godmother in the world AND you won't have to play hide and seek out in the sun for five hours.

♥ Keep the peace at the dinner table. If your grandparents are strict Catholics then don't start spouting off about how much you hate organised religion. If your cousin has dropped out of uni recently then don't loudly ask why. If your aunty is still single then don't point it out repeatedly in front of everyone. All of that can wait until another time.

♥ Don't get too drunk. On Christmas there's a lot of champagne flowing, people refilling your glass, a need to wash down that Christmas ham with something yummy... but it is a bit awkward for the rest of the fam when you're dancing on the table or vomiting into your pudding. Save it for New Year's (or, you know, never).

♥ I think Christmas is kind of like the races in the sense that everyone's dolled up but forgets to wear sunscreen. Here in Perth it is meant to be in at least the high 30's for Christmas so please remember to sunscreen up!

♥ If you're a poor student like me, TAKE HOME SOME LEFTOVERS. I didn't do this last year and cried when I was craving a turkey sandwich the next day. Don't worry about looking greedy, everyone will be jealz that you bagsed the best bits of the feast.

♥ Enjoy the time with your family. Even if you have to go the Christmas Day mass, even if you have to face interrogation from the grandparents*, even if you have to fake enthusiasm at ANOTHER pair of socks and undies, it's still pretty great.


*Not MY grandparents, obvs, who are pretty freakin' awesome.


What I Wore 10.12.09

My Modcloth dresses arrived this morning, so I wore one of them to go and have lunch with one of my most lovely friends.
Not sure what is going on in this photo?
The Clothes Horse dress from Modcloth - it's sold out right now but you can be notified when it is back in stock!
♥ Steve Madden flats
♥ Sportsgirl headband
♥ Earrings from Boy's sister, hard to see (I always forget to take detail photos of my earrings & whatnot) but they are little birds

Me trying to prove I have a waist... somewhere in this dress!
I am really happy with this dress. I read the reviews before I bought it, some of which stated that it was a bit on the short side. I'll admit that it is a bit shorter than dresses I would normally wear, but not uncomfortably so. On a hot day like today it seemed much easier to let it be a big ol' tent of a shift dress - and I was kind of digging the 60's groovy housewife vibe - but I think from now on I will belt it so I don't look so much like a munchkin! If you are interested, here is how the dress's namesake blogger remixed it.

I also got my uni results back and got two distinctions and a credit, yay! As I have mentioned before, it was easily the most difficult semester of uni for me so I was really really happy.

Apologies for the kind of short post!



Places I Would Like to Live #4

Now that I'm actually living with someone, it's interesting for me to see how other couples live and are able to combine their personalities - and aesthetics - in the one house. Now, without actually being able to go into people's houses without, um, being a creep, I am relying on websites like The Selby, which I've mentioned here before. The latest house I'm obsessed with is that of Susie Cheong and Nic Brand, designers for Lover and - an added bonus - living in Sydney! I've actually seen their house profiled before in an old issue of NYLON but I love the photography on The Selby, so here it is.
It might be easier to match your aesthetics if you design a label together! But I love this house and think it has just the right amount of quirkiness and organised chaos.

More pictures of their house and other houses at the Selby's website.



Christmas Wishes!

I usually have a huge brain freeze whenever someone asks me what I want for Christmas - obviously there's nothing I really "need", but it's hard to get excited about opening numerous Body Shop gift packs (not that my family usually resorts to that, but you never know...). So, without further ado, here is my 2009 Christmas wishlist:

Modcloth goodies (click for a larger view)!
In particular, I have been lusting over the Regina dress (top left hand corner) for many months now! I may be the only person in the world willing to wear an orange dress, unfortunately it's price tag has it resigned to the wishlist! I almost bought the Delta Blues dress (going clockwise now!) the other day but when I realised the Lookout, Cookout dress was on sale, well, I couldn't resist! It looks perfect for everyday wear, though, and would look amazing with a pair of brogues! The Count The Ways dress and Curator skirt show my recent obsession with ruffles, and as for the Petticoat Junction dress, it's pretty self-explanatory why it's on there! Also obsessed with the Andy Warhol-inspired Soup Brogues, I did an assignment on pop art in my first year at uni and since then I have been in love with anything Warholian! The Bachelorette Party dress reminds me of an I Dream of Jeannie costume, don't you think it has a 50's style elegance to it? And finally, the Born to be Wild and Dearly Beloved boots will give my summer dresses a much needed 90's grunge influence!

A satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company
I saw one of these on WishWishWish ages ago, then again on Gala's blog, and after checking them out for myself I am in love! All of my (admittedly very cheap) bags end up with broken straps from the weight of my uni books, so having a stylish alternative would be bliss! I am particularly greedy for this one, the 14" vintage brown satchel.

Pretty underthings
I think I have featured this exact lingerie set from LouLou Loves You, but I can't help it! I'm in love! I have bought a bow from LouLou Loves You before, but I would die to try to gorgeous underwear sets that are for sale! This particular set is called the 'Love' set (aww!) and I am in love with the turquoise and pink combination.

Etsy jewellery!
First of all, the gorgeous Cupcakes and Mace store, which is one of my favourites, has made an adorable/badass vampire necklace (please, no Edward Cullen references) which is high on my 'want' list. Also deservingly on the wish list is the unicorn necklace, I have been looking for some type of unicorn adornment and this one isn't over-the-top, it's just simple and cute. I'm sure by now you've seen the cupcake rings around the blogs, but that doesn't stop me from coveting one with all my might! The next shop is another one that has been featured on the blog before, the lovely CuteAbility store. My picks are the Sounds like a Singer necklace - I'm just learning how to sew, so it is particularly special!, the typewriter necklace, for obvious reasons (and it even has writing on the paper coming out of it!), the tempting taco earrings - again, for obvious reasons (and look at the detail, I love it), and finally, the cuckoo clock necklace - don't you think it looks like something you would find in a doll's house?

Other honourable mentions: Textbook Romance by Zoe Foster (I have heard only good things about it and can't wait to read it!), a vintage style bike, a new laptop, typewriters, stuff for the haus! Hopefully this has given you a few gift ideas for your loved ones or even the inspiration to pick something up for yourself!
Thanks Santa!
p.s I know Christmas is not all about getting presents, I am thankful because it means spending time with my family, Boy's family, friends & good food!


How To Tuesday: Picking a Holiday Dress

Whatever you believe in, this time of year is pretty crazy. There are Christmas parties, lunches with family, meeting up with friends, that weird period between Christmas and New Year's when no one knows what's going on, and then finally New Year's, after which we have a little break. So, you need a fantastic outfit to get you through any situation! Here are my picks...

You need a dress for: Christmas Day lunch.

Might I suggest: This French Connection sundress?
This dress looks crisp and effortless, and if you look closer you can see the detailing on the bust and waist. Although the neckline is wide, it doesn't look too low cut that you'll spend a family lunch awkwardly pulling up your top, and is a length that will keep you cool if you spend Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, like me! Some may argue that white is an impractical shade to wear, especially when there is a mixture of kids and food, so if you still drop food on yourself and like to pick up small people maybe look for a dress in another colour... but I love it!

You want: A Christmas party dress that isn't black.

Might I suggest: The I Love You Navy Dress from Modcloth?
You might know this by now, but I work in a boutique, and it is amazing how many people are sick of wearing black - especially when fashion magazines are constantly fawning over the Little Black Dress, the new shape for the LBD, the LBSD (that would be the little black sequinned dress, as I saw in Grazia). Navy is a great alternative, and this dress has enough interest with the ruffle to keep it interesting. This is a flattering length on everyone and will be classy enough to take you from an office Christmas party, to dinner, even through to New Year's.

You want: A dress that will always be a classic.

Might I suggest: This By Malene Birger dress from Net-A-Porter?
Not only perfect for the holidays, this dress is worth the investment as it will see you through pretty much any occassion life throws at you. Glam enough for a wedding, demure enough for dinner at a fancy restuarant, covered-up enough to go and meet your partner's family... The classic shape means that it will never go out of style, and the colour is a nice change - the sheerness adds some interest too. Obviously one dress won't be to everyone's tastes but I'd be willing to bet that most people would not run away screaming from this one.

You need a dress for: Making a statement on New Year's Eve

Might I suggest: This sexy little number from Sportsgirl?
I don't really go for the body con dresses - I look a little bit like a sausage in them - but there's no denying that this dress is fantastic for New Year's Eve. The embellishment on the shoulder is not enough to hinder your rockin' moves and, let's face it, black is always a good colour for when you're out and getting numerous drinks spilt on you/sweaty from dancing around so much/covering up any insecurity following eating way too much at Christmas lunch.

You need a dress for: The day after.

Might I suggest: This Witchery maxi-dress?
I actually own this dress - albeit in slightly different colours - so I can vouch for how comfortable it is. It is perfect either for laying on the couch moaning and clutching your stomach, vowing never to eat turkey and ham and potatoes and pudding ever again, or for laying on the couch moaning and clutching your stomach vowing never ever to imbibe any alcohol again and vetoing New Year's altogether. It's a knit dress, so as I have probably mentioned before, it feels like you're wearing a big comfy blanket, and it still looks decent enough if you need to dash to the shops for magazines/DVDs/aspirin.
Hope this has helped, dears!