Standing On The Wedge

I have been enamoured with wedge boots, they have been everywhere lately! Here are some of my favourites so far...

1. Sportsgirl boots
These are my favourite of the bunch. A cross between hiking shoes and the sexy wedged boot, they would be absolutely perfect for winter, paired with skinny jeans, stockings, flannel and fleece.
2. Ash trainer wedge, $273.51
I did baulk a bit when I read that this was a "trainer wedge", as usually this means a faux Converse sneaker with a cheap heel attached. However, I think that the texture and detailing is really interesting.
3. Witchery boots, $249.95
SO AMAZING, I love the wooden wedge in contrast to the khaki coloured suede. These would fit right in with all the military styled collections that you'll be seeing everywhere in winter.
4. Fendi wedges, 191.30
A simple black, stylish option for nights when you want to wear heels but need some more support. I'm not sure how easy it would be to dance (as opposed to clomp) around in wedges, though...
5. Michael Kors wedge boots, $186
I may have a soft spot for Michael Kors after numerous viewings of Project Runway, but there's no denying that these wedges are divine. I think that these chocolate brown cuties would be very flattering.
6. Jeffery Campbell boots, $93
I think you would have to have a phenomenal outfit on with these boots so they don't look like they came from Hot Topic, but I love them nonetheless.
7. Opening Ceremony peep toe wedges, $210
I love the unexpected pop of colour with these boots, how fantastic would they look with an all-black outfit?
8. Costume National wedge boots
Another chic black option, but I loved the more sculptural heel with a bit more detail than the Fendi wedges.

What do you think of the look?



How To Tuesday: Doing Nude

Step 1: Remove clothes.

Step 2: Walk outside.

OH BUT I JEST. What I am actually referring to is the ever-so-seductive, fleshy-toned clothes that have been popping up everywhere and looking intimidatingly stylish. I have a loose definition for it - I count everything from tan to blush pink in the nudey scale. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe without, you know, looking naked.

Nude at night
Pale dresses with a hint of pink can evoke very delicate, Grecian-ish images. This dress is a bit more conceptual and Commes Des Garcons inspired, rather than a frou-frou, overly frilled affair. To avoid a girly overload, wear with a pair of lacy ankle boots and a few standout accessories (not too many, as to not overpower the dress), and some illuminating powder to emulate a glow that suggests you aren't too delicate and waifish.

Nude during daytime
In my opinion, colours such as tan look best with neutrals, so the look stays classic and elegant. For this gorgeous skirt, I paired it with a white chiffon top that would keep the floaty lines of the skirt. The shoes ground the look (and the heel matches the skirt - bonus!) and cute accessories keep the look from being too serious.

Not as Nude

Nude doesn't have to be classy and romantic all the time, though. This embellished tunic can lend itself to a grungier setting, with the help of a black cardigan and tights and studded brogues (STUDDED BROGUES!). Quirky accessories complete the look and give a bit of a twist to an otherwise classic piece.

So there you go! Do you wear any form of the nude colouring?



Gin in a Teacup posting will be scarce for the next couple of days thanks to a busy week (Perth to Bunbury, back to Perth, then to Rottnest, then back to Perth - over four days!) and then getting the flu, which has left me unable to look at the computer screen without feeling nauseous.

Posts back next week, including the long-awaited return of How-To Tuesday!



What I Wore 13.02.10 & 14.02.10

Hello lovelies! This is an extra special double What I Wore post. The first outfit is what I wore to a friend's 21st, which I had a really fantastic time at. The photos are taken at my parent's house in Bunbury.
♥ Dress by Revival
♥ Shoes by Zu
♥ Covergirl nail polish
♥ I also wore cherry earrings by Table Eight and a purse from Williams the Shoeman but forgot to take a picture, oops!
I tried for ages to do victory rolls with my hair to match the 1940s style of the dress, but could not for the life of me figure out how to do them properly. Can anyone link me to a tutorial or something really easy to follow? I ended up backcombing my hair and ended up with something more closely resembling Peg Bundy than a 1940's film star. I also had shoes with very spiky heels but my boyfriend talked me out of them, since the party was taking place on a farm and all. I think the Zu heels were quite adequate though (and at least they didn't spike millions of holes in the grass)!

This is what I wore to Valentine's Day dinner at the Dux Cafe:

♥ Secondhand dress from a shop in East Fremantle
♥ Diva ring
♥ Miss Shop booties
♥ Williams the Shoeman purse, bought for something ridiculous like $2
I bought this dress a few weeks ago, while I was in East Fremantle (I think?) having lunch with my family for my grandparent's anniversary. Across from the restuarant I could see a little secondhand shop and this dress was hung over the front of the door and I was eyeing it all the while I was having lunch. As soon as it was polite to leave I bolted to the shop and hurriedly tried it on while praying it didn't have any obvious flaws I had missed and that I wouldn't get stuck inside it. I'm so glad I did, it's a very cute shape and a herringbone pattern that's printed to look like it's been scribbled on the dress. I have no idea what era it's from, so I'm not sure it's actually vintage, but I love it all the same.
What did you do with your weekend?


R.I.P Alexander McQueen

One of my favourite designers, who produced the most inspiring collections year after year. So, so sad to have to be posting my favourite pictures as a tribute rather than just as something that inspires me. I can't even begin to fathom having a mind that can create such wonderful, whimsical clothes that are coveted by every kind of woman.
pictures from style.com
R.I.P to one of the greats.


Not just gin in a teacup...

I've never thought about collecting teacups until I read something on minteva's blog about storing jewellery in them. I decided to try it for myself with these two teacups and the 1940's saucer I got from an op shop in Fremantle.
It will probably make things a bit difficult to find, but it looks so sweet I don't really mind...
I got the cat picture at the Unwrapped Markets (which will be happening again in South Perth next month!), and I think it was made by Made Of Awesome. I got another really cute picture from them as well which will probably pop up in another blog post.
Having nice things around is cheering me up right now. I have had a really horrible week so far.


p.s I have a Formspring now! I'm not entirely sure how to use it but if you want to leave me a question, you can do so here: http://formspring.me/gininateacup


Happy 90210 Day!

My boyfriend messaged me those exact words today. I thought, this date (9.02.10, for those in a different timezone who are thinking, "Huh?") only comes around once in a lifetime, so why not make the most of it by doing a little tribute piece to my guilty pleasure show? I hope you will accept and, maybe, support my indulgence just for this special (albeit ridiculous) day?
Best fashion moment ever - Brenda and Dylan as Bonnie and Clyde (this and picture above via The Spelling Bee).
So do the world a favour and go and watch some 90210! Sing along to the theme song! Da da da da daaa... da da da da DA daaa...


My Weekend

Wild Beasts
Mumford & Sons
My sister's boyfriend, my sister, and Boy

Echo & the Bunnymen

The XX
Dappled Cities
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
This weekend I went to the St Jerome's Laneway Festival. It was supremely brilliant, as expected, although I felt way, way underdressed compared to some of the other punters (see here for proof!). My favourites of the day were Mumford & Sons - heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and a whole crowd singing along to 'Little Lion Man' - and Wild Beasts, who I hadn't heard of until the day but they blew me away. Very Muse-y, but perhaps not on such a grand scale. I was very sad that I could hear but not actually see Florence and the Machine, but from what I could hear they sounded amazing. I think this is my favourite festival I've been to for awhile, and I already am psyched for next year!

Wearing Modcloth dress (first outing, I doubt it will have any outings without tights because it is a lot shorter than I'm used to!), Sportsgirl hat, scrabble tile 'T' earrings, Equip tights, and Mimi Loves Jimi brogues (very comfortable, the first time I've come home from a festival without blisters for a long time!).

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, have had some stuff going on that hasn't put me very much in the blogging mood - however, expect much more in the coming weeks!



Sweet Tooth

This post is dedicated to my mum, who is doing a dentistry lecture at UWA tomorrow. I am so excited and proud of her, so this is for you, mum!

Both my parents are dentists so I have always been weirdly fascinated by teeth. It has also been good in that I've never been scared of the dentist, but bad that when people find out my parents were dentists, they say "Oh that's interesting... I have a really sore back tooth, what do you think that is?" and then they open their mouth for ME to examine the tooth, then I have to explain to them that it was not actually ME who went through years of training to be able to examine people's teeth and automatically diagnose their problem. ANYWAY, I was curious to see how many people thought teeth were cool enough to put on jewellery (not actual human teeth... because that would be gross... and I'm sure any of that jewellery would end up on Regretsy), and this is what I found...

I was considering getting this necklace when my heart necklace broke, but thought that people were already freaked out enough by the very anatomically correct heart and would probably be more put off by the freakily accurate (I think) tooth.
On the other end of the tooth scale is the incredibly cute teeth. They usually have very "kawaii" looking bows and facial expressions and I'm not entirely sure why they are the go-to for characterising teeth?
I also like these 50's era "tough teeth" guys. I think this brooch is incredibly cute and it's only fifty cents!
If you're afraid of the dentist would these teeth soothe or increase your fear? I think they are very cute. Except for dead-eyes tooth on the end there.
In case you need a reminder of what ice cream will do to your teeth, how about this handy brooch set to remind you? I do feel bad for poor little sick tooth, though.
I have to admit, I am not entirely sure where you would wear this ring. It would certainly be a conversation starter at parties, though... I would be intrigued to talk to whoever wears a massive molar drawing on their finger!
And finally my favourite dentist song (...because there are so many, I'm sure), from one of my favourite films, Little Shop of Horrors.