What I Wore 28.03.10

I had a pretty busy weekend - the Pixies one night and the Blues & Roots festival the next day! I was really looking forward to it this year because it had an amazing lineup - Buddy Guy, Crowded House, Lisa Mitchell, Jordie Lane, Angus & Julia Stone, the Swell Season... and then all the bands that I discovered that day, like Old Crow Medicine Show, the Wagons, and Dan Sultan.

I didn't get much in the way of outfit photos, but I did get one in front of the Kombi van-turned-greenery in the Little Creatures tent, and one sitting on the nifty cardboard chairs that were being handed out by Murdoch University.

Hat & sunglasses by Sportsgirl
Top by Temt
Skirt & bag from My Girl Gwendoline
Tights from David Jones
Mimi Loves Jimi brogues (not pictured)

Gin in a Can doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it?

And, since I'm on a bit of a photography kick, here are some of the best ones from the day (well, when I say best, I mean the best that I could do with my little camera!)...

Julia of Angus & Julia Stone

Buddy Guy sees you. And approves. He was my top act for the day, I was amazed! I was trying to decide between Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Buddy Guy and Chris put it quite succinctly: "Come and see Buddy Guy... he might be dead tomorrow".

The Swell Season. Black Francis came on and did a song with them and I MISSED IT!

Neil Finn of Crowded House (although credit has to go to Chris for this photo).

I also ate the most amazing food I have ever tasted (I think it was called a pupusa? It was a tortilla with smooshed red kidney beans and cheese, and coleslaw on the top, it was rad), raw pizza (not a fan), waited insane amounts of time to get any food - I think that they should go back to putting the concert over two days because it was INSANELY packed. I know it's a festival so you have to expect that it will be busy, but it seemed a little bit ridiculous. Did any of you go? Find any new music to listen to?


What I Wore 27.03.10 + The Pixies!

The Pixies' album Doolittle is one of my all time top five albums, and so I was pretty ecstatic when they announced that they would be touring to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Chris and I have had our tickets since about September last year, so needless to say I was rather excited when it came to last Saturday night!
I've never been to Belvoir Ampitheatre before but it is an amazing venue. Seeing amazing bands, under the stars, in the middle of the bush... beautiful.

Here's what I wore! It's one of my dresses from Old Age on Etsy, and although it was pretty freezing cold, the dress is a really thick fabric which kept me nice and toasty - especially when paired with the boots I got from Betts (which I mentioned in this post).

&hearts: Vintage 60's dress via Old Age on Etsy
♥ Black tights
♥ Betts boots
♥ 'T' wooden scrabble tile earrings

The Pixies show itself was amazing. Not only did they sing my favourite tracks off Doolittle (Debaser and Here Comes Your Man) but they also came back on for an encore and sang Where Is My Mind? and Gigantic, which are my other two favourite Pixies songs. They still sounded fantastic after twenty years and I'm so happy that I got to see one of my top five albums performed.



HELP! I need somebody...

image via tumblr.com

Not just anybody, but anyone who is involved in the Perth music scene, and in particular, if you have any knowledge of concert promoting and ESPECIALLY if are a fan of bands like The Pixies and Pavement, or any band that is doing a "reunion" tour...

It's for an article I am writing & it would be amazing to get people's point of view.

If you can help out please email tara_lloyd89@hotmail.com. Thank you!

p.s Stephen Malkmus, you can email me too. Feel free, really.

p.p.s Please excuse the blatant misuse of my blog for personal promotion!


Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw, but...

To be honest, I am kind of off high, high heels at the moment. My feet have had enough and are putting up protest, namely by failing to walk properly and tripping me over numerous times. My sanity (and mother, and boyfriend) have said ENOUGH! So here are my favourite (lower, or at least thicker) heeled shoes and flats for the upcoming winter months. I am taking inspiration from two of my favourite bloggers, calivintage and The Clothes Horse, who both feature lower-heeled shoes a lot on their blogs and still manage to look amazing.

2. VW Ankle Boot in Black Button, from Melissa, $155.00
3. High Flyer Heels from Zu, $140.00
5. In The Bow Heel from Modcloth, $99.99
7. Combat Boots from Betts, $119.99 (I bought these! They look much better in real life)
9. VW Ankle Boot in Lilac, from Melissa, $155.00

Where do you draw the line at heels? Are some of THESE even no-go territory? Do you avoid them like the plague (like some of my friends, who know who they are) or embrace them with a love only rivalled by, well, Carrie Bradshaw? If you know of any other shoe websites I'd love to know!



Rain, Rain, Go Away

I wanted to write an interesting blog post, but...

the weather kind of freaked me out and I've been staying inside with yucky pizza (store bought, I wouldn't make a delivery person drive out in hail!), hot tea and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Hope you are inside where it's nice and warm! Stay safe!



Happy 50th Papa Lloyd!

Happy birthday dad! Thank you for:
♥ imparting your musical wisdom and listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, 60's girl groups, the best of The Beatles and The Who
♥ Keeping your whole 'Encyclopedia of Rock' collection of books (that, when I was little, actually thought was about... rocks)
♥ Always cheering me up by making lame (I mean... super hilarious) dad jokes
♥ Taking us to Rottnest every year, and camping in Exmouth when we were younger, which meant I wasn't totally wide-eyed and shocked during Outward Bound in year 11
♥ Letting Emily and I live in Perth (even though we know you miss us a lot)
♥ Assuring me that one day we WILL be the first ever father/daughter team on Rockwiz
♥ Supporting me when I wanted to do journalism, even though I will probably never earn any money
♥ Letting me know when you read my blog
♥ Always being silly and happy for his two daughters

I love you dad!

And also... happy birthday to one of my best friends Renae! She is one of the most amazing, supporting, beautiful, stylish and tanned people in my life,  and I love her dearly!



What I Wore 18.03.10

As I promised, I found a new spot for my photos! This is the garden at the bottom of my stairs, and at the moment it has beautiful white roses blooming. I might have to steal some for my kitchen table! In this light you can also see the reddish tint that was put in my hair last time I went. And my new dress! And new shoes!

♥ New dress from Revival, half price!
♥ New shoes by Kensu from Myer (already given me four painful blisters)
♥ Badge by Kearnsie, from the Unwrapped markets

I love this dress. It is a bit big around the waist but I can probably fix that by wearing a belt. I have been listening to a lot of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and She and Him songs lately, which has made me want to dress in a sweetly alt-folksy kind of way. I think with the badge the dress makes me look a little bit like a diner waitress in the 50's, which I am cool with.

Today I had my second photojournalism tutorial actually using an SLR camera. I am slowly getting better... I would put some photos up here but so far my skills are limited to photographing flowers and twigs and leaves. I'm much more excited about the feature articles unit, I am reading lots of music magazines for, ah, research... I'm working on an article about groups who reform and why they come to Perth, and who their audience is. If any of you have gone to see any reformed bands in Perth, what did you think?

This weekend I'm down in Bunbury for my dad's 50th and best friend's 21st, I am very excited for both!



"Aren't You His Mother?"

When I was watching Rosemary's Baby, yes, I was incredibly freaked out, but I loved the costumes (and if they're inspiring enough for the Mulleavy sisters, well...). I found it intriguing that although Rosemary is (spoiler alert!) carrying Satan's baby, her wardrobe is childlike and innocent. Peter Pan collars, short hemlines, boater hats, ballet slippers... her clothes aren't what I would call juvenile, and they probably were in fashion in the sixties when the film was made, but I'm sure it's no accident that the clothes aid her in her wide-eyed, naive characterisation. The first time I watched the movie I just thought "Oh, cute dresses, very iconic hairstyle, yes, OK please stop playing the creepy lullaby..." but once I thought about it, I was amazed at how much the costumes influence the film.

While I was looking up photos to back up this idea, I came across the website Clothes On Film, which offers some really interesting insights about the movie. And although I was a bit bummed that other people had noticed the styling, as that would mean I was not brilliantly gifted with seeing subtle costume themes and therefore realising I was NOT naturally gifted with costuming abilities, I was really interested to read about it from people who have some far more fascinating insights!

The writers, Christopher and KB, of the article from Clothes on Film pointed out that the blue and white that Rosemary is wearing in this scene is very reminiscent of colours that Catholics associate with the Virgin Mary.

According to the info on Clothes on Film, the red suit that Rosemary wears in her hallucination/dream sequence (where she imagines being raped by the Devil) (OR DOES SHE?) was isnpired by iconic designers Ossie Clark and Mary Quant and is in stark contrast to her other outfits in the film. While she wears neutrals and pastels throughout the movie, this blood red, dramatic suit is a jarring departure from her character and a symbol that something bad is about to happen...

These dresses show the babydoll, thick collared dresses that I most associate with her character, and the childlike styling that I was talking about earlier. Still very stylish for the sixties (and today!). The clothes are very reminiscent of Mary Quant styling that was influencing America. I suppose as the wife of an actor (albeit one that does deals with the Devil) has to keep in fashion...

Probably the most iconic shot of the movie - again, using the Virgin Mary colours in her clothes - and it's completely unsettling to see somebody in a nightgown that we today associate with grandmas holding a SCARY ASS KNIFE about to go HUNT SOME SATAN.

If you're interested, the pieces by Clothes on Film can be seen here, here and here. There is also a piece devoted specifically to the Ossie Clark suit. I kind of like looking into the costumes like this, instead of doing what I usually do which is saying HAY PRETTY DRESS SHE LOOKS COOL. Although to be honest sometimes that's OK with me too.

What did you think of the film? The costumes? That hair? The really, really, REALLY creepy poster?


{pictures via Clothes on Film, via FrockTalk.com}


Owl Be Right

My dad has collected owl figurines for years and I think I have picked up the obsession by osmosis. I've had an owl print dress, owl rings, owl necklaces, owl printed Ked shoes... Anyway, I haven't collected any owly items in a while but I thought I would share my new favourites with you guys.

1. Put a Ring Owl It ring from Modcloth, $27.99
A very cute wooden owl ring that fits in well with the 70's hippy in a field look that I have been so obsessed with recently. I can see this with a cream dress (this one, perhaps?) and a big pair of worn leather boots.
2. Owl Tank It singlet from Modcloth, $27.99
A more arty owl - it has a hint of a phoenix about it, or even a Salvador Dali owl because it seems to be dripping off at the end - but one of my favourite colours for easy tank tops like this. Throw it on and be prepared for people to admire your fancy owl friend/be horrified because it looks a bit like a zombie.
3. Up Owl Night necklace from Modcloth, $29.99
This necklace is actually a locket! Keep a photo of Russell Brand (or, you know, whoever YOUR imaginary husband is) in it for safekeeping. And looking at, and sighing with sadly unequited love.
4. Night Owl Dress by French Connection, £48.00
An ethnic-inspired owl print which is great when you don't want to look cheesy. You can wear this dress at night safe from "HOOT HOOT" and "Are you up late because... you're an owl?" comments and still look cute and chic.
5. Hoot, Hoot, Hooray! earrings from Modcloth, $12.99
If you like your owl love to be a little more inconspicuous, then wear these adorable owl studs. They look kind of angry but I like the idea of people catching a glimpse of stern-looking owls in my ears.
6. Christopher brooch by Osier, $35.00
As I mentioned before, my dad is obsessed with owl. I think I pointed out in an earlier post that it was weird that this brooch is named, not after him, but appropriately for him should he ever decide to wear women's jewellery. Anyway, I can vouch for the loveliness of Osier pieces and this is a particularly special one.
7. Public Library "Free Bird" hoodie, $69.00
A big, drapey hoodie is exactly what I feel like snuggling into whenever winter rolls around. Why not wear your owl love squarely on your chest and kill two birds with... uh... (maybe not such an appropriate expression).
8. Nerdy Owl Ring by DesignSupplies, $13.50
Look at this owl. IT IS WEARING GLASSES. I'm kind of in love with him. I'm not sure why owls are associated with nerdiness, really, they are very cool. I mean, Harry Potter has one. He is hip to that jive.
{edit: Oops! I realised there was one little owl that I forgot to mention! It is a Marc Jacobs owl watch necklace, with a cute little print on the clock side and a goofy looking owl on the other!}

Do you like an owl inspired aeshetic? Or are you pretty over them? For me the love will never wane (unlike these damn hipsters who find an obscure animal to focus on every week). They are almost up there with pugs on the love-for-a-strange-animal scale.


{Also, you may have noticed I have a slightly different blog layout. The header text has changed, and the body of my layout has been widened. I just had to say a huge THANK YOU to Sharnee from Yummy Lolly who helped me out so much! They come very highly recommended and have many retro and pin up inspired layouts at the moment, which I am secretly coveting!}


Etsy Love: Old Age Clothing

I've featured Etsy jewellery shops plenty of times on here before, but never a clothing store, because there are so many it seemed too daunting! However, the Etsy gods must have decided to give me a break, because I found one that I have since bought two dresses from and I think you'll like it too.

Old Age clothing not only has a great range of clothing but also a great range of sizes. This is great for me, who spent hours looking at really cute dresses in Etsy stores, only to find out that the size "M-L" actually stands for a child's size. I know that lots of bloggers can fit into them and still look adorable, but... um... I don't want to end up on here. I am particularly loving the mod little dresses, here are a few of my favourites...
This adorable dress reminds me of a 50's waitress uniform. Or something a character on Pushing Daisies would wear to The Pie Hole. I would wear it with white tights and grey Mary Janes to a coffee and cake date.

I could be totally off the mark but this dress seems kind of Jetsons to me. It might be the flared mini skirt, it might be the giant collar, or maybe it's the white zip down the front, but even though it's a vintage dress it still seems quite modern and futuristic to me. I would wear it with black, shiny Melissa wedges and a beehive to a sci-fi movie (or the late night double feature picture show).
This actually does remind me of Summer Bay uniforms (from Home and Away, obviously)... when I was younger I was pretty heavily influenced by the sartorial choices of the Home and Away girls so it's quite possible that's why I think this dress is so cute. It is probably lucky for my outfit posts that I would choose to emulate their school uniform rather than their usual wardrobe of Billabong shirts and teeny denim cutoffs.

I LOVE this dress. It's the kind of 70s, rolling-around-in-a-haystack, kind of Alexa Chung-ish style that I think is very lovely. Clearly at the moment I am on a bit of a collar kick, as well. I would wear this in the winter with thick black tights, black brogues, and one of those big knobbly comfy cardigans to... anywhere, really. It's a very versatile dress.

Probably the priciest item in the store, but with good reason. Isn't it so very Mad Men? I would wear it with my hair in a messy chignon and nude heels, to a cocktail party. Owner of this dress -1, Betty Draper - 0. I think it would be great to have a vintage dress this colour, since most of the things nowadays in this hue are really tacky fabrics and look cheap. Not this dress though...
Let me know how your Etsy shopping goes! And if you have any Etsy shops to recommend for a future post, please leave it in the comments so I can check it out!
p.s In case you're interested, these are the dresses that (I hope!) are on the way to my doorstep right now...
{this post is not sponsored by the Old Age Etsy store. The dresses above were paid for, by me, in full}


What I Wore 10.03.10

I have to confess that I wore pretty much this exact same outfit yesterday and I loved it so much that I wore it again today. If I look really tired in the pictures, it's because I was so nervous about doing an interview for journalism today that I couldn't get to sleep until about 2. And we only had to interview one of our classmates! What a nerd I am.

The skirt is vintage fabric (I think 70s?) so I decided to play around with my photo editing stuff (I AM doing photojournalism this semester, after all) and make them a bit more retro looking. OK, and it covers up the humongous bags under my eyes.

♥ Bodysuit by Living Doll from David Jones
♥ Skirt by My Girl Gwendoline, from Unwrapped markets
♥ Black flats
♥ Cocoa Pod ring, from Unwrapped markets
In case you were wondering, the interview went fine (of course). It was my first time using a voice recorder so I was terrified that I would do a great interview (not the terrifying part) and then that it wouldn't record and I would be left with NOTHING. It went quite better than that, although I did record the interview outside so it sounds like there's a tornado AND bombs exploding AND a monster truck rally happening at the same time.

Also... I AM working on some more interesting locations for my daily outfit photos, since now I'm pretty sure you all know what my front door looks like.



All About Me Salon Review

I have a very tumultuous relationship with hairdressers. I had the same hairdresser in Bunbury until I was 18, had a brief fling with Toni&Guy, and then a disasterous rebound with Maurice Meade. However, in an unassuming little salon in South Perth, I think I may have found my hair soulmate.

At the moment, All About Me has an offer where first-time customers can get a cut, colour, paraffin hand wax, mini-facial, and hair treatment for $180. Although it IS a lot of money to spend on a haircut, for the sake of research for this blog (yes... research...) I decided to go for it. I was pretty much sold on the colour after Sascha, my hairdresser, let me know that the highlights from Maurice Meade were showing through again, and we decided on a dark brown colour with a reddish tint. I was really happy that she brought over one of those colouring books with samples of colour on synthetic hair, rather than just pointing to a picture of Jessica Alba and saying "Yeah, this is what your colour will look like".

While my colour was developing, or whatever the term is, I had my mini-facial and paraffin hand wax. I'm not beauty writer, or expert in any way, but even I could tell that the beautician was really good at her job. I have no idea on what kind of products one uses in a facial, but they did have nice face-tingly qualities. I was a bit cranky that my skin felt really greasy for the rest of the day, though. The paraffin hand wax, which I had never heard of before, was... odd. If you don't know, it involves having your hands moisturised and then dipped in hot wax, wrapping it in gladwrap, and then putting it in a big oven-mitt kind of glove. This locks the moisture in and leaves your hands really, almost scarily smooth. My hands are pretty soft anyway (thanks to doing no hard labour, some might say) but I could tell a difference after having it done. A pretty pointless exercise for someone who doesn't have dry hands but I could see the benefits of it.

I was a bit worried about the cut itself - I once got my fringe cut in high school and it was way too short and had ragged edges. I was quite scarred by having to wear a headband for four weeks while it grew out! I got a bit nervous after having the length of my fringe cut and then having all my hair straightened - I looked like an extra gothic Meg White. Or the girl from The Ring. I (silently) sighed with relief as Sascha started cutting the shape of my fringe and curling the ends of my hair to give it some bounch. The treatment she used was Moroccan oil and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD it was awesome. It makes your hair so incredibly soft and luscious feeling. I would have bought some if I hadn't paid so much for the actual cut itself.

All in all I was really happy with the end result. The colour looks great and they knew exactly what I wanted in a hairstyle. I may be ready to settle down with this one.

Pros: Fantastic hairdressers who actually LISTEN to what you want, vibrating chairs at the hair washing stations, great service from all the employees
Cons: Not a good choice of magazines (... it's important to me!), being "sold" to with the deal and with products at the end, I think that it would get really busy on late nights and weekends

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and a half/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

All About Me, shop 1/16 Mends St, South Perth WA

(08) 9367 2427


To Market, To Market

This is what I picked up at the Unwrapped Markets. It was so much better than the last time, there were a lot more stalls and a lot more people. I was really happy to see so much local talent! And clearly very happy to support it, as my wallet will attest...

Owl ring & necklace by OSIER. The face in the necklace is from an old sewing pattern from 1960.
Massive cocktail ring, though I can't remember who from...
Ampersand brooch by Another Empire, and "I like to skim stones and take long walks in the park" brooch by Kearnsie.

Skirt & bag by My Girl Gwendoline! Renee had these skirts at the last market and I was secretly coveting one but thought that there was no way it would fit. This time I actually bothered to try it on and it fits perfectly! The fabric is pretty amazing, it reminds me a little of a Miu Miu print.



My Girl Gwendoline at Unwrapped

These are a few pictures from the My Girl Gwendoline stall that I helped out with, at the Unwrapped Markets in South Perth. I love the aesthetic of her clothes and I think that the stall really matched well with them.
The designer Renee (on the left) and her friend Sarah
Little animal brooches!
The "woodland" area
Flowers that survived the heat

And some Lomo photos (they capture the mood of the set up so perfectly, I couldn't resist!).
I thought that the markets were a lot better than last time. Apart from the fact that it actually wasn't 40 degrees like before, there was a much better atmosphere (the stalls were part of the South Perth fiesta), there were my favourite stalls from last time AND a lot more to discover, there were more clothing stalls, and a lot more customers, which is always good!
Thanks Renee for letting me help out and thanks to everyone who stopped by at the My Girl Gwendoline stall! Be sure to check out her blog too!