21 today!

I am 21 today! 
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday & everyone who made my day so special.
These are a few of the things I was lucky enough to be given...
(And I should mention they're all taken on my brand new Canon 500D! Thanks mum & dad!)

This bracelet is from my grandparents. It's my great-great-grandmother's - from 1885! 1885! - which my grandma had restored for me. It really means a lot to me to have something with so much family history.

This is a choker & was a present from my aunty. Last year she gave me a vintage ball gown and the necklace goes with it. The stones are so beautiful!

This was part of an insanely awesome present from my four best friends. Along with this were a pair of earrings, a 'High Tea' cookbook, a really cool Sportsgirl beaded bag, and a kind of cut-out mobile (which I will try and remember to take a photo of once I hang it!). I love it & they picked out such perfect things for me, they are amazing!

Time for bed now, I have been rather spoiled today and am quite exhausted!



What I Wore 30.08.10

Hello! This is what I wore to my birthday dinner. 21 tomorrow, yay! I went to the Left Bank Restaurant with my family and it was quite delicious. It was so hard to find somewhere that was open on a Monday (the only day my family could come up) but I really enjoyed this place.

I wore my amazing Willow skirt that I bought during the closing sale of the boutique I used to work at. It is a really intense gold in real life, and leaves little gold specks everywhere!

Living Doll bodysuit from David Jones
Willow skirt
Black tights
Siren wedges
Gold ring from Evolve gift shop

ALL of the photos turned out pretty blurry. Sorry! Here is one of me and my sister. I have really horrible posture in this picture. Or maybe I just have a food baby.

I'm not one hundred per cent sure what exactly she wore, but I'm pretty sure it's a vintage cropped sweater, a dress from Supre (actually, one of MY old dresses from Supre), and heels that she originally bought for dancing.

Time for me to snooze and enjoy my last half an hour of being twenty!



Sunday Songs

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I don't know if I mentioned but I got a new job, and between that and uni I have been keeping pretty busy! But here are some songs that have done a good job of distracting me...

♥ Cee Lo - Fuck You
I've seen this song linked all over the place and only just got around to listening to it. Then I listened to it again and again and again. I don't really need to say much more about it, just listen to it and you will be singing it and dancing around too.

♥ Black Lips - Katrina
I heard this on the Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack (I saw the movie a few weeks ago, I LOVED IT) and it makes me want to jump around and defeat evil exes and have cool fight scenes where people explode into a shower of gold coins.

♥ Reel Big Fish - Don't Start a Band
This week I was working on an assignment at uni from ten in the morning until about five thirty. For some reason all I felt like listening to was Reel Big Fish, and I did. Almost all day. I'm kind of embarrassed because not even my most music-loving friend (that would be you, Emma Durrell) would not back me up on my love for them. Oh well.



You say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too

♥ Mimco Inheritance Choker - from here
♥ Mimco Bone Chain Wrist - from here
♥ Modcloth Missing You Like Candy dress - from here
♥ Jefferey Campbell Clinic wedges - from here
♥ Frankie magazine - subscription available here
♥ Zac Posen for Target tiger-print dress
♥ Girlprops letter rings - from here
♥ Modcloth Serve Chilled wristwarmers in Sunny Side Up - from here
♥ Fairy Meadow Whimsical Wire Tiara - from here
♥ Topshop Doily Heart Cut-Out Dress - from here
♥ Miu Miu sparrow heels

Sorry for being absent for a few days, unfortunately real life has gotten in the way of blogging! It's my 21st birthday in a little less than a week... no big deal... but this is the wishlist I put together. As you can see, turning 21 has not dimmed my love for all things pink and froufrou. I have also asked for a SLR camera for my mum and dad, which should hopefully inspire me to take more photos for the ol' blog.



Things I Like #1

Candy-haired movie heroines.
Especially after seeing this:

and this, earlier in the year...

And obviously have seen this...

But this is my personal favourite.


{movies: scott pilgrim vs the world; kick-ass; eternal sunshine of the spotless mind; grease. all images from google}



Hello! I have the flu. It is now at the stage where I sound I have the 28 Days Later infection.

Here is my recipe for at least attempting to feel better

Many, many cups of tea +
Beverley Hills 90210, Season 1 +
lots of hugs +
big comfy blanket +
reading new books (at the moment it is Julie & Julia) +
gallons of lemonade (preferably flat)
= almost feeling like a normal human being.

Do you have any tips or tricks or old wives tales for the flu? It is day five of having it and I am getting mighty tired of it!



Sunday Songs

Image originally uploaded by Meet Me At Mike's.

Here are my picks for Sunday Songs this week! I decided to change it up a bit and feature a few less songs, with a bit more of an explanation as to why I picked them.

♥ The Doors - Touch Me
I saw this song on Rage the other night - The Cat Empire were programming it and it was raaather fantastic - and it reminded me of how much I love Jim Morrison. I mean, sure, he seems like he would have been a little bit of a pretentious wanker, but since when has that stopped those tall, lanky, artistic types from getting the girls?

♥ Jonsi - Go Do
I downloaded this album after reading a recommendation from my beautiful friend Em on her blog, and I am so glad I did! This is the first time that I've really liked an album that's in that kind of atmospheric, dreamy, post-rock genre - usually I listen to a couple of songs and then skip to something more boppy. However, this has made me have a new appreciation for all those Sigur Ros, Mogwai kind of groups.

♥ Washington - Rich Kids
Another album I can't wait to get my hands (or... ears?) on is Washington's I Believe You Liar. This is my favourite song released so far and I think that Megan Washington is ultra cute (and she gets to wear some really rad outfits in the video, see the metallic jumpsuit in the still below for proof)! EDIT: Papa Lloyd downloaded the album and gave it to me, and it is brilliant! I highly recommend it!



Little Things

I very rarely remember to take my camera with me when I go out, but lately I have been making more of an effort to at least take photos on my iPhone. Here are some recent little snippets from my life...

I like toast soldiers and runny egg. This is a breakfast Mama Lloyd made me while I was in Bunbury, after I was really grumpy due to lack of food.

This is Papa Lloyd's list for his Sunday Songs post.

Another thing I like is big bunches of roses, upon return from said trip to Bunbury. This was taken with the Hipstamatic camera app. 

I made lasagna! You can't tell what it is from this picture - apart from something covered in melted cheese - but I made it FROM SCRATCH and I think that everyone liked it. No one got food poisoning or anything so

Remember when I wrote that post on Fashion Sicknesses? After downloading series one and two of The Rachel Zoe Project (and watching the first episode of season three!), I have been struck down with Rachel Zoeitis. This has resulted in me wearing this massive Sportsgirl leopard ring as often as possible.

Storm London Watches sent me this gorgeous watch! Thank you! Unfortunately it is way too big and has to be resized, but I couldn't resist showing it off. And yes, that is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy underneath it, I am reading it at the moment!

I had lunch with my sister at Maraschino Cafe, in Fremantle. It has a very lovely design and reminds me of cafes in Melbourne.

I had this ridiculously large chicken burger. It totally defeated me, I think there was an entire head of lettuce and half a chicken in there!

That's it for now! I will try and remember to take more photos in the future, I love seeing the little details of people's everyday lives and I hope you have enjoyed mine!



Home Love

I was so excited when I found out that Urban Outfitters were shipping to Australia! I haven't really checked out their clothes before (and don't really want to, since they do sell shirts that say 'Eat Less'. I mean come on. Sort that out, UO), but I LOVE their range of lovely things for your house! Here are my favourites...

Animal Friends Mug Spoon Set, $24
I really, desperately want a cat. BUT, my sister/housemate strongly disagrees with this (in my birthday month! I know, right?). I GUESS I could settle for this mug with the little cat poking its head out of it OH ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS THAT IS ADORABLE. I mean.

Circus Waffle Maker, $30
OH COME ON. I've only been to the circus once - my mum never took us because she thinks circuses are cruel, and for that I am kind of glad - but HOT DAMN I would be all over these circus waffles.

50's Birdcage Duvet Cover, $58-$68
I just got a new quilt - duvet, doona, whatever - and I have yet to put a cover on it. The problem is, it is the fluffiest, most efficient dust-collecting quilt I have ever SEEN and I have been waking up with a scratchy throat, a fine coating of dustballs all over my hair and pajamas, and sneezing over and over and over. I haven't yet found a suitable cover for it but I think that this one will be on its way to me very soon.

Colours Wall Art, by Forrest Lucero, $38, and Home Is Where You Are print, $38
The print on the left reads "I think of you in colours that don't exist", and if I can get past the American spelling of 'colors' then I would happily hang this on the wall and look at it and sigh happily and try to imagine colours that don't exist while I think about people I like. And the 'Home is Where You Are' print reminds me of the Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes song ('Home', obvs), even though it is slightly different wording. Which, of course, equals happiness.

Darth Vader alarm clock, $42
If anyone ever bought this for me I would probably kiss them. On the lips. I think that Urban Outfitters has stolen my dreams (TOPICAL) and put everything that I would ever want to furnish my home with on their site. And things I didn't even know existed LIKE THIS, the raddest alarm clock ever. I cannot say that I wouldn't be a bit freaked out if I looked over to it in the night, though.

Astrological Jewelery Stand, $18
A while ago I saw a diagram of how to read palms and was really into it... for about ten minutes, until I figured out that I would be no good at it whatsoever and was probably offending people who actually knew what they were doing. But, at least with this jewelery stand, I could pretend I knew what I was talking about! And, you know, hang my necklaces off it and stuff.



What I Wore 03.08.10

I always get unreasonably excited around the start of August because it is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH (that's right, I count the whole month as being primarily Tara-based). However, today I went to my Print Production tutorial and am basically quietly wetting my pants because it sounds SO HARD AND TRICKY. We have to produce a newspaper and do layouts and InDesign and all this fancy shiz and it kind of makes me want to crawl back into bed and never write another word again FOR FEAR IT IS NOT WITHIN CURTIN'S JOURNALISM STANDARDS.

Anyway. This is what I wore:

Target jacket
Pixies shirt
Sportsgirl skirt
Black tights
Black Lipstik flats
'T' Scrabble tile ring, from a vintage shop in Fremantle

Um... yes that is a Totoro lying on the floor.

It is only a super-quick post because I already have stacks of uni work. A few weeks ago I was all "Oh, I can't wait to get back to uni and start using my brain again and not be so bored". Hmph.



I Like The Like

I read about The Like in the latest issue of NYLON (the latest issue to come to Australia, anyway) and while I'd heard of them before, I had no particular inclination to listen to them until I read that their new record, Release Me, was very heavily influenced by 60's girl groups (my favourite!) and that they were now basically carrying that through into their image, and going with a very vintage-inspired, 60's, beehives-and-eyeliner look. I was intrigued, and so I downloaded the album and sought out some photos (these are all from the band's Myspace... oh Myspace, how do you still exist?!).

The record itself is pretty great. While it does have elements of the sixties girl groups such as The Supremes, with tambourine, hand-clapping, cute melodies and jangly guitars, it doesn't sound too retro or out of place for 2010 - for example, I really liked The Pipette's album, but it did sound a bit contrived at times, and a bit too obviously trying to sound like a copy of The Ronettes or whoever. This record has a bit more bite to it - I would liken them more to the Greek chorus from Little Shop of Horrors than any actual sixties group. My favourite tracks so far are "Wishing He Was Dead", "Release Me" and "Catch Me If You Can".