What I Wore 28.09.10

Hello! This is what I wore to wear to dinner with my previous boss and the girls from the boutique I used to work. I love them dearly but I was so exhausted - I was woken up at 6:45 this morning by a policeman knocking on my door! It was because a guy on a motorbike had crashed into my boyfriend's car, which was parked on the street in front of my house. The guy is okay, but the car and bike are not.

Anyway! On to the clothes... This is another Dotti-does-Miu Miu dress. I got this one on sale but they do have an off-the-shoulder style in the same print and colour. I wore it with some silver jewellery and heels - and bare legs! At night! Hello summer!

Dotti dress
Antique bracelet, 21st present
Silver ball necklace, 21st present
Zu heels
Cotton On cardigan

Oh, and I mentioned in my last post that I had gone to a geriatric themed 21st last weekend. This is what I wore, sadly I think it is a reflection on what is to come in the future...

It was quite nice to go to a party where I could wear my slippers and a nice comfy jumper.


p.s I'm in the process of adding particular pages to my blog; if you look up the top there is an About Me page and my policy on featuring products. Feel free to take a look!


What I Wore 27.09.10

Apologies for my rather abrupt absence from the internet! I had an insanely busy week last week, and while I had lots of places to go and outfits to photograph, I was running late most of the time and had no time to write posts! Last week was probably the most social week I have had in a long time, I had our print production week wrap up on Wednesday (even though the paper had to be recalled, so we didn't really have that much to celebrate), I went to see my sister and boyfriend in the UWA pantomime on Friday night (very funny, although with some extremely lame hecklers) and a geriatric themed 21st on Saturday night. It probably doesn't sound like much but I am extremely hermit-like and so have spent the last couple of days absolutely exhausted.

I bought this Dotti dress while I was in Bunbury over the weekend. Dotti seems to have been the only Australian chain store who ripped off were inspired by Miu Miu's S/S 2010 collection, which I was rather put out by (and if I could afford real Miu Miu, of course I would buy that rather than the el cheapo copy, but come on! I am a student working one day a week!).

Dotti dress
Diva hair bow, a 21st present 
Diva ring, a 21st present
Zensu flats
Sunglasses, free with a magazine about two years ago

This outfit proved quite satisfactory for a day of eating icecream on the foreshore, and going out to Fremantle to have dinner and to see Despicable Me (pretty cute, not overly fantastic, I would give it 3 out of 5). Quite a nice way to spend the public holiday AND my first day of study break.


p.s Is Blogger's new image uploader actually the worst thing ever? I couldn't upload any pictures I'd saved in Picnik without them turning up un-rotated and unedited... hence the post being put up an hour after I'd planned. NOT HAPPY.


Gin in a Tee-shirt

Manikinn contacted me recently to let me know they had a new line of tees coming out in October. I think that the styling of them was so sweet (although, obviously I would wear them with pants) and I love the French-inspired designs.

The T-shirts will be available on the 1st of October, and are all priced at $59. As a special treat, Manikinn have hooked up Gin in a Teacup readers with a 10% discount - just add the code tara10 at checkout when purchasing.

I particularly like the Doris tee (picture 7), and the WTF YSL tee in picture 3. Here is the full line so you can pick your favourites (click to enlarge!):



What I Wore 18.09.10, a.k.a My 21st!

So Saturday night was my 21st. I had an amazing night. There was great food (courtesy of the lovely Em, who made delicious cupcakes), great music (courtesy of my cousin, who DJ'd for the night) and a great time had in general (courtesy of many many bottles of champagne). 
I don't have many photos yet - and no proper outfit photo, whoops! - but this is what I wore.

Alannah Hill dress
Wittner heels
Rabbit ring from Pigeonhole
Diva earrings

I had the party at the Burlesque Lounge (which I very highly recommend - Nikki, who was in charge of all the party stuff, was so incredibly lovely and helpful) and so I went for a kind of pin-up, 50's look. I got my hair done, and then my makeup done by the Napoleon Perdis girls - I have to say, I had it done once before there and loved it, but this time it was ultra heavy, like stage makeup or something! I did not even recognise myself at first, the makeup was PACKED on. I mean.

The dress actually has a heart cut-out on the top of the back and is so lovely! Wearing a white dress was kind of stupid, though - by the end of the night it had about eight different drinks spilled on it.

I bought the shoes ages ago (on sale for fifty bucks!) but this is the first time I've worn them. They actually weren't too painful, but I was very glad that I brought an emergency pair of flat shoes with me. Even though by the end of the night I had given up on those as well and insisted on being carried everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean home from Domino's. Classy lass that I am).

I won't bore you with too many party photos, but you can click on this collage to make it bigger and look at those!



What's the story, Alegorie?

Alegorie is one of my favourite online shops and, to celebrate their 2nd birthday, they're offering free shipping withing Australia until September 19th!

In order to help you celebrate, I picked out a few of my favourite pieces.

Bambi ring, $49
You might remember that a couple of days ago I posted about my new rabbit ring from Pigeonhole. Well, as well as stocking those, Alegorie also has this adorable deer ring! Who wouldn't want Bambi hands?! I would wear this with a polka-dotted dress, grey over-the-knee socks, a straw boater, and clogs.

Refraction Necklace, $129
I have a pair of earrings from the last Drown collection (I don't think I have ever posted them on the blog? FOR SHAME) so I can vouch that they are absolutely gorgeous pieces! This is their new range and features a beautiful orangey-pink print. I can see this going with a little black cocktail dress.

Sunrise Sundial pendant, $80
I saw this necklace ages and ages ago on Fashion Hayley's blog and fell in love! As well as being a cute necklace on its own, it is an actual sundial! Can you imagine? "Hey, do you have the time?" "Do I EVER! Just check out my necklace!" Of course, then you would need to have friends who knew how to read sundials. I would pair this with a patterned jumpsuit, flat brown brogues, and stacks of gold bracelets on each arm.

Padma necklace, $120
I don't have many "unusual" pieces of jewellery in my collection, and I think that this could fill the void. It's made out of embroidered silk and brass, and looks absolutely stunning. I know there are more adventurous pieces of jewellery that you could wear, but I am enamoured with this! I would wear it, well, everywhere.

Black Key necklace, $39
I have been obsessed with finding a key necklace for ages. This one isn't exactly what I had pictured, but it's pretty damn close (and let's face it, a key is a key). I love that the cord on this is adjustable, so you can wear it at any length you choose! Usually when I buy a necklace they automatically sit in the most inconvenient place possible (oh, the perils of having BEWBS). I would wear this with black jeans, impossibly tall black wedge boots, a silver ring on each of my fingers, messy hair, and a long black singlet.

Excuse me, I have to go empty my bank account now...



What I Wore 14.09.10

I actually didn't have to go into uni for production week today, but I did go to get my hair cut. I felt like dressing up a bit - in lieu of all the Perth Fashion Festival events that I have to miss out on - so I wore this dress that I blogged about ages ago and picked up on sale a few months back.

Ellery for Sportsgirl dress
Black cardigan by Red Berry
Belt from an old Valleygirl dress
Black tights
Lipstik flats

The dress is really great, but kind of a weird fit. I think that this is a skater style dress, the waist is a little bit lower than normal and it has a big flared skirt. I had to buy it in the size up because it was so tight on the arms, though, so it's a bit big around the waist - hence the belt. It is also really short and flouncy, which is kind of a recipe for disaster! Eep!

I was also kind of naughty and went back to Pigeonhole to get some more little lovelies. But, I was spending birthday money, so it doesn't really count... right?

Oh, and this $5 ring from Diva. It is too cute!



What I Wore 13.09.10

Hello! It is production week for the uni paper. Eep! Today was surprisingly cruisy, but I am guessing
that by the end of the week I will look something like this:

But today, I looked like this!

Sportsgirl dress
Diva ring & earrings
Cotton On leggings
Witchery singlet
Isabella Brown flats

This is one of a few Sportsgirl dresses I have picked up on sale recently. I thought this dress looked kind of Alexa Chung-inspired when I was in the changeroom, but it's a bit of a weird fit. It's quite blousey in the top - I tried it on without a singlet underneath and thought it was fine, but am very very glad I decided to wear one with it when venturing out in public! - and comes up quite short at the sides (as it's made to look kind of like a shirtdress). But, I couldn't go past the heart print and the fact that it actually has sleeves! Proper sleeves!

The person whom I enlisted for taking photos said "Do that typical blogger pose!" and then did the 'looking coyly down, kind of pigeontoed feet' pose that, um, I do actually do quite shamefully often in my outfit posts. That is why I am giggly in this photo!

Outfit details! Impossibly huge ring, and the print on the dress.



Sunday Songs

 If you are a new reader, hello! Sunday Songs is where I post the songs that I am loving this week. I hope you like them too!

♥ Meaghan Smith - Here Comes Your Man
I love the original version, by the Pixies, but ever since I heard this on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack I have not been able to get it out of my head! I think that it is adorable and very sweet. It makes me want to ride a bike through cute little streets while wearing polka-dotted dresses!

♥ She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
I have been on a bit of a Zooey kick this week - I'm getting my hair cut on Tuesday and, as always, am looking at pictures of her for inspiration - and so I have been listening to She & Him as well (a tad obsessed, perhaps). This video has always been one of my favourites - anything cute with a touch of creepy is a winner with me!

♥ The Cure - Just Like Heaven
I actually might have put this in a Sunday Songs post before, but did I mention that it is my favourite song of all time? And that it will be the first dance song at my wedding? Not that I, uh, actually think about things like that when I'm not actually engaged. Anyway it is a beautiful song and I love it to pieces.



Somebunny Loves You

I bought this ring today from one of my favourite shops, Pigeonhole!

I had a bit of hard time choosing one ring, as there were also lions and moose and deer (oh my!)

I love it. And I will be wearing it to my 21st party. Which is next week! Eep!

It is weird taking photos of my hand. The more photos I took, the weirder my hand started to look. By the end of taking photos I had forgotten what a hand is meant to look like.
...And now the word 'hand' has lost all meaning because I've typed it too many times.


p.s I am LOVING this new camera. Now I can take photos of weensy accessories and stuff without the pictures going all blurry! Hooray!


A Blogger On My Arm

I am a little bit obsessed with these blogger totes from ASOS. I'm quite tempted to walk around with Fake Karl all day. Or perhaps Elizabeth from White Lightning. Or maybe Michelle from Kingdom of Style. I don't know how many people would "get" it ("So... who's that picture of?") but I am keen.

Although for about $16 each, I might not have to choose between them all...

Available from ASOS here.



Little Things 07.09.10

I wanted to take an outfit photos but the lovely weather that had me so excited for the start of spring has disappeared and been replaced by horrible, wet, windy weather. So, instead, here are some photos from the past week or so.

I found my Minnie Mouse ears while I was cleaning up this week and had some silly Photobooth fun!

Some odd fabric choices at Textile Traders in Bunbury. Although I did buy some fabric patterned with pretzels and another patterned with Chinese food, so can I really judge?

Here is my reading material for the past week. My old boss lent me the Fashion Babylon book and I never got to finish it, and have been idly hunting it down ever since. I finally found it in a used bookshop! Hooray! It is the ultimate in trashy reading.

Birthday cards! Twiggy riding her bike is a particular favourite.

And speaking of birthdays, my sister gave me a belated birthday present while I was down in Bunbury. It's a blackboard. In the shape of a moustache. Sorry the photo's a bit crap, but it's rather heavy to move!

And, um, more birthday stuff... here are some more photos from my birthday dinner:

Regular posting to resume soooooon!


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