Gin in a Teacup Christmas Guide, part 1

It's almost December! So this is usually the time I start feverishly bookmarking sites, so that I can show people my (extensive and usually expensive) Christmas wishlist. But, I thought, why not put some of these together into a little gift guide for you lovely readers? The majority of what I'll feature can be purchased online, and with a range of price points, so there's a little something for everyone. And at worst, you'll find something more to add to your Christmas wishlist.

Part one is dedicated to friends. Since I have particularly amazing friends, I thought it was only fair that they be first on the list.

If your friends are tea fiends like mine, the I'm a Little Teapot teapot from Modcloth ($44.95) should hit the spot nicely. Even cuter - the little basket can be used as a "temporary tea bag holder"! Aw! Plus... it's an excuse to make tea. What more do you need?

 If you're prepared to spend a little extra on an extra special friend, the Fujifilm Mini Instax Instant Camera ($158) would make a fantastic present. I am dying for a film camera - aside from it being a lot easier to lug around in your bag, come on, who doesn't love film? Taking pictures & not knowing how they're going to turn out? NOT having to upload everything to Facebook only to be told by your friends how gross they look and delete it now, please? Lovely.

 Box set DVDs are a favourite present of mine (to give and receive). If you can't sloth around for a day of DVD watching with your friends, well then who can you sloth around with? Any box set should go down well, but me and my friends are prone to a bit of Beverly Hills (and the new 90210), Sex and the City (oh, shh) and, of course, the old standby Friends. Try Amazon for box sets (just make sure the DVD is in the right area code!).

If your friend's tastes are a bit more on the quirky side, I love these tattoo dolls. I love that on the site they are referred to as Mr. Percy and Lil' Edith. I love that Mr. Percy looks like a strongman from a 1930s circus. Plus if you buy them for someone else you will get to see them all snuggled up on the couch when you go over to their house.

An original print - like these La Vie est Belle prints by Etsy seller evajuliet - is a fantastic gift. If you buy a set like this, you can split them up and all have something that reminds you of friends all the time!

Good luck! Parts two, three and four coming in the next few weeks!



Excuses, excuses

What are your shopping excuses? I'm sure that you must have some too. You know, the lines that you throw out when trying to justify an extravagant purchase to your mother/sister/boyfriend/friend/yourself. I read a piece by Maggie Alderson explaining hers and it reminded me how silly we can all go over buying things. Here are my top five excuses:

1. "I study journalism, so I actually NEED to buy all these magazines."
After clothing, magazines are probably my biggest expenditure. I am voracious when it comes to new reading material. My sister doesn't often complain about me filling the house with magazines, probably because she gets to read all the magazines for free when I'm done with them, but Cam does sometimes raise a questioning eyebrow when I say "Oh, I just have to stop at the newsagent's quickly... again..." Some people agree with me (fellow journalist students, mostly), while others (mothers) claim that reading magazines doesn't actually count as studying. Pfft.

2. "It was on sale, so technically, I saved money."
I am (in my opinion) a great bargain hunter. I haven't paid full price for anything from a chain store for about a year. However, it doesn't really count as a bargain if I didn't actually intend to buy it in the first place. Recent items to have fallen into that category have included a pleated back dress with horrible, unflattering spaghetti straps, a 70's looking maxi dress that's too low in the front AND the back, and a great big pair of earrings shaped like birds. But who can resist fifty percent off the sale price?

3. "I bought it online when the Australian dollar was doing so well."
Well, the Australian dollar IS doing well. Remember a few years ago when it was something like 60 cents to the US dollar?! It gives me great pleasure going on currency converters and only seeing a few dollars difference between the US price and Australian price. This is not so much a justification as it is a happy fact.Well done dollar.

4. "I have a fashion blog, so I NEED some new stuff. To, um, write about."
Probably the weakest justification ever.

5. "Well, at least I'm not spending the money on crack and heroin."
Actually, I stand corrected. THIS is the weakest justification ever.

So, I'm sure you must have excuses that you use. Especially after the craziness of Black Friday and the soon-to-be insanity of Cyber Monday. Come on now.




I thought I should write a blog post kind of explaining my absence. I know I mentioned on the blog that I went for an interview for an internship, and I did actually get it. However, because the place I was interning for decided to cut editorial content, it meant that the internship program got cut as well. So, I am left without much to do for the uni break, and I'm pretty disappointed. Mostly because I had four more articles to write based on interviews I've done, and I feel like I'm doing the interviewees a bit of a disservice by taking up their time and then... nothing gets done. I'm sure it is all part of being a journalist, but still.

I'm also in a bit of a style rut - I can't really blame it on the weather, it's more that I'm just over everything in my wardrobe. I feel like my style was veering towards wearing crazy statement pieces just for the sake of it, when it's really not me to dress that way all the time. I went on a bit of a spree last night (with a staff discount and myriad gift cards, so not too extravagant) which will hopefully inspire me a bit.

Anyway! Sorry for the rather gloomy post (and picture, which I actually think is quite cool. I found it on tumblr, if you know where it's from please let me know!), things aren't all that bad really. I'm kind of glad that for a while at least, I'll have more time to spend with my boyfriend and family, and writing blog posts, of course!

Thanks for reading while I'm in a bit of a lull, and hopefully things should liven up around here soon!



What I Wore 22.11.10

Hello again! It seems like ages since I have actually written a post. I'm sorry! I wish it were a case of real life being so exciting, but unfortunately it has just been work and a cold keeping me miserable and away from my computer. I took the day off today, though, so here's my sick day ensemble.

Op-shopped skirt
Witchery singlet
Rubi flats
Cat necklace from Pigeonhole

Thanks to my sister for the photos!
I adore this skirt. I bought it on a whim (for $7!) when Cam and I were opshopping, and I'm so glad I did! It's handmade, and it poofs out a bit all on its own. I think it is still a tiny bit too long, though. It's not quite long enough to be full length, and hits me mid-shin, which is a look I think only people taller than I can pull off!

I also loved the singlet, until it got ruined in the wash. Now it is oddly starchy and makes pssssf noises whenever I pull on it. But, unlike the Sportsgirl singlet from my now-deleted recent outfit post, it is comfy and, most importantly, it keeps me decent.

Now I am off to write write write and cook butter chicken for dinner! Mmmm.



"Skull Candy" by Tarina Tarantino

I've seen Tarina Tarantino's jewellery on fashion blogs before, most notably Gala Darling's, and have always loved the over-the-top, sparkliness and unabashed girliness of her pieces. While I love all the Swarovski-crystal studded hearts and oversized bows, my favourite line of hers was that inspired by Day of the Dead. Ever since I saw Mondo's last collection on Project Runway, which was heavily inspired by Dia des los Muertos, I've been really interested in learning more about it. I love the hyper bright colours used, the imagery of the skulls, and finding out the meaning behind it.

Sugar Skull "Portrait" Cuff Bracelet, $95 (my absolute favourite!)

Gorgeous, right? I love the detail in them, especially how intricately the roses are made. All the pieces can be purchased through the Tarina Tarantino website (where I got the images)... or on eBay by some sneaky hunting. Remember a few blog posts ago when I said I never buy investment pieces of jewellery because I go for the gaudy, over the top pieces? Can this possibly be... both?



Sweet Nothings

Here are some little shots from around the place.

1. Stella McCartney for Target bracelet
2. Pugs & books
3. New Miu Miu inspired shoes from eBay
4. Frankie poster, IKEA frame



Sunday Songs

I have had kind of an insanely awesome week - I did work experience with Xpress Fashion, and some more interviews for articles. But the bad side is, it has left me with not a lot of time to blog, and even the "Sorry, blogging will resume shortly" posts I was working on didn't end up getting finished! I hope these lovely tunes will somewhat make up for the lack of posting.

♥ Best Coast - When I'm With You
This is perfect summery music, and I am excited to go and see these guys when they come to Perth next year as part of the art festival!

♥ Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Boy George - Somebody to Love Me
I am pretty obsessed with Mark Ronson's new album and this is my favourite track so far. I think that the fact it features Boy George might have something to do with it to - I used to love Karma Chameleon when I was in high school (I have no idea why, since it was released when I was about three). 

♥ Frank Sinatra - That's Life
I have been on a bit of a Frank Sinatra kick this week for some reason - on Friday night I watched Guys & Dolls and On The Town just to get a Frank fix - and I actually hadn't heard this song before this week. It might be one of my favourite Sinatra tunes now, though.




By now you probably would have heard about Movember, the charity that raises awareness of prostate cancer by encouraging men to grow a mo. If they can manage that. I think it's a great (and sometimes HILARIOUS) cause, but what if you're a lady and don't want to grow a mustache? Or a man not keen on giving out pash rash every time he wants to kiss someone? Well, Pigeonhole - who, as you may know, are one of my favourite Perth stores - hold an event called Lomovember, in which beautiful Lomo photographs are displayed and auctioned off, with profits going to Movember.

Here are some of the works from last year, I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I were that handy with a Lomo!

"Above Manhattan", Ricki Burns, 2009

"Secret Garden", Hannah McGrath

"London", Clare Stacey

I can't wait to see what the photos are like this year!

For more information, check out the Lomovember website. See you on the 19th!



Tara Reviews... Button n Thread Boutique

When Button n Thread asked me to review their online boutique, I was happy to, but also a little hesitant. You see, I have had to cut down on my working hours somewhat, and I really don't need another excuse to spend my money. I have actually perused their website a few times, but they have some gorgeous new pieces in for summer. There are plenty of cute items for sale, and here are my favourites...

1. Polo Long Dress in Light Blue, $49

Lately I've had a bit of a thing for longer length dresses and skirts. This polo dress is very Ralph Lauren, and in my opinion, has an "Oh, I'm just coming home from the country club" kind of vibe to it. It looks very grown up, crisp and sophisticated. I would wear it with tan, high heeled, peep toe clogs and a tan skinny belt - perhaps with a blue and white striped shoulder bag.

2. Barbie Dress with Ribbon, $53

I may be a bit biased - I saw this dress in a post from Le Blog de Sushi and thought it looked absolutely stunning! Unfortunately the navy is all sold out, but the gray is just as lovely (just quietly, I do have a soft spot for that gray marle colour). I think this dress would look adorable with a pair of clogs and a straw boater hat.

3. Casual Blue T Dress, $49

I think this dress is one of those "Looks weird on the hanger, looks great on" kind of deals. I like the whole drapey, loose look - especially for ridiculously hot summers, which I KNOW I mention at least twice every post but COME ON IT'S FREAKING HOT - even though I'm not one hundred per cent sure that I can carry it off with much aplomb!

4. Summer Jumpsuit, $59

For some reason, I love jumpsuits. I don't actually, you know, OWN any but I've always admired the effortless, just-been-featured-on-The-Sartorialist look that they exude. This would be a good (but brave!) way to get into the khaki/camel or even the military trend, paired with some skyscraper heels, a black belt and a studded clutch.

The good: The dresses, especially, are really cute; they're very on-trend and there are pictures of celebrities wearing them included, so you can see where the inspiration is from. The clothes are well-priced and there's many a perfect little pick-me-up item.

The bad: Not all of the photography is great (and not all consistent, which is a bit of a pet peeve for me!), and I found quite a few of the dresses were only "recommended" up to a size 10. As a 12, this left me wondering a bit if there was anything that would actually fit me!

However, do check out the boutique - your wallet may not thank you, though! Button n Thread are currently offering free shipping to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore until the 31st December, 2010 - what more excuse do you need?


{While I was contacted by Button n Thread to do this review, I do not receive any monetary compensation for mentioning them on my blog. Please read my Advertising page for more info.}


What I Wore 06.11.10

Today I realised that, even though I've been to A LOT of 21sts this year, I have taken outfit photos for... maybe two? And one of them was mine. And even then I didn't get very good pictures. I think it's because I don't get ready until the last minute and then I'm rushed out the door and don't get photos. But, today I made the effort. The photos aren't the greatest because I am still getting used to using my tripod and self-timer! Also not sure why it looks like my door is on some crazy angle...

 Romance Was Born for Sportsgirl dress
Op-shopped shoes
Sportsgirl bow ring
Diva hair bow

I am still loving my red hair! I am a bit sad that it clashes with a few of my dresses now, though. Especially this gorgeous, gray-blue Willow dress that I actually had been planning to wear to this 21st. Luckily I think I can get away with wearing this frilly pink concoction. I bought it on sale (hooray!) to wear to a 21st earlier this year. It's so beautifully light and flouncy, I love it; I loved the whole RWB for Sportsgirl collection actually. I have three pieces from it!


p.s It's not actually the 21st I'm going to tonight, but I DO want to say happy birthday to my lovely friend Richenda! She is one of my closest friends and pretty much the loveliest person you will ever meet. Much love!


What I Wore 04.11.10

It freaked me out a little bit writing the date in the title of this post. Where did the year go?

I have had an incredibly busy week but managed to take some time to do some outfit photos. I have two major essays and a reading log due for uni, and three articles to write for my internship (which doesn't officially start until the 15th but I am incredibly lucky to be doing some interviews and stuff already!). Anyway, here is what I wore to do an interview this morning.

Sportsgirl dress
Rubi flats
Rabbit ring from Pigeonhole

As I mentioned in my last post, it was 36ÂșC yesterday. Thankfully today is a little cooler, although I'm probably still a little crazy for wearing longish sleeves. I have worn this dress at least once a week since I got it, the fabric is so stretchy and comfy (although it pills incredibly easily) and reminds me of a kind of circus dress. Maybe it's the stripes.

It also has bows on the back (and no, I did not notice the big matted knot at the back of my head before I went out! Grr)!

I hope you are all having glorious summery days (or, fantastic wintery ones!). 



Carrot Top

Sorry for the crappy Photobooth photos, but I couldn't wait to show you my new hair! It is red & wonderful & done by Bee at Peggy Sue's (you might have read April Rose's review last week). I cannot recommend it highly enough, Bee is so lovely and the studio is so fun and charming.

Hooray! I will have a proper post tomorrow, hopefully - if it's not 36 degrees like it was today, rendering me totally incapable of doing anything other than slothing around!



Lita, light of my life

So I have become kind of unreasonably obsessed with owning a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The pair that has particularly captured my heart is the Lita boot. Never mind that the weather has started hitting the low thirties (Celsius, that is) and boots would be completely impractical - not to mention stifling - I have been daydreaming about them for days (yes, really).

Having said that, I do also have a soft spot for the Foxy platforms (which I think are exclusive to Nasty Gal). These sat in my Nasty Gal cart for a while until, heartbreakingly, I realised I didn't have a spare $150 for shoes. I promptly bought some Miu Miu knock-offs instead (which, as far as shoes go, are pretty great). But look at that PLATFORM! Amazing.

So I will continue to lust from afar...