What I Wore 21.02.11

I wore this to my friend's birthday dinner at the Vic Park Hotel. Happy 22nd, Chloe! I was so in the mood for pub food and satisfied my craving with a big juicy chicken kiev. And then some peanut butter and chocolate icecream afterwards. Yum.

This is the Leona Edminston dress I gave a sneak peek of in this post. It makes me feel very Betty Draper when I wear it.

Ruby by Leona Edminston dress//My nan's earrings//Novo shoes {not shown}

Someone commented that they had a vintage dress with this exact same pattern on it. I think that in Leona Edminston's main collection she had used a 70s print, I kind of hope that this is a vintage pattern as well! I like that it's kind of quirky, I don't think I've ever seen a print with groovy cocktail glasses before. You can get a dress with the same print here (on sale too!).

I think that Leona Edminston might be one of my favourite designers. I have another one of her dresses (seen here, here, here and here) and they are just so comfortable and flattering. I think she might design for more real women's bodies, while someone like Alannah Hill makes beautiful clothes but they don't always look so good if you have boobs and hips (in my experience). I mean, I wore an Alannah Hill dress to my 21st and absolutely love it, so maybe I don't know anything...

So for the last two posts I've mentioned I was wearing my nan's earrings. As you may know my nan passed away last year and I recently moved into what was her and my granddad's house. I found these earrings in my room and I hope no one minds me wearing them! It makes me feel nice to wear something of hers.

Anyway, it's getting quite late and I have work tomorrow. Blergh. Goodnight!



What I Wore 20.02.11

This is what I wore to the Perth Fashion Blogger's meet up at King's Park. I had planned to wear my new Jeffrey Campbells, but I chickened out and wore these loafers instead. I bought them a while ago and this is their first outing. Hopefully they are the first pair of many loafers this winter, I've already seen a leopard spotted pair from Sportsgirl that would look quite nice adorning my feet...

Princess Highway dress//Wittner loafers//Ring from Unwrapped Markets//My nan's earrings

Thank you to Jessie of The Velvet Bow (one of my favourite blogs!) for taking these photos, and to Jessie and April Rose for organising the whole bloggers' meet up! I had such a fun time, and it was great to put faces to blog names. It was a bit surreal, to be honest, I was really nervous to go but so glad I did!

And thanks to Bonnie from Girl Friday Musings for taking these balloon photos! It was A LOT harder than it looks to get good photos with a bunch of balloons and unpredictable wind, maybe I should give models much more credit...

I have a lot more photos to share, but I'm quite exhausted! They will be up in the next few days. Now, to scrounge around for some dinner and read all the lovely blogs I'm not familiar with (and catch up on my favourites!). Thanks again to Jessie and Jacqui for organising such a fabulous day!



Wishin', and hopin', and thinkin', and prayin'

Hello! Sorry for the break. Among other things, I was moving house! I am settling into it, but it is a bit of an adjustment living in a house (with a backyard, in the suburbs) rather than an apartment. But I'm getting used to it.

One of the things I haven't brought over yet is my camera, so in lieu of actual photos, I thought I would share with you some things I have bought recently and that are currently en route to me.

{TBA pom-pom skirt & bulldog money bank from Urban Outfitters; black floral dress, feather print dress & owl print skirt from Modcloth; Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots from Revolve; set of four prints from evajuliet on Etsy; sailor shoes from Topshop}

I will be a very happy girl when all these packages arrive! I am making a big effort to cut down on my purchases this month (uh, if you even glanced at this post you can probably tell that I need to) but these clothes and prints will keep me entertained, I'm sure. I was going to pull out the big guns and place a clothes shopping ban on myself for February but... I'm not sure I could pull it off! Three days in and I'm going pretty well, though.

Do you have any special online purchases coming? Tell me so I can live vicariously through them!