Sunday Songs 27.03.11

I've spent the last three days in bed with an awful flu. I think the worst of it is over but I still feel quite horrible! At least it's given me plenty of time to download some new music and get some Sunday Songs inspiration.

♥ Weezer - Keep Fishin'
For some reason the other night, I really felt like watching the Weezer video for Buddy Holly. Then it went into a bit of an impromptu Weezer video marathon, because quite a few of their videos are pretty spectacular. I couldn't go past this one though, as it looks like basically the happiest music video on earth. Additionally, any Rivers Cuomo lookalikes out there, um, hello, I like you.

♥ Andy Bull - Young Man
A while ago, my friend and I went to the Split Seconds EP launch show, and Andy Bull was their support act. I'd never seen him live before and so obviously fell deeply in love. This song is a bit older but it's one of my favourites. 

♥ The Roots - The Seeds (2.0)
I saw this song in the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake 'History of Rap' video and since then it's been stuck in my head. It's so catchy! I love it. It makes me feel more groovy than I actually am.

♥ Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You
My friend sent me a cover of this song that I was going to put in but this Sunday Songs was pretty heavy on the menz so I decided to leave the original. I LOVE Joni Mitchell, even though when her music is beautifully sad (borderline depressing depending on my mood). It makes me a little weepy.

Hopefully this week I'll be feeling a little better as I have outfits and new things to post! But until then, enjoy the songs!



Kittens & Heels

I've been on a bit of a shoe binge and I am very, very happy with the results.

The heeled brogues are from Target ($40), the wedges are from Forever New ($50) and the loafers are from Sportsgirl ($40).

I'm most happy with the heeled brogues; I've been looking for a pair for ages, but could only find ones with really skinny heels that were also insanely high. I have gone way off (really) high heels at the moment. The other night I was out with my friend and on our way home I noticed almost every single girl had her heels in hand and was stumbling around barefoot. I made a vow then and there that I would never be that girl (...again). It may be easier to uphold that promise now that I am almost done with The Year Of 21sts.

And this is my cat! Well, my grandparents' cat. When I moved into their old house, I inherited the cat as well. It was a bit prickly towards me at first but thankfully now it's become a bit more used to me and doesn't hiss when I go near it! She doesn't have a name at the moment, so far I have just been calling her Cat.



Sunday Songs 20.03.11

Hello again! It is time for a much-needed revival of Sunday Songs! I have to tell you, this is one of my favourite Gin in a Teacup features. Do you know someone even found their wedding song through one of my Sunday Song posts and emailed me to tell me about it? Hooray! On that note, I have a ton of unanswered mail that I am sorting through, so if you've sent an email recently, your response may be horribly late but it's coming!

♥ Salt n Pepa - Whatta Man
For some reason I have been on a massive Salt n Pepa kick this week. Why?! Anyway, I had forgotten how awesome and just, well, fun this song is, even if I do find some of the lines kind of hilarious. I think I have found my new karaoke song.

♥ John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Give Peace A Chance
I read on Twitter that John & Yoko were married on the 20th of March, 1969, and so I thought I would throw in a little Lennon love. I used to love this song when I was younger - I mean, I still do - I am very glad I was brought up in a house where the Beatles (and their solo stuff, obviously) were mandatory listening! That could have more to do with my dad being from Liverpool, but still.

♥ The Beatles - Happy Birthday
And speaking of my dad, it was his birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Papa Lloyd! This song doesn't really count, because, well, everyone knows how Happy Birthday goes, and also the Beatles are singing "Happy Birthday, Saturday Club!" but still. Anyway, without my dad there would be no Sunday Songs posts, since he was the one who got me so into music. Well, I guess I SHOULD say, there would be Sunday Songs posts but they would be ultra lame and definitely not as rad. So much love to my dad. 

♥ The Beatles - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
And this is also dedicated to my dad AND my beautiful friend Renae, who also had a birthday yesterday. She is also quite lovely and deserves a mention! Coincidentally, who is your favourite Beatle? I have to say I'm a big George fan. He's gorgeous. Swoon.

♥ Whip My Hair - Neil Young & Bruce Springsteen
And to stop this edition of Sunday Songs from getting too mushy, a cover of "Whip My Hair" that one of my friends sent me. It took me about a minute into the song to realise that this was not, in fact, Neil Young and made me love Jimmy Fallon a little bit more. Along with "Friday" (ARRRRRGHHHHH) this song has been stuck in my head all week and may have been the star of a late-night St Patrick's Day singalong. Plus, Bruce Springsteen. Need I say more?

Happy Sunday!



All Of The Above Creative

First of all, sorry for the absence! I've been back at uni, and getting my home internet sorted (which it is now, thank god! Although my Google Reader is a little bit out of control). I have a lot to catch up on, but I wanted to share some photos from the All Of The Above Creative launch that I went to a couple of weeks ago.

All Of The Above Creative is a collective started by Emma Bergmeier and Hannah McGrath. It consists of supremely talented Perth people including stylists, photographers and makeup artists. Their website is full of gorgeous work so please go check it out! It was amazing to see it all displayed at the launch and made me excited to live in Perth where there actually ARE talented people (who aren't all leaving to Melbourne!). 

Me, Jessie from The Velvet Bow & Emma from Dropstitch and All Of The Above Creative (via the DISTRIKMODE Facebook page)

Me, Jessie and Emma (via Fickle Sense)
Me, L from Peanut Moonbeam Knickers and Jessie (via Fickle Sense)

L and I (via Fickle Sense)

I was wearing a Willow dress, Sportsgirl bag, black flats and my Lovisa animal rings.

I had such a fun night and hope to see lots more work by All Of The Above soon!



What I Wore 04.03.11

I am so behind with outfit posts at the moment! This is what I wore on Friday night to see Best Coast at Becks Music Box. I love Best Coast's album, but I'm not sure how I felt about them live. I don't know, about halfway through the concert all the songs seemed to kind of blend into each other. Plus, they only have one album out, so it's not like they could play for all that long. The lead singer was totally cute though (even when she bumped her teeth on the mike!) and everyone was getting into it and having fun, so that was good. And I love the Becks Music Box as a venue, I wish I'd gone to it more during the arts festival. Oh well. There's always next year!

Sorry the lighting in the photos is so off, I had to quickly snap these as I was on my way out the door!

Willow skirt//Portmans tee//Black flats//Sportsgirl bag (21st present)//Diva cameo earrings

So I love this skirt, but throughout the night the material kept flaking, or something? By the end of the night I was covered in tiny gold flecks all up my arm, in my hair, on my face... It was a little bit ridiculous. I looked like a human disco ball. That small (but incredibly irritating) matter aside, I really like this outfit. The skirt's obviously the standout piece but I like how the t-shirt and the flats make it a bit more casual.

I met up with my friend and her friends at the concert, and we were planning to stay for the after party and dance around and have fun. Well, the DJ apparently decided that after Best Coast everyone would be in the mood for ambient, atmospheric, gloomy lounge music. NOT THE CASE, BRO. Instead we hotfooted it to Amps (where I hadn't been for so long) and had a ball dancing around to the likes of The Smiths, The Dandy Warhols and The Wombats. It ended up being really fun. Even though when I dance I look like a cross between Elaine Bennett and the baby from Ally McBeal.

I've put up a few outfit posts lately, but I haven't mentioned my hair colour! While I loved the red, it was just too hard to keep it looking really rich and vibrant. I can only realistically afford to get it coloured once a month or so, and it was too long between visits. So, I got this balayage instead and I'm really loving it so far. I kind of wish it would grow a little faster, though! 

More photos to come this week, including my outfit for the All Of The Above Creative launch and the (very late!) photos from the blogger's meet up! Hopefully my Modcloth purchases will sometime next week so I can show them off too!


p.s I just noticed my dinner bowl in the corner of these photos - oops! At least it shows I'm not going out on an empty stomach?!


Modcloth Madness

You may have noticed a little incident that's made bloggers all over the world reach for their purses. It's the Modcloth 70% off sale (something I look forward to every year!) and I have to say I was spoiled for choice this year. I'd already ordered some dresses when they first went on sale and I'm kicking myself that I didn't wait another week for them to get even cheaper!

Here's my favourites from the sale...

Imagined Menagerie dress, $124.99 $36.99
Pristine Premonition dress, $77.99 $22.99
Morning Toffee cape, $89.99 $26.99
Quelle Chic dress, $129.99 $38.99
Don't Go Astray dress, $129.99 $38.99
The Devereuax dress, $112.99 $33.99
Tulle Tours en L'Air dress, $134.99 $39.99

I ended up ordering the Pristine Premonition and the Don't Go Astray dresses, and a sweet knitted white cardigan. I was quite proud of my restraint (although three items doesn't really count as being restrained, does it?). I'd wanted the Devereaux dress for the longest time, but I'm not sure about the colour, or about the zips - it has one down the back (I would be paranoid someone would just sneak up behind me and yoink it open) and one under each arm, which is a bit strange! I'm quite excited to receive them and style them up!

Did you order anything? If you like the look of something, I'd snap it up - one of the dresses I loved sold out while it was dawdling in my shopping cart!