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So things have been a bit quiet on the ol' blog but I HAVE been updating my almost-forgotten tumblr! I am having cheating on Blogger a bit with Tumblr. How can I resist it when it finds such awesome pictures like the one above? I'm not following many tumblr blogs at the moment, so if you have one, or know of a good one, let me know! You can find mine at gininateacup.tumblr.com.

Hopefully I will have more time to do more posts next week - I have the week off uni, so should have a bit more free time! Have a great weekend x


All I seem to recall is the smell of perfume

I had a comment asking what the Naughty Alice perfume was like on one of my older posts, so I thought I would do some perfume reviews on what I've been using lately. Up until this year I've been a strictly one-perfume girl, but I've branched out and decided to use a few at once, for a change. 

Lolita Lempicka
What they say: "Some of the most beautiful of nature’s elements are found in this scent, including the rarely used nectar of liquorice flower, anise seeds, violets, iris roots, tonka bean and hints of vanilla. Poetic, passionate and a true masterpiece."
This scent is light and floral, but has a bit more lasting power than other floral scents I've tried before. Like its namesake, it's quite light and pretty but very alluring. When you first smell it, it's kind of sweet and almost spicy? It fades to a really nice vanilla smell, though - any scent with vanilla is an automatic favourite for me! It makes me think of wearing a white, cotton dress with socks and Mary Janes (though that's probably the Lolita reference more than anything). This is my favourite to wear, in fact I'm almost out of it so I'm rationing it out! I can't seem to find another bottle anywhere though, if you see it please let me know!

Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood
What they say: "Sexy and musky, Naughty Alice enlivens the senses and leaves you with a naughty twinkle in your eye. At the heart of Naughty Alice is black rose, ylang ylang, and violet."
This is quite a bit heavier than any perfume I've tried before. It's more in the "floriental" perfume family, I believe.  It's pretty much what you'd expect from a Vivienne Westwood perfume - something that's really powerful when it first hits you, but then you notice all the complexities and softer details. While the musk is definitely one of the dominant notes, the violet is what I smell first of all. To be honest, I'm not sure how "black rose" differs from any other kind of rose smell, but thankfully it's not too overpowering, like it is in Lovely.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
What they say: "A flirty top note of apple martini opens this dynamic fragrance, to remind us of those sassy, cocktail-drinking ladies of the big apple. It’s followed up by an eclectic mix of radiant rosewood, lush lavender and creamy orchid and rounded off with sexy musk. It’s cheeky and little bit fun, while still managing to be ladylike."
This was actually the first perfume I ever bought, back in high school for my school ball, and to be honest I mostly bought them for the Sarah Jessica Parker connection (and the ad campaign was pretty gorgeous too, from memory!). It's a little bit more mature than the other two scents, probably because of the combination of the lavender and rosewood. The rose is definitely the most powerful note It also makes me really nostalgic - damn those olfactory sense being linked to memory!

{All "What they say" reviews from the Perfume Connection site}



What I Wore 15.04.11

In my last post I said I was off for dinner and a pantomime, and this is what I wore. The pantomime was (loosely) based on the Scooby Doo gang and my sister was playing Velma! She was excellent. My friends and I got there late and had to sit in the front row, luckily there was no forced audience participation.

Sorry these photos are a bit dark, I had about five minutes to take them before I left for dinner! Catching the bus in peak hour traffic is not my favourite thing in the world. I just made it in time to catch the connecting bus (running! In these shoes!) and the doors closed just before I got there and the driver wouldn't let me on! I was so angry. Time to learn how to drive, maybe.

Vintage dress via The Velvet Bow//Razzamatazz stockings//Jeffrey Campbell boots//Diva earrings//Pigeonhole ring

I am sorry to say that my "not falling over in Litas" record has been broken. When my friends and I were walking to the theatre we went over some grass and JUST as my friend was saying "Wow, this ground's so solid" I tripped over in a rather spectacular fashion. She was very concerned that I might have broken my ankle, such is the insaneness of these shoes. I didn't, but I was much less cocky about my ability to navigate unstable ground. Luckily it was where people couldn't really see me... although I suppose me posting about it on the internet cancels that out.

The dress was one that Jessie had left over from the markets she did a while ago. I was very glad it was cold enough to wear tights - I don't think I could get away with such a short hemline otherwise! It's a very sweet dress, though, and it will get worn to death this winter.
Anyway. I have just gotten my laptop fixed (the charger overheated and died) so I am off to tackle my Google Reader! Sadly this is a pretty typical Friday night for me (even though this post is being published on a Saturday! AM I A TIME LORD).



What I Wore 14.04.11 & Claremont Quarter

Hello again! Jessie from The Velvet Bow and I were invited to the A/W 2011 launch at Times Square, at the new Claremont Quarter shopping precinct. I was a bit stuck on what to wear - I've never been to a fashion show before - so I went with something that I thought was kind of a winter trend. And I finally debuted my Litas!

Sass dress//Jeffrey Campbell boots//Vintage bag//Diva earrings//Voodoo stockings

I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable heeled shoes I've ever worn. I have no idea how shoes that look so menacing are so light and comfortable in real life! I managed to get up and down about three flights of stairs and navigate around a carpark (where the fashion show was held) without any problems, which is a personal achievement in itself.

I couldn't really get great photos from where we were sitting, but there were some gorgeous things going down the runway! I especially liked the offerings from Leona Edminston (obviously) and ae'lkemi.

It was a great event and I have to say, I really like the look of Claremont Quarter! It reminds me of somewhere in Melbourne and I'm really looking forward to going back and looking at a few shops. One in particular is Zara Bryson, which stocks the gorgeous Make Believe necklaces and Stretsis! I was very excited.

Sorry for the shortish post - I'm on my way to dinner and a pantomime show (starring my sister)!



Little Things 06.04.11

Just some little things from here & there. Trying to get back into the swing of posting is much harder than it seems, to be honest. I'm struggling a bit!

{I bought both these magazines on the same day and didn't realise the similarity of the covers until I'd brought them home & read them both. Band reflections in sunglasses must be in this year}

{Two new perfumes - Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, which was actually the first perfume I ever bought, and Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood. Oh, and there I am in the reflection of the perfume lid}

{Rejected outfit photo - what I wore to a music quiz night a couple of weeks ago.}

{This is a little owl that belonged to my nan & granddad. They used to travel a lot so I have no idea where he's from!}

{My current nail polish - Teenage Dream by Katy Perry for OPI}

I must get back to the mountain of assignments I have piling up! Eep!



What I Wore 04.04.11

It seems like it's been so long since I've done an outfit post! I assure you I have, in fact, been wearing clothes. Nice clothes. Like this dress. It's one of the ones I got in the Modcloth sale a while ago and it is insanely comfortable, even in this 30 degree weather that we've been having. In the middle of autumn. It's getting a little bit ridiculous.

Pristine Premonition dress, Sugarhill Boutique via Modcloth//Black flats//Diva black rose earrings & key ring

And I changed my hair again! I have a fringe again (hooray!) and it's much darker on top, but with some of the bayalage still poking through. In a couple of months it will again be a different colour - stay tuned!...

I really should have gotten a closeup of my ring. It's pretty much a replica of a House of Harlow ring that I had been lusting over for ages. But, $7.99 for the Diva ring vs $60 for the House of Harlow one? I always feel a bit guilty buying something that I know is a blatant rip off, though. Ages ago I bought a ring from Sportsgirl and was very peeved to open up Vogue and find that it was identical to one by an independent designer. But, if I said I wasn't going to buy anything "inspired by" something else, my wardrobe would be very limited indeed!

Well, I am off to lie on the couch with Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the latest issue of RUSSH and a bottle of Diet Coke. A 21st on the weekend has left me feeling rather fragile (yes, even still on Monday).