What I Wore 24.05.11

Okay, so this isn't technically what I wore all morning, but as soon as I got home from running some errands I realised that my Harry Stardust shirt by Made With Awesome had arrived. So, naturally, I ripped off the boring black tee I had on and changed into something infinitely more awesome. SCUSE ME:

Is it awesome?

Yeah, it's pretty rad.

My Harry Potter tee brings all the boys to the yard, etc.

Oh man! I'm so excited. I love it. I LOVE IT. So much that you have to settle for crappy Photo Booth photos because I couldn't wait to document it.

Now to see the movie! Would I be a huge nerd if I wore this there? Be honest. Or let me live in my little Harry bubble, whatever.



What I Wore 19.05.11

I got my hair done today! It was in pretty bad condition from all the bayalage it's been put through in the last four months or so, so I didn't end up doing any crazy colours. But I did get this teeny fringe! I'm still getting used to how to style it, so that should be... interesting. I got it done at Peggy Sue's, again, and I'm always so happy with what Bee does. I would recommend her a million times over, so go and book an appointment now!

I had stockings on this morning - in a wildly optimistic, encouraging winter to come gesture - but it was too hot for them. Boo!

Friends of Couture cardigan//Motel skirt via ASOS//Seed Femme singlet//Mimi Loves Jimi brogues//Pigeonhole cat necklace

How cute is this cardigan, though? It reminds me of something that a nan would knit for their three year old grandchild. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I wish there were more Friends of Couture stockists in Perth, I went crazy in the store when I was in Melbourne.

You can't really tell in the photos, but the skirt is a really sweet, satiny pleated one. I got it in the ASOS sale last year and I'm only just starting to wear it now. It's one of my favourites, though (and it got me out of the dress-cardigan-boots rut I mentioned in my last post!). 

Also, I had my eyebrows threaded yesterday! It was weird. Very weird. It was virtually painless, though, and it didn't leave my skin all red like usual. I thought if I was getting my fringe cut, I would really have to lift my eyebrows game. And I am very happy with them!

And now it's off to tackle the mountain of assignments I have. Don't you love end of semester time? I know I do.



What I Wore 17.05.11

Hello! It feels like ten billion years since I've done at outfit post, so despite the fact that the weather drove me indoors and has given me a cold, here is what I wore today. I think since it's been getting colder I've fallen into a printed dress-cardigan-tights-boots rut. Also a Never Mind the Buzzcocks watching rut. I have been on a crazy COMPLETELY LEGAL downloading spree and watched every season Simon Amstell hosted. I have to admit my heart broke a little when I found out he was gay. Because that would be the only thing in the way of our relationship... obviously.

Minkpink dress//Cotton On cardigan//Black tights//Target boots//My Girl Gwendoline brooch//Oliver Peoples glasses

These are yet another pair of Target shoes. I guess the good thing about buying shoes that have been copied to death, is that there's always going to be an insanely cheap version out there. Until I buy a real pair of Doc Martens, these will have to do.

I got this dress a while ago from David Jones (thank you, staff discount!), but I'm really not sure about it. I love the print of it, but it's kind of on the short side and it has a cut out back, which I am forever adjusting and readjusting. The daisies do make me feel very 90s, though. Especially with these big black stompy boots. Maybe I am subconciously preparing to see Hole at Soundwave Revolution? I actually cannot wait to go.

And, I've had to start wearing my glasses again. My fringe is kind of battling them in these photos, so... it kind of looks like I've got no eyeballs? I'm getting my hair cut this week, though, so hopefully soon I will be able to see properly again. I had been planning to get it coloured a bit ~extreme~ but I think I'm going to chicken out if it.

Anyway! Hopefully the cold weather isn't getting you down. And if it is, just listen to this! Woo!



I never thought I'd be posting about Eurovision...

Is it wrong that I'm completely in love with these costumes from the Eurovision semi-final?

I have to admit that, despite its obvious lure of glitter, sequins and trashiness, I don't actually watch Eurovision. I found these pictures on Jezebel. I've never really gotten into the over-the-topness of Eurovision, the one year I did watch was when Lordi (who, as you may remember, all look like badass Lord of the Rings characters) won with "Hard Rock Hallelujah".

But, I could see these sixties-inspired dresses being very comfortable in my wardrobe. I mean, by the tine they get to the actual Eurovision concert, these ladies (from Serbia, incidentally) will probably be dressed in sequinned dresses decorated with feathers and LED lights, so I might as well enjoy these costumes while I can...



Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mum (love you!), and to all the other mums out there!



What I Wore 06.05.11

I can't believe I haven't mentioned it yet, but I'm doing work experience at Xpress magazine, which is pretty much my dream job. Tonight I reviewed Hungry Kids of Hungary and Andy Bull, and they were amazing! I loved it. It might be my gig of the year so far.

I got this dress at Myer in one of their thirty percent off sales and I've worn it at least once a week since. The lace collar is my favourite feature, I'm getting quite the collection of dresses and tops with peter pan collars. I wore it with these boots I got from Target for $28! Even though basically every second girl in Perth has a pair pretty much identical to these, I love them. They're incredibly comfortable too.

Quirky Circus dress//Cotton On cardigan//Black Razzmatazz tights (which are incredibly thick, they're more like leggings with feet)//Pigeonhole necklace//Vintage belt//Target boots//Vintage bag

I missed my last fringe trim and I'm kicking myself. I hate my hair at the moment! It's just at that annoying, in-between stage. And it's another two and a half weeks until I get it done... and I'm planning something pretty different so I really can't wait. 

I have an interview and another story to finish on Monday at Xpress, so hopefully this week my name should be in there! So far I've been writing the more news-y items at the start of the paper, which I still really like, but I am crazy excited to see my name in there! I used to send in stories and stuff since I was, oh, in year twelve? So it's incredibly awesome that I am actually doing an internship there.