Sunday Songs 26.06.11

Hello! While I am nursing a rather sore head and dreaming about getting my hands on a Big Mac, I thought I would post some more Sunday Songs.

♥ Greenskeepers  - Lotion
Whenever the weather gets colder, I have this urge to have scary movie marathons and I recently rewatched Silence of the Lambs. This song's based on the "It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again" lines from the book, and is so insanely creepy and cool and freaky. But I love it.

♥ The Vines - Gimme Love
I'm quite looking forward to reviewing The Vines this coming Wednesday (it was meant to be last Wednesday but was delayed because of the stupid ash cloud) and I love their video for the first track from their new album, with its whole Scott Pilgrim vibe and everything. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is in my top five favourite movies, have I mentioned that enough yet? Anyway. Very cool video for a very cool song.

♥ Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
This weekend marks two years since Michael Jackson died, isn't that crazy? Lately my concept of time has been way out of whack. My friend and I actually had a minor freak out when we realised it was ten years since we started high school. I swear ten years ago I was still in primary school and watching cartoons on Saturday morning. So I'm not good at maths, whatever. ANYWAY, I used to be obsessed with this song and had a cassette tape especially dedicated to taping this song whenever it came on the radio. It was just The Way You Make Me Feel, over and over, on both sides of the tape.

Also, can I just say how awesome the news out of New York is? Hooray for equality! I loved this picture I found on tumblr, from the Michael Kors store:



Let The Children Boogie

If you follow a lot of Perth blogs you'll probably have already seen these pictures, but these are from the Blogger's Deville's night that happened last Saturday (and that I am only just getting around to posting about. Eep!). Jessie had told me how wonderful Deville's was, but I'd never gone because I was stressed about the 'over-25s preferred' policy they have going on. I shouldn't have worried, though, we got in fine and I later saw my sister's friend who had managed to get in wearing jeans, skate shoes and a hoodie... so much for the ultra-strict dress code!

It was such an amazing place - they played all the '60s music that I love, there were incredibly cheap and tasty drinks, and I got to show off my go-go dancing skills (well, 'skills' is debatable) with a bunch of lovely Perth blogging ladies! I had so much fun and I can't wait for the next night out! Thanks to Jessie for organising such a great night and thanks to Alexis, the girls from Le Fanciulle, Lisa, Ally, and Kaye for being there and being awesome!

In case you're interested, I was wearing a vintage dress from Etsy, black tights, black heeled brogues from Betts & had a clutch from Williams the Shoeman, I think. It was $2 or something ridiculous like that but has served me well on many a night out! And can you please ignore my fringe in some of the photos... it's getting too long to curl up so I need to get it cut soon. I'm too nervous to cut it myself!

{Photos 1, 2 & 3 from Amgoorie, 4 & 5 from Fickle Sense, and 6 by Le Fanciulle}



You might remember me posting about Alegorie on here a couple of times, so I was thrilled when Stephanie emailed me with a discount code for you all to use! If you enter the code TEACUP10 at checkout you get 10% off any full-price item. Here's some ideas on what to use it on...

The first outfit features the Moon Cocktail Ring by d_luxe and the Solis Ring Set by Estelle Deve. I kept the rest of the outfit pretty neutral to offset the gold - even the nail polish is neutral to offset how
beautiful the rings are! I am also a little bit in love with those flats.

I was going to put this Damselfly Bouquet Collar with a gorgeous, strapless black evening gown, but then I thought that might be a bit too... obvious. If you have a necklace as lovely as this, you want to be able to wear it in the day as well, right? So I put it with a sheer black maxi skirt (which I can NOT find in ANY stores in Perth, if you know where one is hiding, please let me know), a cream tee and some wedges to make it a bit more casual. I kept the accessories pretty basic too, to let the necklace be the standout piece - a tan belt and a black clutch are all the outfit needs.


This look features two pieces from the Drown collection, which is my favourite on Alegorie. I have a pair of earrings from the very first collection and I absolutely love them. I love that this current collection is delicate and tough at the same time, so I wanted to try and copy that in the outfit. I put the Detritus Stud Earrings and the Refuse Bangle with this floaty cocktail dress, then added some Litas (even though everyone is sick to death of seeing them all over blogs) and a badass Alexander McQueen clutch. And then some false eyelashes because I am currently obsessed with them, if only I could put them on without stuffing it up!   

So remember to put in TEACUP10 at the checkout for your Alegorie purchases, and also keep in mind there's 40% off the sale items at the moment... and you don't even need a code for that. Excuse me, I'm off to empty my savings account... Thanks Alegorie!

p.s It's been a long time since I've used Polyvore, so I'm sorry I kept posting the sets and the Alegorie items! Hopefully it didn't spam your blog reader too much!


Little Things 12.06.11

Here are some photos from around the place recently (all taken with the Instagram app on my iPhone). Even though uni has finished now - for good, everything permitting - I seem to be busier than ever with work experience, trying to fix up my house, and trying to catch up with everyone despite increasingly hectic schedules. If you've seen my tumblr, you'll probably have seen these photos... otherwise, enjoy!

{It's kind of a relief to read things that AREN'T related to uni for a change. The other day I bought High Fidelity (to reread), Farewell My Lovely and Perfume: Stories of a Muderer}

{This is from dinner at What the Pho, where my sister and I went before we saw Tom Ballard. It was very tasty and cheap Vietnamese and I have been dreaming about their duck pancakes with plum sauce ever since. This was the first outing of my ASOS dress, too, and also quite obviously before I learned how to roll my fringe properly}

{This is the carpet in my dining room at the moment, soon to replaced with black and white checkered lino. But I took advantage of it clashing crazily with my new MINKPINK dress, which I wore with my beloved Sportsgirl loafers}

{I still get really excited to see my byline in Xpress. This was for a review of Seasick Steve's latest album, which incidentally I really loved & would recommend! You can read it online here, and my slightly less favourable review for Lenka's album here}

{My cat finally trusts me enough to actually come inside the house, and here it is chilling out on the couch. It generally has this unimpressed expression on its face}

So there is a teeny snippet of what I've been up to! I've been trying to take more outfit photos but by the time I get home it's usually pretty dark. I will prevail, though, because my blog has basically become a graveyard inhabited by tumbleweeds and spammers. Not good!


What I Wore 01.06.11

It's June already! What? WHAT?! Where has this year even gone? For the past couple of weeks I've been busy busy busy with Xpress and uni work, but I took a bit of a break today to have lunch with two of my best friends. We went to this Vietnamese place and they both ordered these AMAZING stir fries. My chicken with rice and vegetables paled very badly in comparison and I ended up sneaking as much of their lunches as possible. I have had terrible luck with ordering at restaurants lately, I always seem to get something that's just a bit... off.

I bought this dress ages ago - before Christmas! - and I haven't worn it until now (and Saturday, when I wore it to see Tom Ballard). It's because it's quite thick fabric and it's only gotten cold enough to wear it in the last couple of weeks. I was tossing up between this colour and black, but I'm glad I went with this. 

ASOS dress//Black tights//Sportsgirl loafers//Diva ring

And I love the back! I can hardly ever wear lower backs without my bra showing so I am very happy with this. I wasn't so happy when I got caught in the rain and my bare back was covered in water, though...

Sorry for the quick post but I have a bunch of CD reviews to write! I can hardly complain about it, really. I love it.


P.s - Even if things are a bit quiet on the blog I still update my tumblr almost every day!