What I Wore 28.07.11

This isn't the most blog-worthy of outfits, it's really just something I chucked on to go to the shops and get ingredients for cupcakes. We've had a very stormy couple of days in Perth, so on my one day off this week I was very much into the comfort dressing more than anything else. But hey, I like seeing the casual outfits on people's blogs just as much as the fancy ones, don't you? No? Just me?

Princess Highway dress//Cotton On cardigan//Black tights//Novo shoes//Osier owl ring//Sportsgirl headband

I bought this dress at the start of the year to wear to the Laneway Festival and wore it pretty much all summer, but I don't think I've blogged it before. I really love the shape and the print of it, but it's that kind of fabric that pills pretty much straightaway. I was kind of peeved because it wasn't a cheap dress, and now it's relegated to 'days off' dressing instead of being worn as much as I'd hoped.

You can see the print a bit better here. I'm not sure why I was drawn to a horse print - I went through that requisite wanting a pony phase that most young girls seem to go through, although mine only involved reading Pony Pals books and begging my parents for riding lessons rather than doing any actual horse riding.

It's also the first outing for my new shoes! I had hoped to wear them last night to this 50s themed winter dance, but the weather put a (literal) dampener on those plans and I ended up staying in and cooking pasta bake and watching Whose Line Is It Anyway. Which is almost as good, I guess.

Anyway, I am off to make a mess of my kitchen! I'm making peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing and strawberry and cream cupcakes. DELICIOUS.



What I Wore 26.07.11

Hello! I'm about to head off to lunch with my sister. Once she gets back to uni she's usually incredibly busy so this is my last chance to catch up properly for a while. We're going to a place called Heavenly Plate in South Perth.

Sportsgirl skirt, ring, loafers and earrings//Living Doll bodysuit//Vintage belt

This is one of the new skirts I picked up last week. I actually wore almost this exact same outfit on Sunday night, prompting a "You look like Bellatrix Lestrange" comment. I wasn't exactly going for an evil witch/Death Eater look, but I do quite like Helena Bonham Carter so I didn't mind too much. I think it was meant as a compliment?

Anyway, as you might remember, I've been looking for a black pleated maxi skirt for AGES, so I was very happy to find this one from Sportsgirl for $35. I didn't realise how much Sportsgirl I was wearing until I typed this up... I feel a bit embarrassed now.

You can also kind of see my new hair in these pictures. It's already faded quite a bit, to more of a sea-green than a blue, but I still love it. Please excuse how messy it is! I'm getting it retouched in about a month so hopefully it still keeps SOME colour until then. If anyone has any tips for looking after coloured hair, please let me know, the ends of my hair are pretty much fried.

The weather was finally cooperative enough for me to take photos outside! This is a teeny portion of my huge, overgrown back garden. I also wanted to say thanks for your lovely comments on the post about my house, I really appreciated how sweet everyone was.

Anyway, I'm off to lunch and then to Bridesmaids (I didn't get to see it the other week, so I am VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing it tonight! I booked tickets just to make sure I would get to see it). Have an excellent Tuesday!



Shiny Happy Feet

If there's one thing that can lift my spirits on a gross, grey afternoon, it's a new pair of shoes. Especially a pair of shiny silver brogues that only cost me twenty dollars.

Just quietly (I'm not meant to be spending much money!) I might have picked up some new skirts in the sales as well. I was pretty proud of my sale-shopping skills. They were ridiculously cheap and I intend to show them off as soon as possible!



Don't You Know Who I Am?

I very rarely post photoshoots on here but I fell in love with this 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' shoot that I've seen everywhere on tumblr for the past couple of days. It's a kind of quirky idea and the styling is really lovely. It's by Robert Tratchenberg and it was in the August 2011 issue of Tatler.

My favourites are the orange coat picture and Twiggy, of course (she's my all-time favourite model). This may sound sort of SCANDALOUS for someone with a fashion blog but I'm not into a lot of editorials, especially the designer collection round-ups that always seem a bit boring and contrived. It's usually just a pouty girl standing in front of a brick wall, as we all do when we're wearing $5000 Chanel dresses.

I hope a few more original photoshoots pop up! I don't mean to sound biased but some of the ones I really love are courtesy of Emma Bergmeier in X-press Fashion - you can check them out on Dropstitch. It makes me wish I was more of a talented stylist... but for now I'm happy being the assistant and just gawping at other people's good ideas.

And if you know of any more lovely photoshoots, hook me up!


{all photos via Fashion Gone Rogue}


A Few Of My Favourite Things

I moved into my grandparent's house at the start of the year, after my granddad passed away, but it's taken a while for it to really feel like MY house. Probably because my grandparents lived in this house my whole life, and my dad owned the house while he was at uni, so there's a lot of family history going on!

Here's a few photos I took this morning of some of the little bits and pieces I've collected since moving here, or belonged to my grandparents.

These are little frames from IKEA, with some wrapping paper my sister brought me from the UK. 

I got this from a random op-shop for $2.

This is also an op-shop find! There's a huge Good Sammys just around the corner from me... Last time I was there I got this, a record, a skirt, two dresses and a pair of shoes for under $30. 

Obi Wan Kenobi babushka doll

Aforementioned vinyl! Don't you love the artwork? 

I mentioned a while ago I was getting these prints from evajuliet on Etsy. I love them! They're very sweet. And the Etsy seller was a dream to work with!

My nan collected cat figurines and I think she used to have a lot more, but these are all that's left (which is still quite a few!). They're in this little display case out the back. When I was little, my favourites were the ones in the bottom right hand corner. 

There's also this cute little thermometer that was my nan's as well. I have no idea if it even works, but it's pretty cool... to be honest I just noticed it today when I was taking photos in the back room!

Hopefully I should have some more stuff to show you soon, my mum and I are planning a few changes for around the house so I'm pretty excited! 



What I Wore 14.07.11

Today I'm going to see the last Harry Potter movie and I am kind of sad and excited and then feel silly for getting worked up over a movie, but then I have read the books since I was 11 and that's probably the only time I've stuck with something for ten years. So. It's pretty cool.

YOU KNOW I took the opportunity to bust out my Harry Stardust tee. My skirt also has owls on it.

Made With Awesome shirt//Target blazer//Final Touch skirt via Modcloth//Black tights//Target boots

Oh, I have blue in my hair now as well! You can't really see at the moment but I'm so in love with it. I will write more about it when I'm not running out the door to get to see Harry (and Ron, my personal favourite. Gotta have a soft spot for those gingers).



What I Wore 05.07.11

Hello again! I'm back to show off the coat I scored in the sales the other day. Sorry for the bad lighting, but it was pitch black by the time I got dressed and got my tripod set up! Tonight I'm off to ANOTHER family dinner - my aunty is in town before she goes off to New York, and my grandma's about to go on holidays to France. It makes me feel a little bitter about dreary old Perth.

So yes, this is the One Teaspoon coat I mentioned the other day. It was $260 (waaay out of my price range!), then it went down to half price in the clearance, so with my staff discount it came to just over $100. It's still a little extravagant for what is basically a long cardigan, but I've been obsessed with it and its little bobbly hearts since I saw it. Which is weird, because I'm usually pretty unimpressed by One Teaspoon.

One Teaspoon knitted coat//Mink Pink dress//Vintage belt//Diva ring//Sportsgirl earrings//Black tights//Target boots

Not so sure why I have an obsession with touching my collarbone in these pictures... Anyway. These are my favourite shoes for winter so far. They were ridiculously cheap and they'll probably fall apart soon because I've worn them so much (they ARE from Target, after all) but I love them. They're padded on the inside so they're warm as well.

My mum's up tonight so I am off to drink tea and watch some more Project Runway! We're quite harsh judges of the designers.



What I Wore 03.07.11

I have had quite a busy and delightful weekend. After working all day Saturday and getting this divine One Teaspoon knitted coat (that will hopefully be on the blog soon), I went to my friend's house where she had cooked an amazing and delicious roast dinner. After lots of inappropriate conversation, watching the Tour de France and making everyone listen to Salt n Pepa, I went home and spent most of today recovering. Then, I went to a family dinner for ANOTHER delicious roast, and now I'm in bed watching Fatal Attraction. I'm on a bit of a thriller movie kick at the moment, so if you can recommend any good ones, it would be very much appreciated!

This is what I wore out to dinner today. My lovely sister took the photos at my old/her current apartment, and we kind of had to rush them because the neighbours kept coming outside to take their washing off the line and I got all embarrassed.

Cotton On cardigan//Thrifted blouse//Hi There by Karen Walker shorts//Black tights//Black flats//Diva bracelet & ring//My nan's earrings//Sportsgirl nail polish

It was kind of dark by the time we took the photos so you can't really see the shorts, but they might be my favourite pair ever. I wore them all summer and felt very pin-up girl. I'm not usually one for layering shorts with tights, but I don't mind it so much here.

And here you can kind of see the detail on the blouse. It has these little embroidered lilac flowers down the front and on the collar. It's made out of really nasty polyester, but for $6 I couldn't really say no when I came across it at the op-shop. 

Anyway! Sorry for the rambly post. Hope all your weekends were swell as well! I do rather hope that my next weekend doesn't involve QUITE as much wine...



What I Wore 01.07.11

Just a quick post tonight, as I am off to have dinner and see Bridesmaids in a bit. I caught up with the lovely Jessie today for a delicious pear cider at Tiger Tiger, and she kindly took some outfit photos for me.

Vintage dress//Cotton On cardigan//My Girl Gwendoline brooch//Black tights//Sportsgirl earrings//Mimi Loves Jimi brogues//Bluebird satchel 

I actually really loved this outfit, I felt very put together and it was perfect for catching up in the city, despite the torrential rain I was caught in on the way home. This brooch is one of my favourite things ever; not only is it adorable but it was made by one of my closest friends before she moved to Melbourne.

Well, time for me to eat some delicious Vietnamese fare and watch Kristen Wiig (one of my favourite actresses at the moment, I love her!). Have an excellent weekend and hopefully I will be back with more posts next week, I'm making an effort to take my camera out so we'll see how that goes!