Shop 28 VIP Night

On Wednesday night, my friend Presten and I popped along to see the new Spring/Summer collections at Shop 28, a boutique in North Perth - which is coincidentally (and detrimentally to my bank balance) about ten minutes away from my house.

Shop 28 stocks labels like Metalicus, Wrangler, Rachel Gilbert, Bec & Bridge and Mimosa. It's a pretty eclectic mix that walks the line between edgy and girlie, something that's very much reflected in the aesthetic of the shop assistants (and the owners, pictured in the middle).

We had some Chambord and champagne cocktails and some delicious mini cupcakes and flicked through the clothes with some of the very stylish guests. 

And here's my absolute favourite piece that I spotted on the night... this adorable crane origami necklace.


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What I Wore 07.09.11

Hello again! First of all I wanted to say thank you for the lovely response to the Gin in a Teacup Facebook page, if you haven't clicked 'like' yet then you can do so on the sidebar, should you be so inclined. That's where all my Instagram photos go, and some extra photos that don't make it into blog posts will probably end up there as well. It's pretty rad.

This is what I wore out to lunch today with my friend Richenda. We felt like a big pub lunch so decided to go to the Inglewood Hotel... this was not the best choice. Every time I go there the staff are really rude and this time my food was decidedly average. Boo!

I decided to wear this dress I got from Modcloth ages ago. Usually I wear it with the sleeves pushed up but I'm a bit into the massive bell sleeves at the moment, and so today they are out in their full '70s-esque glory. I actually had this whole "kooky heiress from the 1970s" vibe going on where I had a big headscarf wrapped into a turban and big earrings on as well... and then I remembered that the Inglewood Hotel is primarily a sports bar and the average punter there might not be ready for that much look at lunchtime on a Wednesday.

Ark & Co dress//Black tights//Rubi clogs//Diva ring

I can take birds or I can leave them. I'm not a huge fan, especially birds that chirp outside my window at 11:30pm every night (and which my boyfriend kindly explained is most likely an owl, not birds, but anyway). My experiences with birds are more akin to Tippi Hedren in, well, The Birds than a Disney heroine singing to a cherubic swallow outside their bedroom window. But on clothes and on house decor, I can't get enough of them. Maybe I just like them when they're stationary and, you know, not real. Just like in this Portlandia skit.

Anyway, tonight I am off to the Shop 28 VIP night, so watch out for a post on that in the next couple of days!


The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun


Tara Reviews... Element Aveda Concept, Subiaco

Recently I had the opportunity to review Element Aveda Concept in Subiaco. I love featuring Perth businesses and this one definitely deserves to be written about! My fantastic hairdresser Bree booked me in for a cut and colour and makeup treatment, so I prepared myself to be very spoiled indeed.

For the uninitiated, Aveda is a hair and skincare brand that uses sustainable, plant-based products. They use 100% wind power at their factories and responsible packaging, with 80% post-consumer recycled materials used. I've never been hugely influenced by claims like this before but it is pretty impressive how far they've gone to improve their product in such an environmentally friendly way.

Anyway, back to the salon. My first impression of Element Aveda Concept is how bright and busy the salon is. At the place I usually go to get my hair cut, there's only room for one client at a time, so it was a bit of a shock to see SO MANY people bustling around and chattering excitedly!

Pretty much as soon as I got there I was introduced to Reece, who took me to my chair, made me a coffee (my white-wine afflicted head very much appreciated this) and gave me a shoulder massage using Aveda's Blue Oil, which has chamomile and peppermint to give it this minty, tingling sensation. Now, about the massage. I am someone for whom massages are very important. Boyfriends and friends are sick of me whining about how knotted my neck and shoulders are (very often) and they're well used to cringing whenever I crack my neck (very very often). If you read the reviews on Blue Oil then you might get an idea of how good the product is, and I pretty much blissed out for ten minutes while I got the massage - which is complimentary, may I add.

After Bree got my hair ready for some cuttin', we talked about what we would do. It wasn't that long since I got my hair done, but the fringe was already growing out a bit wonkily and there was STILL a greeny tinge to my lower layers, leftover from my blue hair. Thankfully Bree loves my fringe as much as I do - in fact, she told me that one of the big hair trends at the moment is to have a really bold, statement fringe or to have them grown out. So, she decided to make it a bit more messy and shaggy, and have the fringe start from the very back of the head so I didn't have to worry about my part; so it's very Penny Lane in Almost Famous, 70s bohemian gypsy child inspired. Here's a picture from halfway through:

Next it was on to the colour. Since I've decided I want to keep my hair dark for a while to get it back to some semblance of healthy, Bree decided to do this really subtle ombre effect. "The word balayage is banned in here," she announced, saying that while it's admittedly a cool hairstyle, she thinks that there are much bigger things happening in colour at the moment and that balayage has been done TO DEATH in Perth. So here are some photos of how she coloured my hair:

It's a really dark, almost black on the top (which you can probably see from yesterday's outfit photos), then goes to a nice velvety brown and a lighter colour on the ends. I think the mix of colours is really pretty and kind of lightens up my face. Bree also cut some choppier layers into my hair, which means that it takes away the emphasis from my cheekbones a bit and makes it easier and effortless to style in the mornings - which I'm always a fan of.

I forgot to mention that while all this hair cutting and colouring is going on, Element Aveda offers ANOTHER complimentary massage, this time focusing on the hands, exfoliating them and making them like they've never done any work in your life. Even my boyfriend noticed  (admittedly after I shoved my hand in his face and yelled HAY LOOK HOW SOFT MY HANDS ARE AREN'T THEY GREAT FEEL THEM). The Aveda Hand Relief (hee hee) products left my hands feeling a tiny bit greasy but my hands still feel lovely and soft a few days later.

The lovely Reece did my blowdry and makeup as well. He curled my hair into a kind of pin-up, retro look that made me feel a little bit like a Vargas girl, I loved it. For my makeup, instead of going for what he said was the "expected" retro look of winged eyeliner and deep red lips, he went for a kind of '30s look with this absolutely gorgeous eye makeup (if I were more of a beauty writer I would write it up, unfortunately pictures will have to suffice for now!) and a lip colour that was a bit more plum toned than just straight out red (unfortunately that pretty much came off when I devoured a burger on my way home). I am so obsessed with the eye makeup, I'm going to try and recreate it on my next night out!

So, my final thoughts on Element Aveda Concept. The whole team is really professional and obviously passionate about what they do, but this isn't some stuffy hair studio where people would be intimidated to go. I only got my hair cut a few days ago so I'm not totally sure about the difference that the Aveda products have made to my hair, but I'll report back and let you know! I would recommend getting a consultation first (with Bree if you can - she really knows what she's talking about and is amazing at making her clients feel so comfortable) and then spending the whole day there - it's not really a place where you pop in for a quick haircut, it's a place where you go to get properly pampered (I was there from 11.30 until about 4). And also make sure you try the organic tea because it is amazing and I would have smuggled some out if I could. But I digress.

You can find Element Aveda Concept at 17 Rokeby Rd in Subiaco. Call them on (08) 9382 3004 or book online at www.elementac.com.au. Cuts start at $77.

Thanks so much to the Element Aveda Concept team for putting up with me and my camera for the day!


{Disclosure: I did not pay for my services at Element Aveda Concept but was offered them in exchange for a fair and honest review. Read my Advertising Policy for more information on my reviews.}

p.s How cute are Bree and Reece?! I couldn't resist snapping some street style pictures of them... this is a fashion blog, after all.


What I Wore 04.09.11 (plus puppies and Facebook!)

So this outfit features my new favourite accessory - my boyfriend's puppy named Jerry. I think I'm in love.

 Valleygirl skirt & belt//Sportsgirl tank & loafers//Target cropped cardigan//Diva ring//My nan's earrings

In these photos you can kind of see my new hair! I did a review at Elements Aveda salon in Subiaco, which will be up on the blog in the next couple of days. And no, I'm not sure why it looks grey in the first photo. Instead of a straight-up Bettie Page style, my hairdresser Bree cut it into a kind of Penny Lane in Almost Famous '70s shaggy long bob (but still keeping my fringe, phew!).

This outfit is kind of similar to the one I posted a while ago, in that it features something from a chain store that I never usually go into (in this case Valleygirl, in the last case Temt) and find something that I absolutely love. This skirt seems so Audrey Hepburn-ish, especially with these loafers that for some reason everyone assumes are vintage? I don't really mind. They are quite cute and I am already planning which spring/summer outfits to wear them with.

I forgot to take a proper photo, but I'm wearing my owl ring for my dad, since it's Father's Day over here and all. My dad's collected owls ever since I was born, probably before, and so all my owly things are at least a little bit inspired by him. And I know he reads my blog, so happy Father's Day, dad! I love you!

Now that I've drawn you in with an adorable puppy, I thought I would bring up the fact that I've made a Facebook page for my blog! You can like Gin in a Teacup on Facebook here. Please help it be a little less lonely!

Anyway, I am as sleepy as Jerry is in that last photo, so I am going to curl up on the couch with a book! I hope your weekends have been excellent!



Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down

I get sent quite a few emails about collections and labels and the like, but I rarely post about them. However, I couldn't resist posting a few shots from the new Chip Chop! collection, which is titled Bang Bang, Baby!. I know Chip Chop! made really cute tote bags and tees (I used to have a tote which had 'Fall in love, it's fun', as well as a scarf from when they collaborated with Sportsgirl for an art-inspired collection), but I didn't know they made dresses and other items of clothing as well.

Designer Hannah Chipkin was inspired by Spaghetti Westerns, seedy whisky bars, the imagery of the midwest, and sixties sirens such as Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and Nancy Sinatra. It's all put together in a super fun and wearable collection and the lookbook is very cute indeed!

I love the Americana feel of the whole collection (which I think will be pretty huge for summer) and Chip Chop! are known for their cute, Henry Holland-esque slogans on their shirts - this collection features phrases like 'El Dorado with Ricardo'. My favourite piece would have to be the Lucky Star silk shift dress in the first photo, it's also available in navy blue but I'm loving the cornflower blue for the warmer spring weather. 

The range is available in selected boutiques and online at www.chipchop.com.au. I'm going to snap up one of the shift dresses as soon as I can afford it!


Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down 

{Gin in a Teacup received no compensation for this post, it's just a collection I think is cute and I think you guys would like as well!}


What I Wore 02.09.11

My first post as a 22-year-old! First of all thank you for your birthday wishes and tweets, it made what was an already awesome day even more special! You can read a little bit more about my birthday here on my tumblr.

This is the dress I mentioned in my birthday post, which was a present from my mum and dad. It's from my all-time favourite Etsy seller, Old Age Vintage - I think this makes four or five dresses I've bought from them now! As soon as I saw this amazing giraffe-printed dress I knew I had to own it. It was a little bit on the expensive side so I was very happy to receive it as a present! I love giraffes. They're pretty neat.

Vintage dress//Random black belt//Target cardigan//Diva gold studs//Target brogues//Black tights

I'm wearing this to meet a new friend for coffee and possibly discuss some exciting blog bizness. I am particularly enamoured by this new friend because when I met him on Saturday he said my style was a cross between Bettie Page and Edie Sedgwick. Hello! They are both my dream girls. I have been loudly dropping it into conversation and reminding my boyfriend about it ever since (even though he probably doesn't know who either of them are). Then later tonight I'm going to goodbye drinks for one of my best friends! She's going to Margaret River for five weeks for her physio prac because she is super smart and amazing.

And SPEAKING of super amazing and talented people, if you could throw a vote my friend Grace's way for her absolutely gorgeous dress design that would be fantastic! SRSLY. Take a peek. I kind of think I'm going to steal this for my wedding dress.

Okay lovelies, I hope you have a great weekend! I'll leave you with some ridiculous photos. In a dress like this you can't really help but twirl around!