Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all the way from Perth! I unfortunately didn't get to dress up this year - well, I did go to a Mexican-themed 21st on the weekend, but it's not the same as going all out in a freaky costume. So I decided to pull out the Halloween cardigan I got, oh, about two years ago and have never actually worn on Halloween.

I hope your Halloween is all spooky and freaky! I have no plans apart from watching horror movies with my boyfriend tonight, which sounds pretty alright to me. If you have any scary movie suggestions let me know - the only one I've locked in is Scream, which I've never seen before!



Good Enough To Eat

I don't know whether it's the spring weather or what, but everywhere I look there seems to be delicious fruit-printed clothing frolicking about. I'm not going to lie to you. I love food. I adore food. The other day I ate this great roast beef and mango chutney sandwich and I was thisclose to texting someone or dedicating a Facebook status to it or something. So why not take a cue from these delightful culinary cuties and wear your love of food literally on your chest?


Frock Up For Frocktober

You might have seen a few bloggers posting about Frocktober. Frocktober is an initiative that supports the Australian Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, and participants are sponsored by their friends and family (and blog readers!) to wear a dress for every day in Frocktober. Now, it's already almost the end of October but you can still help out by buying this adorable dress from Modcloth. I saw it on Jen Loves Kev and I thought it was an awesome idea! 20% of the proceeds from this dress will go to the Ovarion Cancer Research Foundation, and the colour combination is exclusive to Modcloth. So if you want to help out ovarian cancer research - and look cute doing it - why not pop over to Modcloth and snap up this dress?

You can also donate to two of my favourite bloggers who are participating - Le Blog de Sushi and Lady Melbourne.


All Shook Up

I thought I would share my latest op-shop finds with you. My boyfriend and I stopped at the huge Salvos store near his house a while ago and while the clothing selection was pretty disappointing - and WAY overpriced (what's up with that, Salvos?) - I did manage to pick up a few goodies.

{I scored this glomesh purse for $4.99. I think I was really lucky that the sticker fell off and the lady gave it to me for way less than what it's worth!}

{This dress needs a little bit of work - I think I'll replace the lining and take it up a bit - but it has a really beautiful, subtle print and is very Marilyn Monroe. It's a white wiggle dress with a pencil skirt and a bit of a risque split up the back - I'll be sure to take photos when it's all fixed up!}

{I bought these shoes on a different op-shopping trip, but I thought I'd share them anyway. They're so cute and I've wanted a navy pair of shoes for years!}

{And now the pièce de résistance - say hello to Elvis! He is quite happily hanging above my collection of teacups, looking quite pensive and dapper. He only cost $7.99, as well. I kept squealing with excitement the whole drive home!}

I also bought a suitcase, but I didn't bother to take a photo since, well, you all know what a suitcase looks like. I've made a little list of what I'm looking for in op-shops (otherwise I end up buying a whole lot of stuff I don't need, which inevitably gets donated back to the op-shop) and it includes more vintage suitcases for storage, sequinned tops, jackets with cropped sleeves, and of course dresses in crazy prints. 


Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas


Tea For Two (Or Three... Or Four)

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I made dinner for my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. I was pretty excited about it (possibly because having the week off work and with no writing commitments has made me slightly insane with boredom) and spent the afternoon cleaning the house and preparing everything. Here's some photos from the night - sorry the lighting is a bit out of whack, I'm getting used to using my camera again!

{I bought these mozzarella sticks and they were amazing! Deep fried cheese, what's not to love?}

{My sister - who has a food blog, so I was a bit nervous about cooking - and her boyfriend}

{The pasta! It's baked brie pasta with basil and cherry tomatoes. I got the recipe here and it was delicious... although I think I needed to cook the brie a bit longer to make it a bit more gooey.}

{The all-important taste test}

{My outfit! My playsuit is by Motel via ASOS, the boots are Target, the earrings are Valleygirl, and the ring is from Diva. Oh, and the wine is from Oyster Bay!}

{Some yellow and pink roses. That kind of pink rose is my favourite!}



Autumn Print for a Spring Day

Hello! After a longer-than-expected blog absence, I have a lot to tell you guys! I quit my awful job at David Jones and now I'll be working at Sussan. I haven't been in yet - I have a week off before I start and am slowly dying of boredom - but all the people seem really nice and, luckily, it doesn't seem like it's just clothes for the thirty-plus crowd, which is nice. Plus it's so much closer to home than my previous job - no more hour-long bus rides! Hooray!

Tonight I am celebrating finally feeling somewhat normal again with a dinner party for my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. This is what I wore to make a last minute dash for ingredients and clean the heezy.

Vintage dress//Sportsgirl loafers//Diva bow earrings + bird's nest ring

I bought this dress from Etsy many moons ago (in fact, I think this is the last outfit post I did with it), and it's one of my favourites. I love the print and the cut of it and it fits like a dream. It makes me feel very Betty Draper; all I need now is a cigarette in hand and a strong drink (and a Don Draper, ideally). It might be a bit overdressed for a trip to Woolies to buy cherry tomatoes and flowers, but who cares?

One of the things I noticed when I was feeling down the past couple of weeks was that my wardrobe was being dragged down with me. Instead of making the effort to put on all my pretty dresses and go frolicking in the sunshine, I just dressed in leggings (eek!) and boring, oversized t-shirt dresses and slobbed around like it was nobody's business. Earlier this week I decided to put on one of my favourite vintage finds - a lurid green number with white polka dots - and I was amazed at how much it lifted my mood. I hope it doesn't sound shallow to say that clothes make you feel better, but I think they really do have a hand in changing your mood.

Anyway! I have waffled on for long enough and I have a dinner to prepare for. I will try and take some photos... I'm a bit ridiculously proud whenever I manage to cook something without it going horribly wrong. Fingers crossed!


The Polyphonic Spree - Reach For The Sun