Brooch The Subject

I seem to have amassed quite the collection of brooches, even though I rarely wear them in outfit posts. They've been bought, gifted or handed down to me over the years and even though they don't get the attention (and wear) they deserve, I love them all dearly. It's funny how many memories and sentiments can get attached to inanimate objects, isn't it?

{The kangaroo trophy head brooch is from Pigeonhole; the mix tape brooch, "Hello, I like to skim stones and take long walks in the park" badge and the ampersand are all from the Unwrapped markets; the blue bird and the deer are both leather brooches by My Girl Gwendoline; the carrot is from Corky St Clair in Melbourne; the owl was a gift from my sister; the Vespa was a gift from my friend Cat; the gun is by OSIER; the Mexcellent badge is Limedrop from Pigeonhole, bought during a Mexican-themed production week at uni; and the "No Swimming - Crocodiles", beefeater, and American flag badges belonged to my grandparents.}


Awoke on a Whale Heart

I thought I'd pop in and do a post on a Saturday to let you know about a discount code for Awoke on a Whale Heart, who I mentioned just recently in one of my What I Wore posts - their stall at the Beaufort St Markets is where I found my excellent (or as some - ahem, the BSC members - would say, extremely chilly) Claudia Kishi dress. Liz from Awoke let me know on my Facebook page that there's a code for you lovely readers - just enter the code "TEACUP" at checkout to get a whopping 20% off your purchases! Hooray! Vintage for all! So have a mosey on down to their fantastic shop... here's what I've got my eye on!

Martine shoulder bag, Fumihoko dress, Orculos dress

Lisbon dress, Venturi dress, Britta dress

Jerry Garcia tee, Fang Island dress, Coeur blouse

Thanks so much to Awoke on a Whale Heart for the offer! Happy shopping, everybody!



You're The Apple Of My Eye

Hello! My River Island apple dress finally arrived, and I've been dying to take photos in it all week. However, I didn't get a chance until today, so the dress' debut will have to be going grocery shopping for eggs and cat food. Whee!

When this dress arrived, I tried it on immediately (of course) and was a little underwhelmed with what I saw. The waist wasn't defined, I couldn't even do up the middle hook and eye clasp and it was just, well, unflattering. After a night spent moping around, I tried it on the next day with a different (better, and much more expensive) bra and it fit perfectly! Hooray!

River Island dress via ASOS // Sportsgirl loafers // Diva ring & locket earrings (?! I know, the idea seems a bit silly!)

I hope you guys aren't sick of seeing these shoes yet. My flat shoes have all seemed to have died a painful and messy death so these are the only flats comfortable enough to wear day-to-day! I love that they add a little vintage-looking twist to every outfit, as well. 

So I had a lot of fun getting dolled up for these pictures... I have to confess, I don't usually lounge around my garden looking wistfully at lanterns and climbing on ladders! I put these Typo lanterns up over the past couple of days; some of my family are coming around for Christmas and so I've been getting a bit overexcited with ideas for decorating! Can you guys recommend any good DIY blogs?


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home


Little Things 16.11.11

Hello friends! I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, but recently Vodafone made a huge screwup and accidentally cut off my phone. It took me over a month to sort it out and I was sadly iPhone-less for a while, instead having to revert to a $10 mobile I bought from Kmart. While I didn't miss having the internet on my phone, or being able to do my banking while I'm out, or even the nifty built in iPod, what I really missed was having a camera on me at all time! So that's why there haven't been many Little Things posts lately. But, I have been Instagramming with a vengeance since I got it back, so here's my latest batch of photos...

{Miscellaneous jewellery in a teeny little dish from Sportsgirl}

{Super pretty vintage dress from Etsy that's on my wishlist!}

{Some vintage dresses from the BOFO markets}

{Pretty flowers I saw while I was walking to my friends' house}

{Awesome print of my new Modcloth dress!}

{Lanterns I've hung up for Christmas - they're from Typo if you're interested!}

{On my way to review Twilight - bleh - with one of my new vintage dresses & Diva ring}

There you go! Just some little snaps from what I've been up to lately. I've been a bit busy with work - both my writing and my day job - but apart from that it's been all about Boardwalk Empire, cleaning my house to host people at Christmas and hopefully New Year's Eve, practicing some DIYs to put on the blog (!!! Very excited about this one) and trying not to spend too much money (not doing so well at this one). Oh, and if you do want to follow me on Instagram, my username is gininateacup - I'd love to see your photos too!



The Claudia Kishi Dress

You guys remember the Babysitter's Club (or the BSC), don't you? In fact, I know a lot of you do because we talked about it in a post I did ages ago. Anyway, I got this dress at the vintage markets at the Beaufort St Festival on Saturday, and I thought it was very much a Claudia Kishi kind of dress. Not only is it this weird mustardy-goldy-yellow colour, but it also has random pictures of heart shaped glasses, a line of washing, rainbows, sneakers, and the words 'shoe' and 'star' written sporadically into the pattern. Oh my lord!

I wore it literally the day after I got it because I couldn't wait to take its craziness out into the world. My boyfriend very kindly took these photos for me before we went out for Nando's and he bought me a pin-up poster. I also found the latest BUST magazine at Planet Books, so I was a very satisfied girl indeed. Then tonight we are planning to eat pizza and watch Boardwalk Empire (if you follow me on Twitter you'll know how truly, truly obsessed I am with that show), so it is a pretty perfect end to a pretty perfect weekend.

I feel like I should mention that all the sellers from the vintage market were so polite and helpful, especially the ladies from Awoke on a Whale Heart and Oh Henry!, which is where I spent all of my money! There was such an overwhelming selection on display, and I have to give credit to my lady Lisa for being so patient while I ran around trying things on and tossing up between buying silly things like dresses with tribes of people printed on them or bird necklaces that were actually whistles as well.

Vintage dress via Awoke on a Whale Heart Vintage // Wittner loafers // Sportsgirl bag & sunglasses // Diva bow earrings 

I sometimes wonder when I will stop buying vintage dresses with crazy prints on them. Is there really a point where you become "too old" to wear dresses with little sailboats or cats or turtles or puppies on them (and yes, all of those dresses are in my collection!)? After a long and unfortunate spell in high school where I was way too concerned with dressing for other people, and definitely not wearing clothes I was comfortable in, I've since decided that wearing whatever makes me happy and is a little fun and crazy is the way to go. I love clothes that have a story and that are a little bit different (incidentally, I'm so intrigued as to who would make this dress in the first place!), and it doesn't matter if people give me the stink-eye or the WTF? face from time to time, clothes are meant to be fun!

Well this post has become a bit long and rambly and I had intended to keep it short and sweet after yesterday's Goliath post! I hope you're all having a fabulous start to the week.




On Saturday afternoon, my partner in crime Lisa and I checked out the vintage markets at the Beaufort St Festival (or BOFO, as I heard it called throughout the day) and had a swingin' time. I think it's only the second year the festival's been running and it looks like every year it's going to get bigger and better. We found a bunch of knitted birds sitting on top of parking meters that had been covered in wool and yarn, at least five adorable puppies, tasty burgers at Grill'd (I had the Baa Baa burger - lamb, avocado, cheese, salad and herbed aioli, delicious), and I managed to score three amazing vintage dresses for $85. Awesome. I also managed to completely fangirl out when I met the owner of Awoke on a Whale Heart vintage, but you take the good with the bad, I guess.

Later, when Lisa went off to photograph Peter Combe (jealous!), I went back to a friend's house where we had cider, came back to Beaufort St to watch some bands, uh... liberated... a knitted chicken from its position outside a street lamp and then had long talks into the early hours. It was a pretty perfect Saturday. 

p.s - In case you were wondering, in the above pictures I'm wearing a Dangerfield dress (which I got this week, on sale, and I love the little embroidered details on the collar), Sportsgirl flats, sunglasses and bag, and a Diva necklace with a tiny puppy charm hanging off it. And the new vintage dresses will be appearing in outfit posts very soon!


Gold Dust Woman

On Wednesday night I met up with the babeliest of babes, my fellow fashion blogger Lisa. We went on a bit of a lady date that included delicious cheeseburgers at Jus Burgers, drinks at Ezra Pound, and running around Northbridge taking silly fashion blogger snaps.

Willow skirt // Portmans tee // Lovisa headband // Jasmin flats // Sportsgirl bag // Diva earrings 

If you've been reading for a while, you might remember that I wore almost this exact same outfit (okay, yes it was the exact same outfit) way back in March to watch Best Coast. Luckily the gold on the skirt didn't flake nearly as much as last time - I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but the gold is actually painted (or something) on to the skirt, not part of the print - but still enough for me to leave little specks of gold dust on everything, hence the title of the post!

I wish I could wear this skirt more often, but I'm having a hard time pairing it with anything other than a black shirt and black flats. Any ideas?

This was outside this amazing vintage homewares shop, I would buy everything in there if I had the money! There were some amazing old phones, a huge palm tree lamp (!!) and this amazing indoor bar. I swooned heavily. And then scurried away when I saw how expensive everything was...

...But playing with the light-up floor at the new state theatre is free and just as entertaining. 

And posing on a wooden gecko is always fun too.

After that we headed on down to the Flying Scotsman, where unfortunately the photos ended because everyone was too busy trying to find outdoor seating and not get beat up in the process. People take the seating very seriously at the Scotsman, it would appear. With about ten people crammed around two tiny tables I wasn't game enough to take out my camera (especially when you factor ten-dollar jugs of beer and multiple wine bottles into the mix!). 

Thanks for reading this mammoth post! You'll have to travel on over to Hug-Sized to get the details on what Lisa was wearing and see even more photos of her pretty face. I should have some more posts up this week; I'm going to the Lomovember opening at Pigeonhole on Friday and the Beaufort St Festival on Saturday so hopefully there will be photos aplenty! 


p.s I got to 200 followers on my blog this week, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone that reads and follows this blog! I really appreciate your love and support. xx

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman


I Scream For Ice Cream

Oh my. These Sundae Best heels by Irregular Choice (found on ModCloth) are absolute quirky perfection in a heel. If it's not the adorable icecream and bows print that had me, then the gold ice-cream sundae on the toe definitely did the trick! At $149.99, they're affordable but still a little bit out of my price range - plus there are only four pairs left in my size, and they only went live on the site yesterday! - but if you want to don your feet with sugary deliciousness, you can snap them up here. And then send them to me.


Please, Mr Postman!

The recent kerfuffle with QANTAS means that quite a few of the things I've ordered are still in transit. So, in lieu of showing you the actual pieces themselves, I thought I'd share what I've bought in the last month or so! Hooray for having a job that actually gives you more than three hours a week!

1. Good Enough To Eat dress, ModCloth
I'd actually forgotten all about this dress until I logged back into my ModCloth account for the first time in ages and saw that it was back in stock. I hadn't actually remembered putting it on my wishlist in the first place, but I was pretty smitten with it's delicious junk food print (you might remember it from my post about food-themed clothes a few weeks ago). Luckily, by the time I finished umming and aahing over it, ModCloth had reduced their shipping prices, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

2. Rodarte for Target dress, via eBay
I bought the mustard version of this dress sometime last year, but I never ended up wearing it. Because I have no idea what U.S Target junior sizing is like, I thought I'd better go for the largest size just in case. Well, it always ended up looking funny and not very flattering, and the mustard colour really wasn't me. Or at least, not in that style of dress - it was really feminine, and even though I love the look on other people, wearing big biker boots or something grungy with it just looked weird on me. Fingers crossed that the nude one looks ten times better and is about a thousand times more versatile!

3. River Island Apple Print prom dress from ASOS
This dress and I have a convoluted history. I fell in love with it when I saw it in ASOS' sale section, but due to my aforementioned job I never had enough money to buy it. Then one of my friends mentioned she had the exact same one, so I thought maybe I should refrain from buying it (and smuggle it out of her house when she wasn't looking. Just joking... kind of). It went between my saved items list and shopping basket over about a month, and kept getting sold out and re-stocked - are you trying to tease me, ASOS?! In the end I bit the bullet and bought it, and now I can't wait to style it up with some clogs for summer.

4. ASOS heels
I don't feel like I have very many "girlie" pairs of shoes (that I wear on a regular basis). I'm hoping these ASOS beauties will help fill the gap - the heel looks wide enough that they won't be a pain to wear, and I'm in love with the dusky pink colour and the perforation on them. I've already pictured them with many, many, many different outfits (that's the sign of a good purchase, right?) and they'll be perfect with gorgeous summery dresses.

The Beatles - Please Mr Postman


Pom Pom Fever

This outfit is what I wore on Halloween night. It isn't very Halloweeny at all - unless you count the fact that it's a black skirt - but I liked it and it felt somehow appropriate. It's actually the first time I've worn this skirt, I bought it from Urban Outfitters at the start of the year but there's never been a very appropriate time to wear it. Quite a few of the little pom-poms have already fallen off so I'm a bit sad about that.

TBA skirt // French Connection shirt // Novo wedges // Diva owl ring

So as I was saying, I bought this skirt ages ago when it was on sale. I think it was about thirty dollars down from about $130, so it was a pretty good find! I was a bit disappointed with the quality, though... but, it's TBA and I love them unconditionally! This skirt was from a collection I really loved, and I do like the kind of '50s shape of it. It makes me feel a bit like a housewife in a Tim Burton movie. I'm excited to dress it up with a nice black top and ridiculously high heels, but this was suffice for an evening that involved delicious home-cooked dinners and watching Scream for the first time (my opinion? Not that scary).