HEY EVERYONE! I am just quickly stopping in to say hello & assure you that I am not dead or anything like that. I know it has been about six years since I updated but I've just started my First Proper Full-Time Job - with a salary and everything! WHAT WHEN DID I BECOME A GROWN UP - and it has been keeping me busy (predictably). So until I figure out this work/life balance thing people keep harping on about, I have nothing to talk about except work. Which, well, even my family and my boyfriend only pretend to listen to.

But tonight I cut my fringe and took some photos and I thought I would put them up for you as a little sumthin'-sumthin'. I'm working on a Little Things post (my favourite posts to do) so watch out for that!

And yes, that is my favourite ASOS dress that I'm wearing. It has finally gotten cold enough to wear a wool dress AND tights AT THE SAME TIME!

So I'm off to swoon about the weather and watch Game of Thrones. That's the only other thing I can talk about except work. 



Little Things - Blues & Roots Edition!

Hello! I'm so behind on posts but am trying my hardest to catch up... Okay. These are from the Blues & Roots festival a couple of weeks ago. My dad and I have started going to them together and we always have the best time! I love that it's become a tradition for us. As I've said many, many times on this blog, my dad's the one that got me into music in the first place, and now I'm a music journalism for a living (well, part of my living) so I guess he had more of an influence than he guesses!

Anyway, it was a very very swell lineup this year, with the Pogues, Buddy Guy, Gin Wigmore, The Specials, John Fogerty, and Crosby, Stills & Nash as just part of it. Here's the photos that I snapped on the day... please forgive the Instagram photos, I didn't feel like lugging a huge camera around all day!

1. The program - I loved the type that they used for the advertising this year!
2. All rugged up... the weather was really weird and would go from boiling hot to absolutely freezing cold. I wore a scarf, a really light jacket, and a skirt with tights and boots, so I think I had all weather covered!
3. My really ugly duck (I think?!) ring that I got from Temt. It was only three bucks and I couldn't resist because he's just so... weird.
4. One thing I love about Blues & Roots is that Murdoch always provides these nifty cardboard seats! I have awful back problems if I have to sit crouched over all day, so these are AMAZING!
5. Me and my papa... I don't know why this photo doesn't even look like me! I ended up buying these faux-Bans on the day for $10.
6. Waiting for my dad to get his dinner! He didn't feel like waiting half an hour for some gozleme like some fools (me).
7.  My ASOS jacket - I love the suitcase print - and my trusty My Girl Gwendoline bag that has been to many a festival.
8. Luckily these storm clouds just looked threatening, it didn't actually rain.
9. The Pogues!

And now I'll leave you with even more Pogues love. This is one of my FAVOURITE songs in the whole world and always almost brings a tear to my eye. Gosh I love those Irish bastards.


The Pogues - Rainy Night In Soho


Sunday Best

Happy Easter everyone! I hope your day has been filled with chocolate and fun times. I've spent the weekend relaxing pretty hard - it has consisted of $2 McChicken and Cheese burgers, Connoisseur chocolate nougat icecream, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and finally starting to watch Games of Thrones. It's been pretty neat.

I've also been catching up on my blog reading, so here's a bunch of lovely links for you!

First of all, I'm pretty smitten with this coat from ASOS. I love the collar, I love the 1960s feel to it, and I love, love, LOVE the green. The weather's finally been getting cool enough that I can entertain thoughts of buying it. Plus, there's a red version which is on sale for $10 cheaper...


Speaking of ASOS, you can now get an extra 10% off just for being a student! Head here for more info.

One of my favourite new blogs I've discovered has to be Wearing It On My Sleeves, especially for the amazing DIY revivals she does! I usually buy things from the op shop to alter/chop up/colour, but they just end up in a big pile and are inevitably donated back to the op shop. This has given me a bit more inspiration!

Next up are a couple of DIYS. Firstly, this one from Miss Peregrin's Secrets, which shows you how to create a cute colour-blocked mini dress from two big not-so-cute shirts. I think this looks adorable (and actually really easy, I might be giving it a go soon!)...

And the second is from the lovely girls over at Le Fanciulle, where you can learn to make a leather lunch-bag that's been seen from the likes of Anve and Jil Sander. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I really want to make this!

And after all that DIY-ing, you're probably going to be hungry, right? So you should probably make Em's delicious-looking taco bake. That's right, a taco bake. I actually cannot WAIT to make this. 

There was another pop-up party this week, but this time for the whole of 140 William St. That included two vintage stores, a Zara Bryson, a menswear store, an art display by Andy Quilty, and the All Of The Above studio! I didn't take any photos - too excited enjoying all the freebies, I expect - but you can see some (as always) excellent photos on Dropstitch

Okay! That's all the links I'm loving this week. Have an amazing weekend & I'll be back with some more posts soon!



Indie Anna Jones

Another outfit post! Woo! I wore this out to a friend's birthday drinks at the bird, which I've never been to before but really liked. Good company, a show by the Novocaines that only cost $5 and pints full of cider make me a happy girl indeed.

I found this Egyptian-cave drawings print shirt in an op-shop for a rather incredible $6, along with a huge brown '70s looking teapot for $4. Finding new op-shops with wonderful things in them is quite a coup, considering how overpriced a lot of them are nowadays! $20 for a well-worn Valleygirl dress that probably cost $9.95 in the first place? WHO YOU FOOLIN', OP-SHOPS. On the subject of vintage clothes, though, I saw that Miss Brown Vintage and We ♥ Vintage have both set up shop in the 140 William St complex... looks like I know where most of my pennies will be headed.

Thrifted top // Dotti skirt // Cotton On cardigan // Black tights // Sportsgirl loafers & bag // Pigeonhole earrings

By the time I was ready to go out, it was about 9:10 and Aidan and I had to catch the bus into the city at 9:20. So I convinced him to quickly snap these photos for me before we headed out... too bad I left it on manual settings so all the photos had crazy weird colouring. I tried to just edit them in Picnik in the '1960s' setting. Picnik is actually shutting down on the 19th (boo!), but - sneaky tip - anyone who uses it now or signs up can use all the premium features. Woo! On that note, anyone know any good free online editing websites, or should I just man up and get Photoshop?

In case you're wondering about the title of this post, well, I was saying how I felt like Indiana Jones in this outfit (Egyptian print blouse, cardigan, loafers, etc). Then I remembered how, when I messaged Aidan to tell him I was watching Pulp, he said something like "Wow, you must be sooo indie, if you had a baby with Jarvis Cocker you could call it Indie Anna Jones". And little did he know that eight months later it would be used as a blog title.

Hope your Easter weekend is treating you marvellously!



Hot Rods & Hellraisers

This is a VERY overdue post (one of many!...) from when I went to the Hot Rods show at Devilles a couple of weeks ago. I brought my camera (yay!) but forgot my memory card (boo!), but luckily the lovely Lisa took some photos for me.

I was very excited because I thought the awesome old cars would go very nicely with my new dress from Pretty Dress that I was sent to review. I think I was right! We were taking photos next to this awesome 1956 car and the guy who owned it said "Do you want to take photos inside it?" Um... YES! Never mind the fact that I don't even have my license in real life...

And... onto the outfit details!

Pamper dress by Kling, c/o Pretty Dress // Dangerfield tattoo tights // Black flats // Witchery sunglasses (that came free on a Marie Claire about five years ago!) // Temt earrings // ASOS bag

I really love this dress! It's made of that soft kind of jersey fabric, so it's really comfortable to wear, even on a really hot day like this one! It also has a pretty simple shape, so it's easy to dress up or down - I actually wore it for a night out at Devilles a couple of weeks ago. I also like the little white detailing around the collar (so it looks kind of like a fake Peter Pan collar) and the hem - although it is actually sewn on top of the fabric and I'm not sure how well it will stay on after a couple more washes.

If you're between sizes, I would recommend sizing up (like I did) - it's not uncomfortable or tight, but I think if you got it in a smaller size then the fabric would cling to all the lumps and bumps! I'm also not crazy about the tie around the hips, because I don't really like anything that emphasises my hips, but I can deal. All in all, for $40 it's a really great little dress!

And these are some Instagram photos I snapped on the day. The top one is of my dream car (imagine driving around in one of those! Beep beep!), the second is a hula girl swizzle stick from the pretty dangerously lethal cocktails, and the last one is of a bike that was just hanging around. I don't know if it was meant to be on display, or if someone had just left it there, but I was very tempted to hop on and just ride off with it.

Because there was an awesom Beach Boys cover band, I'll leave you with one of my favourite Beach Boys tunes. It's raining here this week, so maybe this will get you in a summery mood!



Pop Up Pigeon

Last Thursday (I'm getting a bit behind on my posts!), my boyfriend Aidan, my friend Lisa & I headed down to the opening of the Pigeonhole pop up store. Pigeonhole is actually where I started working, as you might have seen me mention in my last post, and I love it so far! If you get a chance you should check out the pop up store, it has a lot more awesome products and I will definitely be back to make some sneaky purchases.

I wore my red Sportsgirl dress that I got in the sales for something ridiculous like $35 down from $150, my granddad's old belt, black tights, and Temt leopard loafers. Those loafers have been getting quite the workout for something that only cost me $10, I've been wearing them EVERYWHERE! I'm not sure they really 'go' with the dress but whatever, they are comfortable and leopard kind of counts as a neutral... right? I've also got on Pigeonhole peas-in-a-pod earrings and my trusty old Sportsgirl bag. Also very proud of how nicely my peeps scrub up!

It was a really fun night and I am so proud to be associated with such a fun, awesome bunch of people. I'll be at the VIP launch for the whole 140 William St pop-up collective tomorrow night, so if you're there, come say hello!


{Even though I work for Pigeonhole, any posts from events or whatnot are NOT sponsored. As always, sponsored posts will be clearly stated. Thanks!}