Groovin' the Moo (Instax Style)

Hello! I thought I'd share some of the photos I took with my new FujiFilm Instax Mini camera while I was at Groovin' The Moo. It's a music festival that happens in my hometown of Bunbury (about two hours away from Perth) and I was lucky enough to get to review it this year (which you can read all about here). There were some particularly excellent acts this year - 360, Kimbra, Matt Corby, Ball Park Music, the Hilltop Hoods, and Public Enemy - and it was made even sweeter by the fact that some of my friends were also there for fun times!

As you can see, my scanning skills still have a long way to go!...
I was actually really impressed with the Instax Mini. I bought it from work (my camera collection is rapidly increasing the longer I work there!) and I found it so easy to use and not too heavy to throw into my bag and carry around all day. The film was ridiculously easy to load into the camera as well - way less fiddly than the Diana film.

The settings are fairly easy to get your head around - that photo in the middle of the trio above was the first photo I took, and how could you not be happy with that? - but the photos looked really washed out if I took them in really bright light. It's great for taking photos inside and at night, but during the day in a well-lit area? Not so much. 

The film is quite a bit cheaper than Polaroid film, too; about $2 a photo rather than $5. The only downside that I could really find was the size of the photos - they come out as a credit card size rather than a bigger Polaroid size. But, I've found a really cute way to display them (which I'll show in a later post). 

And as for the festival itself, that was pretty awesome too. It was one of those weekends that left me ridiculously happy (and not because of all the cider that was consumed). I was kind of surprised that my favourite act of the day was the Hilltop Hoods, although Kimbra was of course amazing as well. You can read the whole review of the day here

Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions about the camera (or the festival, or anything really, I'm not the boss of you) just leave them in the comments. 



Peggy Sue's

I go on about Peggy Sue's all the time, but I don't think I've ever done a proper post on what is basically my favourite place to be, ever. I don't know what magical powers Bee has but the new Peggy Sue's studio - which also houses some other creative types, including the gorgeous Ebony from Little Gracie - is pretty much what the inside of my brain looks like.

Take a peek for yourself...

I've been going to Bee for almost two years now. I found out about her when I was looking for places to get my hair done for my 21st (I ended up getting it done at the uni hairdresser... the less said about that the better). Anyway, the first time I went to Bee was the first time I felt comfortable at a hairdresser - not only that, but she also dyed my hair red for the first time, and has seen me through many a colour change. She also rescued my hair after it was mercilessly butchered earlier in the year (again, the less said about that...) and at the moment it is in a very cute, '60s style, Alexa Chung-ish bob. So as well as providing a beautiful space, Bee also does a rather cracking haircut and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Also, moving in to her new space means now I can ogle pretty Little Gracie clothes every time I go there (see last photo)! I'm always terrified of smudging them with hair dye, but I do admire the gorgeous pieces from a very safe distance. I really must own something from her soon.

You can find out more about Peggy Sue's Studio at the Facebook page, and there's also a page just for hair. Go on and getcha hair did - you will not regret it in the slightest!


{Please note all opinions in this post are my own, I was not compensated in any way by Peggy Sue's for saying this - I just love 'em and I think you will too!}


My Little Pony

I'm off to the hairdresser's today (yay!) and these are some pictures that have been inspiring me. Lately I can't get candy-coloured tresses out of my mind. I've done the pastel, kind of ombre effect - with blue and then with pink - but maybe it's time for a full head of colour?

all images via My Little Pony Hair tumblr, originally from here, here, and here

What do you think? I have always had a soft spot for My Little Pony... I just never thought I would be sartorially inspired by those magical beasts.





So at the moment I am very sick. Boo! I'm having a few days off work to try and fight this flu. But even sick days can be improved by shirts arriving in the mail, new editions of Lula magazine, and wearing new necklaces picked up from work.

ASOS denim shirt, Sussan skirt, Pigeonhole claw necklace, Sally Hansen nail stickers



Little Things 09.05.12

As promised, here's another Little Things post! There's quite a few photos this time - I know, it's been a bit of a break between posts! I'll try and not waffle on too much...

1. I caved in and bought a Diana F+ camera from work! I couldn't resist one called Mr. Pink // 2. Having a cup of peppermint tea with Bee while getting my hair cut at Peggy Sues // 3. My window at work! Well, it's changed by now, but I quite liked this display // 4. My new pug necklace (it's by Meow Girl in case you're interested!)

1. New vintage dress! It's the perfect length and has an awesome print that I will hopefully be able to show off in better photos soon!... // 2. New mustard tassel scarf from work - very useful in this deliciously cold weather! // 3. I thought Aidan looked a bit Bob Dylan-ish when he woke up from a nap one day // 4. Trying out lipsticks

1. Dinner at Lidos for some friends' birthdays - it was delicious! // 2. Breakfast with my sister at Tiger Tigers - this was avocado, feta and herbs on toast and was also delicious! // 3. This is one of Aidan's dog's Abby. She is the definitely most attention hungry out of all three dogs! // 4. Deciding on rings at work... I got both in the end but the rabbit in gold and the moose in silver.

I also went to a Friday the 13th party (almost a month ago, eep!). I came straight from work so went as a rather uncreative 'schoolgirl zombie'... lucky I usually dress like a schoolgirl, and found some talcum powder and lipstick to complete the look!

How amazing are those eyeball cupcakes?! I am very lucky to have friends who create such delicious food! The pregnant schoolgirl outfit was also one of my favourites.

And speaking of scary, the other week I had a backpacker's themed party to go to. So, why not dress up as one of Ivan Milat's victims?

Also, you can read a little questionnaire I did for Pigeonhole right here, if you want to know my pet peeves, secret talents and a bunch of other stuff!

Goodnight! x

p.s Was massively sad to read about the death of Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys. RIP MCA.


Butter Me Up

I'd heard a lot about Revlon Lip Butters on various blogs and read a bit about them in magazines, so I was pretty excited to try them when they came to Australia - and having the gorgeous Emma Stone in the campaign didn't hurt, either. After much deliberation I went for a light, creamy nude (Creamsicle), and a really subtle lilac (Gumdrop). I ended up getting a free gift bag out of the offer too, which contained YET ANOTHER shade - a darker pink one (Pink Truffle) that I wouldn't have picked myself, but I actually quite like it on.

And of course, I'm pretty in love with the packaging!

They definitely do make your lips feel softer, but they do feel a little greasy on when you first apply them. I think they'd be fine worn over a lipstick or another colour, though, but I wanted to wear them by themselves at first to see how strong the colour was.



Pink Truffle

Have you tried them yet? I must say, even after only playing around with them, that I'm pretty enamoured. I've just made it a mission to get more into makeup and maybe deviate from the red lips or winged eyeliner looks I always rely on.



Bonnie & Clyde

This is the first in a series chronicling the style of our favourite bad girls. All the gumars, mistresses, natural born killers and gun-toting gals all have a special place in my heart, and who better to start with than Bonnie?

While the real Bonnie, of Bonnie and Clyde, was obviously a lot more badass than Faye Dunaway, I'm not sure she would have had this slightly beatnik, effortlessly stylish look going on...

Bonnie and Clyde was made in 1967, and was based on a real-life crime duo, so there ain't no spoilers to be had here. In the film, Bonnie (Faye Dunaway) is a small-town waitress who meets bad boy Clyde (Warren Beatty) and becomes his partner in crime. The pair go from small-time robberies to bigger and more lucrative crimes, and are eventually gunned down in a very spectacular fashion by the local cops.

All the big hair, easy layers and pops of colour kill me. Being able to commit a bunch of crimes without a hair out of place is also a pretty impressive skill. Like her do in the second-last picture - is that a Bumpit I spy?? How else can you get such an impressive beehive in such a situation?!


p.s Maybe I was wrong about Bonnie Parker's style... she seemed like she had a little somethin' stylish going on!