Dairy Queen

I wore this outfit to work around the start of the week and loved it so much I wore it again on my day off. I can't believe I've worn separates for TWO outfit posts IN A ROW! What is my life. This is unfamiliar territory for me.

I bought this denim top from ASOS a while ago and I didn't realise just how cropped it would be. The whole shirt only has three buttons! So I only really like wearing it with (very) high waisted skirts, and I randomly picked out this one and loved how they looked together. It made me feel like I should be a teenager in a 1950s diner. I have these perfect pink Wittner loafers that would be even more amazing... but I've got two big piles of clothes at my house AND at my boyfriend's house, leading to much frustration. Probably a little more frustration for him since his room has been taken over by all my stuff.

Op-shop skirt (similar?) // ASOS denim shirt // Pigeonhole ruler ring & peas in pod studs (which I forgot to get a close up of, sorry!) // Forever New loafers

Also... I had some purple colour bug in my hair on Monday and clever me didn't realise it had gotten all over the back of my top. Oops. It also has gravy stains on it. I'm a classy lass.

I got this skirt from an op-shop sometime last year (here's the last outfit post featuring it) but I find it really difficult to wear. I love the midi length but I feel like it just makes me look like Mayor of Stumptown if I pair it with the wrong items. I didn't mind it here as much, for some reason. Maybe because it's so fun to swoosh around. 

I bought this ring from work (what else is new) after asking on Instagram whether I should take the plunge. Gosh, Instagram is good when it comes to justifying purchases. Anyway, I love it because it's such a simple shape but I love the cute little ruler details.

Anyway, what else is up?

Hope your weekend is treating you well! x


Prints Charming

There's not much to say about these photos; these are some prints on some new(ish) dresses. Hopefully I'll get to show all of these beauties off properly on the blog soon, but for now you get this sneak peek*! I guess if blogs had trailers like movies do, this would be mine.

*every time I write 'sneak peek' now, I'm going to think of this guy. Oh how I laughed when I saw this!


The Cat's Meow

Hello! I am back with an OUTFIT POST! Woah!

The other day I was working in the city, and for whatever reason I was feeling tired, and grumpy, and just... eh. So I went window shopping and somehow walked back into the office with a Chicabooti black cardigan (I prefer buying ridiculously cheap cardigans, I don't know why) and this Sportsgirl blouse. And a bagel with brie cheese, pesto, avocado and sundried tomatoes, which to be honest I think had more of an impact on my mood.

I wouldn't normally pay full price for something at Sportsgirl, where things tend to go on sale after about three weeks, but I couldn't resist this top as it reminded me so much of the Miu Miu S/S 2010 collection. I guess it took a while for those prints to trickle down into Australian chain stores, because two years later, I find this perfect blouse with an adorable cat print.

Sportsgirl blouse // Cotton On slip // Motel skirt via ASOS // Black tights // Target boots // Pigeonhole mouse earrings

This outfit feels like a bit of a departure from my usual style, but I really liked it. I'm also pretty happy that I found the perfect Western-style lace up boot at Target, of all places. These boots have rarely left my feet the past few weeks (that actually sounds pretty gross, but you know what I mean). Plus, my hair is now long enough to tie back! So that's why it looks like I have a Velma Kelly bob going on. 

Oh, and did anyone notice I mentioned mouse earrings in my outfit description? I was pretty chuffed with the cat/mouse combination I had going on, even if it was invisible to everyone else.

Thanks for reading! x


Now & Then

Hello! I've had this blog for almost four years now (FOUR YEARS!) and yet I don't really revisit the old posts that often. It's mostly out of self-preservation - I don't particularly want to go back and examine all the past style horrors and spelling mistakes and cringe over what my 18 year old self has written! But I decided to revisit some of my outfits from around this time, that I've photographed for the blog.

This is from June 20, 2009. I ended up giving that coat to my mum because I felt like it was a tad too old for me. It was a gorgeous coat, but I don't really have that many occasions where I need to wear a knee-length velvet coat. I still have that dress (very good example of cost per wear; at the time I bought it, it was the most expensive thing I'd ever bought!) and I'm not sure what has happened to the shoes. I think I ended up giving them away in the massive wardrobe purge I did last month. 

This is from June 16, 2010. How crazy is it that this was TWO YEARS AGO? It seems like 2010 was about four months ago. ANYWAY. This is one of my favourite outfits I've worn on the blog! I always mean to wear that dress more, but it has a bit of a halter neck going on and apparently after two years, I still haven't gotten my act together and bought a strapless bra. I still have those crazy tattoo stockings too. Although now I have an actual tattoo to go with it! Also, I really miss my long hair :( how long will I go on about that? Until my hair grows back, that's how long. 

I remember wearing this outfit to see Toy Story 3. Also, how is my loungeroom always so messy?! Sorry to subject you guys to that on a regular basis. Now you know why most of my outfit photos are outside now. I still have this Modcloth dress (I think it was called the Deschenal dress), but something about it is just a bit... off. I think the big satin collar combined with the below the knee length make it feel a little bit old and a little frumpy. I think I'm going to try taking it up and see how I feel. The wedges are the same kind of deal, they're pretty great but I hardly ever wear them.

OMFG THAT MESS @_@ I am actually kind of embarrassed. Which is a big deal for me because my bedroom looks like a wardrobe has exploded at the best of times. But onto the outfit. I LOVE this dress - I got it at some vintage market in Melbourne - but it's also a bit tricky to wear. I really don't like full length sleeves that are in a blouse style, PLUS this dress is pretty much see through and until about two weeks ago I didn't have a nude slip. Maybe I will pull this dress out soon because it really is one of my favourites. Also, those little red Zu shoes are still going strong and they're some of the most comfortable heels I own. 

And this from just last year! I think I must have moved into my house not long before this, judging on how clean it is. Plus, how nice is that lighting (if you'll excuse the self vanity)? I wish I was home at the time every day to take photos. This dress was my first ever purchase from ASOS and obviously started a mad, mad obsession. I do love this outfit and I feel like I wear it all the time, which is why it's not on the blog much. And now I realise I last photographed it A YEAR AGO so it's probably okay to do another post featuring this dress. Also - this wee little Bettie Page fringe was one of my FAVOURITE HAIRSTYLES EVER. 

Well! That was actually pretty fun to look back on. Although it does remind me I need to do more outfit posts so I can actually do these posts in the future... eep. 

What do you think about your old style? I thought I would be more WTF but I actually don't mind most of these outfits. I guess not much has changed in four years (apart from my hair, my house, my boyfriend, my job... but yeah the style stays the same). 



Guest Post: Shoes To Banish Winter Blues!

Hey guys! Today I have a guest post from Laura Clarke, on behalf of ASOS. As you all probably know by now I am severely obsessed with ASOS - I can't even tell you how many orders I've placed with them (though if you've read my blog for a while you can probably guess that it's A LOT). Anyway, this post is all about winter shoes. I am admittedly terrible at buying season appropriate shoes, so hopefully this post helped you like it did me! Enjoy!

When colder weather sets in and daylight hours start to become shorter and shorter we can start to feel a little sorry for ourselves and soon become tired of our dull wardrobe choices. To inject some serious style and a whole load of colour into tired winter wardrobes a great pair of bright boots or shoes are perfect and you can find some great options at ASOS.

A pair of chunky heeled ankle boots are great for pairing with alomost anything and this gorgeous rusty red pair is in a super cute winter shade and will be perfect styled with an oversized chunky knit dress and tights.

The perfect flat for winter has got to be a leather loafer as they will keep your tootsies dry and be right on trend all at the same time. While black and tan versions are everywhere a pop of colour will never go amiss so these mustard yellow versions will be great for brightening up skinny jeans and a plain white blouse.

Sport luxe is a trend that keeps on growing and we are now seeing more and more stylish trainers. This pair has a concealed wedge heel, perfect for adding a bit of extra height without anyone knowing! The floral patterning gives this look a feminine twist and fits in well with the print trend that is currently red hot.

In winter when we want to wear heels stiletto styles just aren’t all that practical, slippery pavements mean walking anywhere can be more of a challenge than a joy! A chunky heeled flatform is a much more sensible (yet gorgeous) choice as you will not be balancing solely on the balls of your feet and will still achieve your desired height. An ankle strap is also a great idea as it will make you feel more secure in your shoes.

So this winter ditch the drab black footwear and choose something with colour or pattern to make winter a brighter prospect!

I thought I'd let you guys know about it today because I found a discount code for ASOS where you can get 30% off by putting in SALE30 at checkout... have fun with that one! Thanks, Laura & ASOS! x

{Gin in a Teacup was compensated for this post. If you're a business or blog interested in doing a guest post, shoot me an email at gininateacup@gmail.com - I'd love to work with you!}


Little Things 15.06.12

Hello again! Here's some more little snapshots that I've been taking recently. Enjoy!

Me being a dork & showing off my media pass at Groovin' the Moo // I'm pretty addicted to Sally Hansen nail stickers and these have been my favourite by far! They're slightly tacky but that just makes me like them more // This was after my most recent haircut. I wish I could recreate those curls at home! // My boyfriend's cousin's baby turned one recently and there were these adorable animal cupcakes (as well as a petting zoo with a piglet! Ahh!)

Still madly in love with my new jelly sandals... // This was an outfit I wish I'd taken a better picture of! It felt very '50s bobby sox girl. // This is a close up of the print on my dress in the photoset above - I LOVE IT! It's completely cray but everyone needs a healthy dose of crazy dress prints in their lives // There was meant to be a big storm in Perth the other night (it wasn't too bad, although the towns along the south coast got hit a lot harder!) so we mucked around and took silly pictures. Take THAT, storm!

And this is a little collage I made of another outfit! This is a new Club L (?) jumper that I got on sale from ASOS, a Dotti skirt that I'm wearing in my outfit photo above, my jelly sandals (again) and a Pigeonhole ring. It's so wintery and stormy here at the moment that it's dark when I get home, so I can't take outfit photos... I need to get more organised and start taking them in the morning! Or find a place with excellent lighting. 

Anyway, that's all from me for now! Hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty (or nice and cool, depending on where you are) - I know I'm trying my best to! 



Sale Time!

Hey lovers! I thought I would quickly pop in & let you know about the HUGE SAAAALE that Pigeonhole is having at the moment. In my store there's a buy one item, get the second half price; three pairs of earrings for $60, and a bunch of other cute stuff that's been marked down. Here's a few of my favourite things...

Limedrop 'Goodbye' necklace, $75 // Crystal ring, $55 // Tassel necklace, $45 // Dahlia earrings, $26 

Please excuse the shameless plug (but at least you know why it's been a bit quiet around here)! I'll be back later today with some more posts.

Anyway, visit the website to find the store location (sorry non-Perthies!) & pop in and say hello!



Jump From Paper

I know that I'm probably a bit slow off the mark posting about this... but how awesome are these bags by Jump From Paper? They look like 2D cartoon drawings but are actually fully functional bags. They make my brain hurt if I look at them too long.

And my favourite... "First Date".

At the moment you can pre-order the bags from the website, and they'll be available from June 15. I am pretty crazy about them! I think they'd be the type of bag where you'd constantly get stopped and asked about it. I'm not going to pretend I totally understand them, but I know that I really, really, really want one.

Would you wear them? Do you think my love for them - and for 2D looking things in the "real world" - stems from my obsession with Who Framed Roger Rabbit when I was younger? O_O


Red, White & Blue

Hello! I'm finally on the way to feeling well again and actually felt like putting together a halfway decent outfit. I felt a little bit Jubilee inspired in this blue jumper, red and white spotted dress combination (not to mention the Topshop sandals). Though to be honest, it is an outfit that's inspired by British bloggers like Yours, Truly and Gem Fatale, so there is some kind of connection...

I'm finding new ways to wear items I've avoided for years - like jumpers. I bought this onw a while ago and planned to just wear it like a top, but then it occurred to me that I could actually layer it too (like, um, it's intended purpose as a normal jumper). I love the way the collar peeks out with this dress.

ASOS jumper // Revival dress from Dangerfield // Meow Girl necklace // Pigeonhole vintage button earrings // Topshop jelly sandals

In these photos you can also see my latest Peggy Sue's haircut! I am so glad to have my fringe back again. I feel a little naked without it. I'm still getting to terms with having a bob after so many years of growing my hair, but I do feel a bit '60s and a bit mod with this style. I still can't wait for it to grow back out again, though. 

The sandals were a hastily chosen late night purchase, and after I'd pressed 'Pay Now' I did have a moment of thinking, really? A pair of glittery jelly sandals when we're heading into winter? What the eff? But then when they arrived a few days ago I gleefully pulled them out the box and have pretty much not taken them off since.  

I got this pug necklace at the opening of the Pigeonhole pop-up store. Even though it was more than I'd usually spend on a necklace, I couldn't resist! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know my ridiculous obsession with pugs. I am sad to report that I am no closer to owning one, despite vigorous campaigning. Boo.

And now I'm off to rummage up some dinner and enjoy the last couple of hours of the public holiday! I hope you all have an excellent start to the week!