Op Shop Inspiration

So 30 Days of Restyle kicks off tomorrow (!!!) and as excited as I am to get started, I'm still a little daunted by working op-shop finds into my everyday wardrobe for the next month. Luckily, I follow a lot of awesome bloggers who I always admire for doing just that! Here are some of my favourite blogs that, I feel, have a great focus on op-shop/thrifted/vintage clothing...

Jen from A Little Bird Told Me {and check out her post What's Happend To Our Charity Shops?}

Hannah from One Hundred Miles From Any Wear {her whole blog was dedicated to wearing op-shop and local designers for one hundred days}

Solannah from Vixen Vintage {she found her wedding dress at a market for 75 cents!}

Eleanor from Pretty Much Penniless {she also has the best luck with finding vintage homewares!}

Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess {they also post some amazing DIYs if your op-shop finds need a bit of a lift!}

Nicole from Fashion Forestry {this blog is a MUST READ for anyone who loves vintage, especially novelty vintage! It's seriously inspiring}

Ashely from Fancy Fine {who also has a Etsy vintage shop!}

Gem from Gem Fatale {one of my favourite blogs EVER, and not just for all the op-shop inspiration!}

Do you have any favourite blogs which focus more on vintage and thrifted goods? Let me know! I have an inkling my op-shop inspiration will dry up at around day 11... I kid. Hopefully.



Made On The Left

Hello again! So like I said in yesterday's post, I popped down to the Made On The Left markets at the WA State Theatre on Sunday. I wasn't expecting it to be underground, but it was actually pretty rad (except for taking photos... argh, that lighting!). I only got to have a quick look around, which I guess is one of the perils of bringing your boyfriend shopping with you, but I was really impressed with all the awesome talent coming out of WA. Here's some pretty stalls that caught my eye...

{Tea Party At Lucy's // Facebook // Website}

{Pop Goes The Weasel // Facebook // Etsy}

{Charlie and James // Facebook // Website}

{L'amour des Lapins // Facebook // Website}

{Stepmum's // Website}

{Small Things // Tumblr}

And I'll quickly just share what I picked up!

Pug head from Sweet Things // 'T' brooch & scrabble tile ring from Tea Party at Lucy's // Swallow studs from Charlie and James // Vinyl clock from Stepmum's



Dandy Warhol


Today Aidan and I had a really nice day walking around Northbridge (so much better in the daytime than at night! And far less vomiting clubbers). We had lunch at the Moon Cafe, went to a couple of vintage stores, stopped in at the Made on the Left markets (photos to come!) and finished off with a cheeky cider at The Bird. It was such a sunny day for the middle of winter, I only wore a thin cardigan and I didn't even need tights! I guess living in Perth does have its advantages...

Anyway, I ended up wearing my crazy pop-art-junk-food dress. I haven't worn it for ages - here's the last time I wore it on the blog - but lately I've fallen back in love with it. It's just the best! The print is amazing, the cut is fantastic... I think it might be a hot contender for my favourite dress ever.

Modcloth dress // Temt cardigan // Valleygirl shoes // Sportsgirl bag // Pigeonhole lion earrings & dahlia ring

{This last picture was sneakily taken as I was walking back to get my camera, haha!} 

My hair's kind of in a weird place at the moment. The purple has faded to more of a pastel, which is what I was hoping for, but the pink has gone to this orangey-red. Argh! I think next time I'm going to try all-over colour... eep!

I can't wait to show you guys what I got at the markets, so I'd better get down to editing those photos! Then tonight I'm going to cook dinner and Aidan and I are going to watch The Dark Knight, since Aidan still hasn't seen it. I can't wait to see The Dark Knight Rises! YAY BATMAN! 

Oh, and here's some close-ups of my jewellery. I bought the little lion studs on a whim last week, and the dahlia ring is one I picked up in the sale. Aren't they lovely?



Restyle on Film

Hello! I thought I'd share this video with you. It was filmed by the very talented Gemma Rule, and I love it! You can see my (very wobbly) feet walk past in the fluoro heels. Funny story, when they were asking us to walk across the backdrops for the photo, I was PETRIFIED. I am not that great at walking in heels, and since I've dislocated my knee before, one step in the wrong direction and my day would have ended on quite a painful note! When I tremulously walked past, I looked back and everyone was giggling at my Bambi steps... so I had to do it again. Haha! So now you know why there's not that many outfit photos of me in stilettos :)



Jungle Fever

Hello! I managed to sneak in a couple of photos before I left for work today. I've had this giraffe print dress for a while - I got it for my birthday last year - but I only just got it taken up over the weekend. Yes, I mean this weekend, over a year later... but I think that you'll be seeing a lot more of it now! The new length is absolutely perfect! I do love a good midi length from time to time, but I find shorter lengths a lot more wearable for everyday. What do you think?

Vintage dress // Chicabooti cardigan // Black tights // Sportsgirl loafers

{Sorry they're a bit grainy... trying to figure out proper lighting while half asleep is not my forte!}

I thought my quest for the perfect, cheap, black cardigan was over with this little Chicabooti number... but then today I discovered it already has a massive hole in it! Grr. Cheap cropped cardigans are my jam but I do like it when they last longer than a couple of wears :(

But now for some good news, I picked up some AMAZING pieces on my lunch break for 30 Days of Restyle! I've actually planned out almost all my outfits... I'm a bit of a nerd like that. I can't wait to get started! This week the lovely Steph & Trish are actually doing a little bit of a mini-feature on all the bloggers involved, so head on over to their blog for behind the scenes photos galore!

Anyway, I just got a very exciting ASOS package delivered today, so hopefully I can sneak in some outfit posts before I go all op-shop up in here.



Top of the Shops

I have a confession to make. I've never really dug Topshop. I've bought one pair of sailor-inspired flats (too small, so I gave them to my mum) and my jelly sandals from there... and that's it. The clothes have never grabbed me as being particularly inspiring, although they do look amazing on other bloggers!

But then I saw a lilac lace dress in Grazia magazine a couple of weeks ago - and I fell hopelessly in love. I had a little peek on the website and I found some amazing pieces! I think I might have to do a sneaky order before my shopping ban comes into effect...

1. Maddie Mint Eva Brogues, £20.00 (on sale!)
6. Pink Ombre Skirt, £18.00
8. Scallop Tassle Lace Vest (back view shown), £20.00

So much pastel-y goodness in there! I'm particularly smitten with the Poppy Lace Dress and those gorgeous mint green brogues. So lovely! I also love the print on the cut-out dress but I have kind of a sworn hatred of cut-outs. I can't really resist anything with that kind of china plate print, though.

Do you buy lots of Topshop?



Magical Unicorn Hair!

Hello! So here's a little look at my new hair colour! I loved the purple-tipped hair that I had in my Restyle photo so much that I decided to get it done for real next time I was at the hairdressers. It was put in with a Kevin Murphy colour bug for the shoot, but this will hopefully last a lot longer!

I (well, Aidan) took this photo before we went to Flight of the Conchords. It was SO GOOD! If you ever get a chance to see them live you should do so, immediately.

In these photos I'm wearing a vintage dress and (faux) leather biker jacket from eBay. My hair was done by those fabulous folks at Peggy Sues - who are now taking new clients! Go go go!



30 Days of Restyle + Perth Fashion Festival

Hello! I know things have been a bit quiet around here lately but that's because I've been working on a super exciting new project!

Ten other Perth bloggers and I have been invited by Perth Fashion Festival and Lotterywest to participate in 30 Days of Restyle. "Uh?" I hear you ask. Well, it's basically all about op-shopping. We're going to post daily outfit photos that will be at least 50% op-shopped, AND we're going to buy nothing new for the whole month of August. Eep! 

The challenge is to buy from seven branches of op-shops. We've been given a budget to spend, and so far I have found some AMAZING pieces! While the thought of buying nothing new in August - my birthday month! - gives me a little bit of the heebie-jeebies, I'm really excited about mixing up my wardrobes, supporting charities and buying local.  

Anyway, to launch the campaign we got to take part in a very fun photoshoot. As soon as I find my SD card, I'll share the behind-the-scenes images, but for now here's my final image!

I was very lucky to work with SOYA winner Penny Lane, who is an amazing photographer. She put everyone at ease and was so lovely as well! The hair was done by Renos on St Quentin for L'Oreal, and the makeup was done by Lauren Woods. I think they did an excellent job!

I'm so excited to be part of this project, and I can't wait to share my month of Restyle with you! You can check out the other bloggers involved in this project below...

Make sure you check out all of the other bloggers, too - don't they all look babein'?! I love how the stylists really paid attention to everyone's personal style. I had met most of the bloggers before - Perth is a pretty small place, you know! - but it's great to discover some new blogs too. 

3. Me!

Thanks so much to PFF and Lotterywest for asking me to get involved! I'll post a few more times about Restyle this month, and then... it's all happening in August! How exciting!

You can follow all of us on the Restyle website, as well!



Letter To Shoes

Everyone writes letters to shoes, right? Ahem.

Well, you would if they were these pointed ballet flats. Swoon.



Little Things 14.07.12

Hello again! Here's some more of my Instagram photos from the last month or so. If you want to follow along, my username is @gininateacup :)

Crazy morning hair (& my very cute phone case from Typo!) // My awesome t-rex ring, which really does open & close // My view at the bus stop one night // Another new ring - the ruler ring from this post

A rainy day outfit with one of my favourite vintage dresses // Makeup done at a photoshoot recently // My cat blouse from this post // Polka dots and bulldogs - a new favourite combination 

At my boyfriend's brother's architecture show // Bored at work on Saturday & listening to Biggie Smalls // A delicious breakfast at Jean Pierre Sanchos while waiting for the roof at work to get fixed // An awesome headdress I got to wear at aforementioned photoshoot! Can't wait to show you the end results!

If you're wondering why I keep going on about Oh Henry! Vintage, just look at their front table at the pop up store! I swooned // Me & my Biggie Smalls figurine (from here) - I swooned here also // Watching Aidan play golf in Yanchep (and I learned how to play a bit too... it is NOT easy) // Some delicious vintage goods - not mine, sadly!

Okay, that's enough Instaspam for now!


A Rose By Any Other Name

Hello! I wore this outfit to a friend's birthday drinks. We spent quite a leisurely afternoon at the Queens, munching on chips and wedges and drinking lots of cider.

This dress is one that I picked up at the Oh Henry! vintage pop up store. It's AMAZING! The store is like a massive warehouse of vintage, and I think this was one of the last dresses I tried on. It was just loitering quietly on the sale rack (!!!) and I thought, "That's a nice print, but this dress looks way too big for me." Then I noticed it had a matching sash. Then I noticed that sash was a BELT! I love it! I got quite a haul, and I can't wait to show you the rest. I wish I had better pictures than these iPhone ones, but I lost my memory card for my camera! Gah :(

I was really stuck on what to wear this dress with. I have a grey cropped cardigan that would be perfect, but it appears to be trapped in a wormhole of time and space between my house and Aidan's house (along with many other of my favourite cardigans! Grr!). Not wearing a jacket was not an option - Perth has been freeeezing lately - so I decided to go all-out floral and wear this old Sportsgirl jacket.

Vintage dress // Sportsgirl jacket // Pigeonhole dahlia ring // ASOS heels

So there's my mini floral explosion outfit! I have so many floral pieces, but this is actually the first time I've mixed them. I can't wait to wear this dress by itself in the summer! Mixing prints is still a big question mark to me. Gimme a plain cropped cardigan any day.