Restyle: The End

And after thirty outfit posts, here is my last outfit for Restyle! I'm not going to lie, I'm really sad that this challenge is over. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, tweets and emails about Restyle - I hope it's inspired you to do a little op-shopping of your own! And of course a huge thanks to Renee, Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest, my fellow Restyle bloggers, and all of the wonderful people at Good Sammys, the Salvos, Drug Arm WA, Save the Children, and Vinnies!

Well, before this turns into a Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars speech, I'll just shut up and tell you about the outfit. The dress is one that I gave you a sneaky peek of in this outfit post, and the jacket... oh the jacket. I was saving it for a special post, and what's more special than the last day of Restyle (and my last day of being 22)?

It's an amazing Liz Davenport jacket that was a little on the expensive side, but LOOK AT IT. It's like a unicorn and a mermaid got together and had a baby and the baby manifested as this jacket. It's a swirly pastel jacquard piece of awesome.

Liz Davenport jacket, $30, Good Sammys // Dress, $30, Red Cross // Shoes, $4, Good Sammys (previously opshopped) // Bag, $8, Save the Children // Bracelet, $5, Good Sammys

Unlike the bag I posted about yesterday, this bag is actual glomesh! I was so surprised when it was only eight bucks. I've seen the price go as high as $50 (at Good Sammys, for this beautiful rose-gold version) to $100 (at the antique shop I posted about, for an original purse still in the box). The strap has broken on this since I bought it, but I don't mind it as a clutch! Albeit a very large clutch that's still too thin to fit anything in.

Well, I am off to make some tacos and try not to peek into the room where Aidan's hiding my present. So tempting...



Restyle: Polka Fun

Hello! I can't believe this is my second last Restyle outfit :( but don't worry, I have a pretty fantastic outfit planned for tomorrow...

This was just an easy work outfit, but I still worry that this dress is too short for me! I always forget to bring it out in winter, but there ain't no way this dress is getting worn without tights. I do love it though. And I'm still not over wearing my headscarf! I should figure out how else I can wear it because you can't really see the beautiful print when it's all wrapped up like this.

Scarf, Salvation Army, $9.99 // Heels, Drug Arm WA, $5 // Bracelet, Good Sammys, $5 // Bag (looks like Glomesh but is a Glomesh knock-off, if such a thing exists), Save the Children, $8 // Vintage dress via The Velvet Bow // Black tights // Pigeonhole Aztec studs

Today was a good day. I had a few busy rushes at work, which is always good, but in between I was busy re-merching and putting out all our lovely new stock! I don't know if you remember but my shop is in the Windows In The City competition... our wonderful stylist Hannah and I re-did our window on Sunday and I LOVE IT! I'm going to have to take some better photos, all I have is one poorly lit Instagram shot. We also got in some peach (PEACH!) Diana Minis, but my camera collection is already getting a little bit out of hand... I have a Mr Pink Diana, a Fujifilm Instax, and a Polaroid coming for my birthday (THIS FRIDAY ldksjhqfkjhfk), so I don't think I can justify another one quite yet...

Anyway, I hope all your weeks are going splendidly! This week (well, month, really) has flown by for me - usually I spend all of August waiting for my birthday, but this month I've had the quite wonderful distraction of Restyle! I haven't even organised any kind of birthday gathering yet, so this year will probably be very low-key. Having such a invalid boyfriend this week has taken the wind out of my sails somewhat.

Restyle: Plaid

Don't you hate it when you're rocking an (in your mind) awesome outfit, and then you look down and think, "Well dang, I've accidentally dressed as Terry Richardson"? I mean, this is the first time this has happened to me, but it put a little bit of a dampener on the outfit. Please consider this a "No, I didn't voluntarily dress up as a creepy photographer" disclosure.

Shirt, Good Sammys, $4 // Shoes, Good Sammys, $10 // Scarf, Salvation Army, $9.99 // Hi There by Karen Walker shorts // Black tights // Pigeonhole T-Rex necklace & bone bracelet

Terry associations aside, I really liked this outfit. I think the headscarf gives everything I'm wearing more of a vintage twist. I kind of felt a bit like Rosie the Riveter. I was actually pretty surprised at how many great accessories I found with this challenge. I thought I was just going to buy thirty dresses and call it a day, but I actually have gone outside my comfort zone (as I'm sure I've already said many, many times. I'm just reminding you, once I get back to my regular wardrobe, that there WAS a time when I didn't wear vintage mini-dresses and tan loafers every day, haha!).

Restyle: Black Velvet

{First of all, I'm so sorry for the delay with these two posts! As soon as I got over my food poisoning, Aidan got sick. And not even food poisoning sick... actual, virus, throwing-up-all-over-the-hallway sick. So I have been trying to be a nice and patient girlfriend (the nice part is pretty easy, the patient part is not) and haven't gotten a chance to post. But I've got photos from Monday, Tuesday AND today coming atcha over the next couple of days.} 

I found this velvet maxi dress at Good Sammys early this year, and I knew that Restyle was the perfect opportunity for its debut! The outfit feels very grunge-glam to me (I know some magazines were calling it "glunge"but to me that sounds like a venereal disease). I was only a tiny child when grunge was actually a 'thing', so I can't claim that I am at all an expert in it! In the '90s I was much more of a Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC and 5ive lover. Grunge kids would probably have beaten me up.

Dress, Good Sammys, $3 // Boots, Good Sammys, $1 // eBay faux leather jacket // Sportsgirl amethyst ring

Well, it was pretty fun playing Courtney Love for the day, but I'm not sure how well this outfit fits into my personal style. I was going to chop the bottom of the dress off when I first got it, but a friend convinced me to keep it long (for all the occasions when you need a velvet maxi dress, obviously).

Anyway, stay tuned for my second outfit post coming up soon!


Restyle: Stevie

I bought this dress from a Vinnies Retro (before the challenge actually started, so I'm cheating a little bit with this entry!). I do love Vinnies Retro - it's kind of nice when you're not in the mood to sort through a million racks at the op-shop - but because it's 'retro', the prices are quite a bit higher than a normal op-shop!

That was the case with this dress. I could barely justify the $40 price tag, but it IS a beautiful print... and shape... and it reminds me so much of Stevie Nicks. I haven't worn this one nearly enough to justify the price, though! My mum took it up for me but we haven't finished it yet, so the hem is pretty bubbly at the moment. But, I couldn't go past this dress for the op-shop challenge - if you ever need something vintage and don't mind spending a little bit more, the Vinnies Retro in Fremantle is an excellent place to shop! There is another Vinnies Retro in the city, but the prices are a little bit less WOAH and a little more wallet-friendly.

Dress, Vinnies Retro, $40 // Rubi shoes boots // Pigeonhole rose gold pyramid studs

I have to say, I've half-written a lot of posts about how the seventies just isn't that inspiring to me. Well, to be honest, there was a while where anything after the 1960s wasn't that inspiring. But lately I've been listening to a lot more Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin and I think that I've begun to appreciate the beauty of the '70s. I'm talking more about fresh-faced earnest folk singers, rather than the disco, Saturday Night Fever era. I don't know if it will have that much of an effect on my style but it's nice to dip my (velvet boot clad) toes in the '70s fashion for a little bit!

Restyle: Le Casual

{Hello lovely readers! I was struck down with an awful case of food poisoning this weekend and wasn't really in a position to take outfit photos and write up posts, so there's going to be a few Restyle posts over the next couple of days. Hope you don't mind!}

Hello again! This is one of my easiest Restyle outfits. Something about the striped shirt and pleated black skirt just felt so effortless, but also put-together. Not just my average slobbing around outfit! This is actually what I wore when I went to get my hair coloured, but I loved the outfit so much I wore it two days afterwards as well.

Skirt, Good Sammys, $10 // Heels, Good Sammys, $3 // Seed Femme shirt // Pigeonhole leaf earrings

I'm still getting used to seeing my purple hair in photos! It's weird because it feels a lot more 'natural' to me than the red hair I tried for a while. The night I got my hair dyed red I cried for about two hours, considered running out to buy brown hair dye, and sobbed on the phone to my boyfriend at the time... there was nothing WRONG with it, it was just such a huge change! At least it set me up for the time this year I got a disastrous cut and colour. I've had compliments from the most unexpected of people with this colour - little old ladies and very young children especially!


Restyle: Monochromatic

Well, I guess the title of this post is a little bit off... thanks to my newly purple hair, I'm not totally monochrome! I got it done by the beautiful Teagan-Marie at Peggy Sue's Studio and I LOVE IT! I've been thinking of doing an all-over colour for a while but yesterday I just decided to go for it. It's kind of a 23rd birthday present to myself (last year it was a tattoo). Do I even need to mention it's next week? I think I've inadvertently done a countdown in my posts for the last month. I JUST LIKE BIRTHDAYS OKAY.

I bought this dress a little while ago in the ASOS sale. I think that the package - which also included another dress and two tops - arrived just before or just after the Restyle challenge started, so it was nice to have some new things to play with without breaking the 'buy nothing new' part of the challenge! This dress in particular is one of my new favourites. It's quite short but it's a skater skirt and quite a loose style, so it doesn't feel too short. Does that make sense? I also love the little piping Peter Pan collar.

Blazer, Good Sammys, $10 // Shoes, Good Sammys, $10 // ASOS dress // Pigeonhole panther ring

I still love this blazer. I think it still kind of screams "EIGHTIES!!!" but I'm kind of okay with that. One of the good things about this challenge is that it's been pushing my personal style a bit. I guess there's only so many vintage '50s/'60s dresses that I can wear! I did want to quickly say a huge thanks to LotteryWest and Perth Fashion Festival for putting on such a great challenge. Incidentally, the PFF website launched on Tuesday and it looks like there's some great events! I really want to go to the Student Runway and the Evening with Flannel sounds divine.

Well, that is it for me today! I'm working on a lot of new posts like my (hideously late) Groupon review, my Firmoo glasses review and my usual Instagram spam, so please keep an eye out for them amongst all the Restylin' up in here!


Restyle: Choir Girl

I'm actually so, so bummed that Restyle is nearly over. It's been so much fun! I managed to save a couple of awesome pieces for the last week; I was worried that I would be running out of steam at the tail end of the challenge. While I am excited to wear my whole wardrobe again, it's been a very fun challenge! But the day after the challenge finishes it's MY BIRTHDAY WOO YEAH PARTY TIME so at least there's that to distract me.

Today I paired a skirt I bought a few weeks ago with a blouse that I bought YEARS ago. As I mentioned last night, my style has been a lot more demure during Restyle (not that I was walking around in booty shorts and crop tops, but even an extra few centimetres on a hemline makes me feel much more prim and proper!). I did love this outfit very much, though. The blouse is amazing, but it's that kind of cheap polyester that smells like B.O after about five minutes.

Skirt, Good Sammys, $10 // Blouse, Anglicare, $6 // Heels, Good Sammys, $4 // Ring, Good Sammys, $5 // Rose gold pyramid studs from Pigeonhole

I think I already mentioned that I have a hair appointment today... eep! I am planning a big change but I will see what my hairdresser has to say about that. Last time I made a huge change (and went red!), I cried for hours the first night and then absolutely loved it. So we'll see how I go. Looking at my fringe in these photos makes me want to hack at it myself! Argh!


Restyle: InstaGran

Hello! I'm sorry I only have Instagram photos today, but I got home late after a meeting with my boss (and plans to rearrange my beautiful window for the Windows in the City competition), and then having some cheeky Wednesday catch-up beers with a friend who is usually up at the mines. THEN watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and developing my weird crush on Charlie Day. All the characters on that show are so awful and yet I love them. And I ain't gonna pretend like I didn't think canned wine was a good idea. And then try it out when walking around the golf course with Aidan the next day. Well, golf is boring. 

I called this post 'InstaGran' because a) I saw the joke in a Cyanide & Happiness comic and have wanted to use it for something ever since, and b) I feel it's appropriate for my style recently. The op-shop skirts and dresses are usually at a much longer length than what I'm used to, and so I feel very demure most days! This dress actually looks amazingly 1950s housewife-y with the sleeves rolled up and a headscarf on, but I realise this is probably a look also loved by a granny or two. The Hush Puppy loafers don't really help either, haha! But I fully embrace a bit of nana style every now and then.

Dress, Salvation Army, $15 // Scarf, Salvation Army, $9.99 // Ring, Salvation Army, $5 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10

Figures the one day that I do have an almost-all-opshopped outfit on, I don't take photos with my proper camera. Arrrgh. Anyway, I have a day off tomorrow and I am getting my hair cut and coloured! Last time I went I got pink and purple ends, so who knows what I'll end up with this time. I'm one of those people at the hairdressers who just says "...Look, just do what you want, really." All I care about is that I have a bangin' fringe at the end of it. 

And finally... I was listening to David Bowie all day and I thought I'd share one of my new favourite Bowie tracks with you. 


Restyle: Tartan and Pheasants

Hey y'all! I was a bit lazy with my Restyling today, I'm afraid. I woke up early for a staff meeting (that ended up being cancelled), and just grabbed the first - and warmest - dress that came to mind. Today was SUCH a slow day at work (the rain is an instant foot traffic killer), I was looking jealously at all the Restyle bloggers' photos from the PFF launch, and my hair AND face decided to suffer from a big ol' attack of the grease. What fun.

But, then I went to Aidan's parent's house for dinner, snuck in some puppy cuddles, and whacked a scarf over my greasy roots. And now there's a new episode of Breaking Bad to be watched, and a day's worth of blogs to catch up on. 

Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Scarf, Salvation Army, $9.99 // Vintage dress // Black tights // Pigeonhole rose gold earrings 

This is one of my favourite vintage dresses ever. Scratch that, it's one of my favourite purchases ever made. It's the perfect shape and I love the '60s vibe. And that it has a Peter Pan collar! Over TARTAN! It's amazing. Plus, vintage is pretty close to op-shop, right? :|

I found this scarf on one of my op-shopping travels and couldn't pass it up, even though I'm not really a scarf person. It has this great pheasant print on it (as you can probably see) and I don't have that many things in olive green, so it's a nice change and a challenge at the same time. I think it makes a pretty great makeshift turban though!

I'm sorry for all the indoor pictures lately; I haven't been able to get photos in the morning, or during the day while I'm at work, so it's been photos in my living room all the way! I'll make an effort to get some more outside pictures in the last days (!!) of Restyle. 

Okay, now I really am off to watch some Bryan Cranston. Is it weird I have a little crush on him? Only as Walter White though? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

Restyle: Week Three

Eep! I'm a little bit late with my Restyle round-up this week but these ladies have been coming up with such amazing outfits, I hope you can forgive me!

First off, I couldn't go past Ally's amazing look from Sunday. She looks like a '50s movie star!

Lisa found this sweet Blondie shirt on her op-shop travels. SO JELLY.

I just loved L's whole outfit from Monday. She can pull off stuff I can only dream about!

JUST LOOK at Kim's (faux) fur and sequins outfit. LOOK AT IT IT'S SO SHINY

I loved S's pearl-trim mini over at Le Fanciulle this week. Those girls are still rocking those DIYs! How do you do it, ladies?!

Shell looks gorgeous in her op-shopped pants. I have tried to get some pants for this challenge but I just cannot wear pants without looking like a clown! I LOVE how she styled these ones.

Heidy's 'Old Hollywood' themed outfit is stunning! I love the photography on her blog too. What a babe.

Bonnie's overalls are way too cute. Plus I'm planning to steal that Batman tee right off her.

And finally, I loved this yellow coat over at Sass and Spice. That striped dress is adorable!

Well, that's it from me for now. I'm listening to Johnny Cash's Live At Folsom Prison album... the songs are beautiful, but so sad! I mean, Give My Love To Rose? It almost makes me tear up (so it's not a great album to play at work...). I've become a little bit obsessed with Johnny Cash lately. I actually want to read Cash by Johnny Cash - which I only know the name of because of one of Rob's many little speeches in High Fidelity.

Anyway! That was quite a little tangent. I'll be back later today with my Restyle outfit for today... it's a good'un!


Restyle: Flower Child

I found this beautifully printed blouse on a rainy day in Salvos... even though it was a size 18 I figured I could make it work as a jacket. And I love it! Even better, when I took it to the counter it turned out that it was half price for some reason. That's one of my favourite things about op-shopping - if something's a bit of a gamble, at least it only costs a couple of bucks to try it out. And then at least your money is going somewhere useful, rather than spending $20 on a chain store piece.

Anyway, I paired it with one of my favourite vintage dresses (that I also wore to Groovin' the Moo and on my birthday last year!).

Blouse, Salvation Army, $3 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Vintage dress // Black tights // Pigeonhole panther ring // Glasses c/o Firmoo

I was sent these glasses by the lovely people at Firmoo. I will go into a proper review in a later post, but I only picked them up from the post office today and I couldn't wait to try them out!

Well, since I'm cutting it down to the wire with getting this post published I'll keep it short, but I'll be back with more posts tomorrow. Hope you are still enjoying all the Restyle goodness! 


Restyle: Lumberjack Take Two

I know I only just featured this shirt, but it's so ridiculously comfortable that I couldn't resist wearing it again (even though the humidity today was crazy). I spent most of today re-merchandising things at work and then helping with Pigeonhole's window displays for the Windows in the City competition! All of the windows look so, so good. I might have to do a cheeky post before the competition starts ;D exciting stuff!

And then I came home, changed into this, did some MORE cleaning (WHAT) and made some gourmet hot dogs for dinner. Which I ate while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ah Larry David, ya cray.

Shirt, Good Sammys, $4 // Skirt, Good Sammys, $8 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Black tights // Pigeonhole moose ring

Anyway, I am exhausted (I think I was half asleep in these photos, haha), so I'll keep it short and see you tomorrow for some more Restylin' goodness!